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After a car accident, how long do I have to start a lawsuit

In the event that you had an auto accident where you were not at fault, then you can sue for certain damages. But in most states, you merely have a predetermined quantity of time to file a suit. In Florida, you have to submit an auto crash lawsuit in just four years from the date of the collision.

So long as your property destruction or physical injury don't significantly exceed the insurance plan's limitations, there's rarely a need to get litigation.

But if your property destruction is higher than that which the at-fault motorist's insurance company is prepared to cover, or when you've got medical expenses and other financial harm that transcend the limitations of your personal injury protection (PIP) policy, then you could think about suing the at-fault driver for compensation.

In case you suffered injuries in an auto collision, the Fort Lauerdale personal injury lawyers at The Injury Firm can help you determine if filing a suit is in your best interests.

Why You Need to Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney as Fast as Possible Following a Car Crash

Following an automobile crash -- especially one where another party was at fault -- you need to speak to a lawyer as fast as possible because he or she'll counsel you on the most appropriate plan of actions and explain your lawful rights.

Insurance companies frequently contact car crash victims shortly after an accident -- until the sufferer has hired a lawyer -- and attempt to convince them to take quick settlements. But if you accept this offer, you nearly always leave cash on the table. A personal injury lawyer is able to defend you from accepting a deal that doesn't compensate you fairly for the losses.

In case you suffered injuries from the accident, a personal injury attorney can help you judge your present and future medical expenses, lost wages, in addition to any pain and distress damages you may be qualified for, and out of that info can ascertain whether a lawsuit against the at-fault motorist is logical.

Even If Your Accident Happened Years or Months Ago, You Might Still Have Recourse

Ideally, you need to go to a physician to check for accident injury and contact a lawyer immediately following a crash.

But what if the damage was minor, and you didn't have any noticeable injuries after the accident? Maybe you approved the insurer's offer and proceeded on with your life. Months or years after, nevertheless, you found you experience latent injuries from the collision.

The statute of limitations begins when your automobile crash injury occurs, generally, the date of the collision. But if the reason you didn't understand immediately is that you neglected to pay a visit to a physician, you will seldom obtain an extension.

However long ago your injury happened, you need to speak to a lawyer without delay if you're considering suing. Your attorney can tell you whether any breach of limitations challenges lie ahead, and what your choices are.

You May Win Various Kinds of Damages for Your Automobile Accident Injuries

Even when you aren't positive whether a suit is worth your time, you ought to at least sit down with a lawyer and go over your alternatives. This is particularly true when there's a possibility that you suffered injuries.

Besides your present and future medical bills, you may be eligible for the following damages:

  • Lost salary
  • Reduced earning ability
  • Pain and distress
  • Punitive damages (when we are able to prove that another driver's actions weren't just negligent but malicious or reckless)
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