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Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Accident Lawyer

share the road with bicycle ridersIf you have been involved in a bicycle accident and are looking for a bicycle accident lawyer, call our office today for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer at the Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale: 954-951-0000

The Perils of Bicycling

Bicycle power is a valuable and nice way of transport in Florida, particularly with today's emphasis on ecology and more bicycle friendly community roads. Bicycle riders are all too aware of the perils of sharing the road with motorists.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 726 bicycle rider deaths in 2012 which accounted for 2 percent of all traffic fatalities during the year. Bicyclists include riders of two-wheel, non-motorized vehicles, tricycles, and unicycles powered solely by pedals. The majority of bicyclists fatalities in 2012 occurred in urban areas and non-intersections. Almost half of all bicycle fatalities occurred from 4 pm to 11:59 pm. The fewest bicycle fatalities occurred from midnight to 3:59am.

A variety of conditions can trigger a critical bicycle crash. Motorists frequently fail to give the right of way lawfully due the bike rider, not understanding (or dismissing) the undeniable fact that bicyclists possess exactly the same rights to the street as an automobile.

While you can find many bike safety classes and educational attempts accessible through state government organizations, civic groups and local law enforcement agencies, many bicycle riders are still unsafe from a motorist who will not recognize their right to share the road. Motorists who tend not to understand that the bicyclist is permitted to be on the street will most likely try to pass a bike rider without allowing enough space between them, which could lead to a critical crash.

Bicyclists are sometimes subjected to road rage as aggressive drivers may attempt to deliberately run them off the road without consideration for his or her safety, taking the approach that the motorist has the right of way of the road. Bicyclists may be rear-ended with a car, cut off in the process of crossing an intersection, as well as hit by the opening door of a vehicle that is parked as they pedal past. Yet the main cause of South Florida cycle injuries continues to be motorist carelessness or disregard for the safety of cyclists.

Bicycle helmets will reduce the chance of serious brain, head and face injuries for young kids, especially.

An estimated 75% of bicycle-related fatalities among children can be avoided using a helmet when riding a bicycle.  Bicycle helmets are proven to decrease the chance of head injury by as much as 85%, as well as the chance of brain injury.  Bicycle helmets are also proven to provide significant protection to the brow and face area of the head.

The Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers at The Injury Firm will vigorously represent your rights, and fight for the monetary settlement you have earned under the law in the event you or somebody you love is victimized in a personal injury bicycle accident.

The Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident lawyers at The Injury Firm, understand the personal injury disaster that comes from a fatality or a bicycle injury that could be life changing, and we are prepared to help you file a claim and get compensation you deserve.  Call now for a free consultation 954-951-0000

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