Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents


A Ft Lauderdale attorney advises on what to watch out for in summer months to avoid slip and fall accidents and injury

While Fort Lauderdale is a distant memory for some during the summer months, there are still plenty of people who come into town to walk on Los Olas Boulevard, visit a restaurant, shop and head on to the beach. There’s plenty to do – and many potential slip and fall accidents waiting to occur.

Slip and fall dangers are present indoors and outdoors in the summer in Ft. Lauderdale, even when most of the crowds have headed back north. These hazards usually take you by surprise – hence, the term “accident” – and people are especially prone to such accidents nowadays by looking more at their phones than at the street or sidewalk or path ahead of them. If you’re not paying attention, you eventually will get into an accident, and potential slip and falls are everywhere, from that uneven sidewalk to a wet floor to that product or piece of debris that has fallen off of a store shelf.

How should you avoid slip and fall accidents in Ft Lauderdale? There are several areas on which to focus, and among these is the home barbecue or party. Property owners are responsible for keeping their properties clear and free of debris that could cause others injury. Before inviting guests to your house, make sure you have cleared the area where people will be gathering of items that could cause an accident. Have you been invited to a summer barbecue? Will the party be outdoors? Better change out of those high-heels and put on your flat shoes. With high heels on, you have a better chance of falling over debris or tripping on rocks or sticks on a lawn – or in a rut or hole, which always appear out of nowhere.

Do you like to take walks? It’s nice to look around at your surroundings while you walk but you should also pay attention to the pathway ahead of you, to make sure you’re not about to bump into someone – or something. Wet sidewalks after a rainstorm may also become slippery – wear the right shoes to walk in and know the surface you’re walking on.

If you’re dining in a carpeted restaurant, walk carefully. There could be loose fibers or pieces of carpet that are uneven, which could cause a slip and fall accident. Any carpeting that looks ripped or torn is a hazard that should be avoided.

Be careful of stairways and hallways that are not sufficiently lit – this means you won’t be able to see things that may be on the floor or ground. You may miss that bottom step or not see a piece of concrete that has broken off from the wall. Property owners should always replace lighting and add lighting to areas where there could be a risk of injury.

Property owners as well as people who are visiting a site should always take measures to protect their facility and themselves. Sometimes all you have from a slip and fall accident is a bruise or cut, but many times, in Ft. Lauderdale, you can experience an accident that causes a bone fracture, trauma to the back and neck, or worse. Such injuries can cause months, weeks, or a lifetime of problems, which is why you should always seek out a personal injury litigation attorney whenever you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident if you feel the property owner has been negligent.

Always, however, be careful that you are not the one who has been negligent. Here are some additional tips to keep yourself and your family members safe throughout the summer:

Know where you’re going and what’s around you. Summertime is a carefree season and you may not be careful, especially if you’re on vacation and want to be free from worry. Take measures to keep yourself safe – know what is around you and make note of any potential hazards so you can avoid them.

Dress for the occasion. Going onto a boat? Visiting an unfamiliar house? Always wear the proper clothing and especially the proper shoes. You never know when you’ll have to cross a slippery floor – or walk up a stairway that’s too narrow, or may be in disrepair. Leave fashion at home and dress for practicality. You’ll thank yourself later.

Watch for the warnings. If the wet floor sign is out, it’s probably because there is a wet floor. True, many times businesses leave the sign posted even after the floor has dried, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution and pay attention to these warning signs. Avoid all wet surfaces and puddles – puddles can be hiding debris that lies underneath the water and wet surfaces are always accidents waiting to happen.

Walk, don’t run. Always teach your children to walk instead of run, especially near stairways and open areas where there could be a hazard around the corner. This will reduce their chances of injury.

Injuries from slip and fall accidents can force medical treatments and rehabilitation programs that are costly. You could be forced out of work for a long period of time, in which case your finances and the way you live could be put at risk. Ask a personal injury litigation attorney in Ft. Lauderdale whether the property owner was negligent and should be responsible for paying the medical bills associated with your injuries. You have legal rights – always keep that in mind and seek out the help you deserve.