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Slip And Fall In Aldi

aldi storefrontHeadquartered in Germany, Aldi has to be one of the biggest and most recognized discount supermarkets in the world. With over 10,000 stores in 18 countries and 1,500 of them located in thirty-three (33) states of the US, Aldi has cemented its place as the leading discount supermarket in the country. To ensure that the needs of customers are satisfied and that the price of goods is reduced, Aldi focuses primarily on store-brand products. This affords it the opportunity to build smaller sized stores which all contribute to the reduced price of goods.

Being a recognized store, Aldi offers customers the opportunity to buy all that they need, ranging from groceries to house cleaning supplies. While the idea to have all your needs in one store is super convenient for you, there are a couple of hazards associated with it. One of the most common resultants of a grocery store hazard is "slip and fall". It has been identified as one of the most serious injuries anyone can incur from a grocery store. It is capable of inflicting long-lasting pain, therefore reducing the overall quality of your life and that of your loved ones. Aside from suffering physical and emotional pain, you also get to spend huge sums of money on medical bills.

Surprisingly, Aldi can offer you compensation if you slip and fall in one of their numerous grocery stores. The compensation process is not an easy one that is why you'd be needing the services of an experienced and professional attorney to handle your case.

Worth Of Your Aldi Slip And Fall Case

This is one of the many questions most victims have asked. The worth of your case will depend on one determining factor - the circumstances that surround the fall. While this is the main determinant, there are other aspects that are equally taken into consideration. For example, there are a number of damages an Aldi store may be held accountable for when you slip and fall at any of their stores. These damages are;

  1. Financial damage; otherwise referred to as economic damage, the establishment which is Aldi may be held accountable for medical expenses, lost salaries or wages because of your inability to go to work.
  2. Emotional damage; the establishment (Aldi) may be required by the law to compensate you for the emotional distress associated with the fall, emotional pain, and the loss of quality life.
  3. Physical damages; an establishment may be required to compensate you for any form of physical damage the fall might have caused. There could be scars that may last a lifetime, inability to walk, impairment, etc.

Notwithstanding, the supermarket slip and fall accident lawyer will try to include as many damages as conceivable to ensure that you are well compensated.

How A Supermarket Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Claim Against Aldi

After a slip and fall at any of the Aldi stores, it is best that you seek and hire the services of a slip and fall lawyer to represent you in court especially if you have been badly wounded. The duty of the slip and fall lawyer would be to help recover your due compensation which would most of the time be used to pay the attorney, pay for your medical expenses, and also for the day-to-day running of your life while hospitalized.

There are actually three factors that will determine if you get your due settlement or not.

  • The first factor which holds ground is proving that you (the plaintiff) did not deliberately cause the slip and fall, that Aldi actually did.
  • The second factor is proving that Aldi has responsibility for the property as well as for incidents.
  • The third factor is proving that the negligence which resulted in your slip and fall was caused by Aldi.

Supermarket slip and fall accident lawyers with knowledge of premise liability will strive to prove financial, physical, and emotional damages. Some may even take it upon themselves to liaise with top medical practitioners who will vouch for your financial and physical damages.

Mistakes To Avoid After A Slip And Fall Accident At Aldi

Generally, slip and fall damages result in huge payouts for insurance companies as well as business owners. This is why after a slip and fall accident most insurers come up with a couple of assertive strategies to disprove your claim. To increase your chances of getting your due settlement, it is important that you DO NOT give any statement about your incident until you have contacted and had a talk with your supermarket slip and fall accident lawyer at The Injury Firm.

It would be detrimental on your part to discuss your slip and fall incident with the business owner or insurance company in the absence of an experienced premise liability lawyer. Some of the other mistakes you should avoid include;

  • Not taking pictures of the potential hazards that led to the fall
  • Making a statement in the absence of an experienced premise liability lawyer.
  • Not reporting the slip and fall accident to the store manager
  • Failing to seek immediate medical attention
  • Not telling the truth to your supermarket slip and fall accident lawyer
  • Posting about your slip and fall accident on any social media platform or sharing to anyone that's not your supermarket slip and fall accident lawyer.
  • Not obtaining an incident report

The Best Slip And Fall Lawyer

Most people have found it difficult to get their hands on experienced and professional slip and fall lawyers, this has made it impossible for them to claim their settlement. The Injury Firm, one of the leading injury firms in the country is currently offering its services to slip and fall victims in the country.

At The Injury Firm, we have a team of experienced supermarket slip and fall accident lawyers with good knowledge of premise liability. These lawyers can prove emotional, financial, and physical damage when you slip and fall at any of the Aldi stores across the country.

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