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Florida Slip and Fall Accident at Baskin Robbins 

baskin robbins sign above doorOn a hot summer day, going out for a sweet treat can be fun and refreshing. Baskin Robbins owns some of the best places to get ice cream in Florida and other parts of the country. The company has reportedly offered more than 1,000 different flavors of ice cream since it was founded. It is the number one choice for most people since anyone can always find what he/she loves. 

What happens when your quest for an ice cream cone turns into something else? What happens when you have a slip and fall accident at Baskin Robbins? Chances are high that you will sustain injuries and experience other levels of losses. A slip and fall injury can be devastating. It can result in financial losses in terms of medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potentials and more. The pain and trauma from the injury can be devastating too. There is need to be compensated and that is what a personal injury lawyer can help you achieve. 

What Could Cause You To Slip And Fall At Baskin Robbins? 

Most people don’t consider going for an ice cream a risky undertaking. The truth, however, is that you can slip and fall while in the ice cream shop. There are several things that can cause an individual to fall at Baskin Robbins or other ice cream shops. There are possibilities of slipping hazards existing in these shops. It is also unlikely that you can spot all of them and avoid them. Some of the possible causes of slip and fall accidents in Baskin Robbins include spills of ice cream inside the shop, wet area of the floor, cracked area of the floor, the damaged area of the parking lot, and more. 

What Happens When You Slip and Fall At Baskin Robbins? 

The chances of sustaining injury from a slip and fall accident are high. Minor injuries may not require any serious treatment but you could end up in a real bad state if you suffer such major issues as: 

  • Broken bone in your arms or legs 
  • Head or brain injury 
  • Neck, back, or spine injury. 

The injuries mentioned above will require you or your loved ones to pay large amount of money in medical bills. The injuries can also prevent you from working for a while. In extreme cases, you may not fully recover from the aftermath of the accident. 

The Place of Personal Injury Claim in Your Case 

When you slip and fall at Baskin Robbins and suffer any level of injury or loss, you have the right to seek compensation when you know that the establishment is at fault for your injury. By contacting a personal injury lawyer and making a personal injury claim, you can recover your financial losses and receive compensation for other damages. You can be compensated for current and future medical expenses, current and future lost wages, pain, suffering, and mental anguish, as well as damages of personal possessions. 

Though you can get some form of compensation without legal representation, this is not the best thing to do as chances are high that you will be shortchanged. You will also need your personal injury lawyer by your side when the establishment decides not to pay and the matter goes to court. 

The Elements of Personal Injury Claim 

An experienced attorney from the injury firm will know how to handle your personal injury claim and get you the compensation you deserve. It is important, however, that you understand the elements of personal injury claim so that you make no mistakes after your slip and fall accident at Baskin Robbins or other ice cream shops. Your claim will be evaluated based on the following elements:

  • That Baskin Robbins and other similar businesses owe a duty to their customers. As a customer, the company owes you a duty of relatively safe experience in any of its establishment. They have the responsibility of keeping their premises safe for customers who are invitees to the establishment. 
  • That the establishment has breached its duty. This implies that the company or its employee knows about an unsafe condition in its property and did nothing to correct it or warn customers about it. If, for instance, a spill on the floor is not wiped in time, or the establishment did not put a warning sign stating that the floor is wet, there has been a breach of duty
  • Personal injury claims is only viable when there has been an actual injury. This means that you must have suffered some kind of loss or physical injury. There should be an evidence of this such as a doctor’s report and medical bill. You will also have to prove damage of personal items. 
  • That the ‘but-for’ test is fulfilled. This means that the actual cause of the accident must be established as the fault of the establishment. For a slip and fall injury in Baskin Robbins, it may read this way: but for the ice cream spill on the floor that was not removed in time and had no warning sign, the plaintiff would not have fell and broke his leg. 

Get Compensation after a Slip and Fall Accident at Baskin Robbins 

If you sustain a slip and fall injury at Baskin Robbins or other ice cream shops, it is important that you get the compensation you deserve. Trying to do it on your own is not the best approach. In fact, it is important that you refuse any form of compensation from a representative of the establishment until you have a personal injury lawyer by your side. An experienced attorney from The Injury Firm will help you present your case in the perfect manner and get you full compensation. The legal service will even be more useful if your injury has the potentials of resurfacing or causing you pains in the future. 

Choose Us for Your Slip and Fall Injury at Baskin Robbins

Do you need expert representation in your slip and fall injury case in Florida? Contact us today at The Injury Firm - Galsterer & Abramowitz, P.A. to speak with any of our personal injury attorneys. Our experienced team of knowledgeable personal injury lawyers will be available to speak with you. We promise to provide you with strong representation in your personal injury case. With this, you get the substantial compensation that you deserve.  Call today for your FREE consultation: 954-951-0000.

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