Avoid car crashes: Use your head before it hits the windshield


Edmunds.com has some good advice for motorists when it comes to driving on crowded roadways and avoiding car crashes. It would seem a simple thing to reason – you avoid car crashes by concentrating on the road and keeping your hands off of devices that distract your attention, don’t you?

Of course you do, but that’s not all that you have to consider. As the Edmunds article attests, avoiding a car accident is more than looking both ways before heading through an intersection. That is good advice, but there are many more aspects of driving that need to be considered, particularly modern driving, in which distractions are much greater for people behind the wheel. The personal injury you suffer in a car accident could reverberate across a lifetime and any personal injury attorney will attest that avoiding motor vehicle accidents is not a matter of simple moves, but a process that considers much more than the obvious.

These tips for avoiding a car crashes are worth incorporating into how you drive:

Don’t drive in the “fast lane.” Use the center or right lane – these give you more “escape routes,” the Edmunds article states, should you need to switch lanes quickly. Most highway accidents occur in the left lane.

Always look two cars ahead. Watch the cars ahead of the cars directly in front of you – if their brake lights come on, chances are, in the next few seconds, you will need to also hit your brakes. This will decrease the chance of rear-ending the vehicle ahead of you.

Watch out for those blind spots. Always adjust your side mirrors and rearview mirror to give you views of the road net to you and behind you, but never trust these completely – there could still be a vehicle next to yours that is out of your range of vision. Turn your head and look at what’s next to you before switching lanes.

Drive with your hands in the 9 and 3 o’clock position. Your driver education teacher was right – keep both hands on the wheel. It gives you more control over the car when the unpredictable occurs.

Judge a driver by his/her car’s condition. Is the car ahead of you badly damaged? Are the windows dirty? If a car owner is inattentive toward his vehicle, he might be inattentive towards you, too.

Get away from the drifter. Drivers drifting in a single or between lanes should signal to you that they are too tired, too drunk, or too cell-phone obsessed to be behind the wheel. Get away from them as quickly as you can.

Remember, you can only control your own movements behind the wheel, and nothing will keep you 100 percent safe on the road. Keep your mind focused at all times to avoid personal injury. If an accident occurs seek out the help of a Fort Lauderdale personal injury litigation attorney to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries – a one-second lapse behind the wheel could cause you years of physical and financial pain. Drive smart and know your rights.