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Attorney Referrals: The Injury Firm - Fort Lauderdale

The Injury Firm accepts referrals from other attorneys throughout the United States and pays referral fees as permitted by Florida Bar Rule 4-1.5 (typically 25% of the gross attorney fee). Referring to The Injury Firm is beneficial in that we are highly specialized in the personal injury field and are equipped to handle most personal injury matters, big or small. Referring attorneys can take comfort knowing they have referred to a specialized injury firm and that their co-counsel fee will be honored at the settlement of the case. Should you have a referral for The Injury Firm please call 954-951-0000 or email to discuss in greater detail. 

Benefits of Referral - At first, you might be wondering why you should refer but there are several advantages;

  • By focusing our attentions on building up a strong case, we can maximize the opportunity of each case.
  • With extensive experience in the industry, we know how to take on even the most complex of cases.
  • Since we have the resources, we’ll always make decisions based on the interest of the client and this includes a possible trial.

The Injury Firm - Over the years, we’ve obtained a reputation for having a hard-working approach to the industry. Regardless of how large the case may be, we always have the same goal; a fair recovery for those we represent. With many lawyers, they aren't quite willing to take that final step and go to trial. Once the insurance companies know this, they aren't scared of repercussions. For the insurance companies to pay out the deserved amount, they need to fear a court case and this is what we provide. As soon as they think a court case is likely, they’ll be willing to pay more money instantly.

Our Referral Policy - At all times, we look to adhere to the ethical guidelines which means an official contract specifying all signatures and the role of the attorney. With a contract in place, everyone remains protected and there will be no confusion moving forward. Following the rules of the Florida Bar once again, the contract will include your name.

Once the case has been settled, the closing statement will also hold your name as well as your percentage of the referral fee. In order to proceed, the client and all parties will sign the contract as well as the closing statement at the end. Above all else, this ends all confusion and eliminates the risk of ethical issues regarding the referral fee.

As you can see, we don’t just go by the book…we go above and beyond and this is because we’re passionate about what we do. Ultimately, the focus of any case should be the client so having all the background paperwork sorted without them having to worry will make everything easier. At all times, we remain professional and concentrate on the job at hand.

If you have any questions or want to talk to an expert, please feel free to contact us at The Injury Firm today (we also speak Spanish)!

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