Within the US, we have various insects and parasites that cause problems but, currently, there’s nothing that compares with the bed bug. Right across the country, people are having issues with bed bugs not only in motels,  hotels but commercial properties too. Even in hotels of the highest quality, bed bugs can be a problem…they don’t just appear in ‘dirty’ buildings (this is a misconception!).

Introduction to Bed Bugs

Before heading into the details regarding personal injury bed bug attorneys and how you may have a case for damages, we should first explain that bed bugs are parasite insects. Generally finding a home in bed sheets and other locations inside the hotel, bed bugs feed on human blood and need a certain amount of food to reach the next stage of development. While they do tend to be more active at night, they aren’t strictly nocturnal.

Why are they such a problem? After infesting sheets and pillows, they can actually feed on people without the host realizing. Despite this not being dangerous for us humans since they don’t spread disease like mosquitoes but they cause us to scratch and this increases the risk of infection.

Hotel Bed Bug Infestation Cases

What if you visited a hotel and came away with several bites? Well, you might be able to recover compensation. Unfortunately, bed bugs can find a home in the walls, bed sheets, and generally anywhere within eight feet of where people sleep. In a hotel, most of the room is within eight feet of the bed and this is where problems can occur.

Although we said bed bugs can appear in even the cleanest of hotels, this doesn’t mean they don’t favor dirty resorts and hotels. For this reason, the hotel responsible for your bed bug bites may have been negligible in their service to all visitors. They may have failed in their duty to keep all rooms at a certain level of cleanliness. If this is the case, we recommend contacting The Injury Firm because we have experience in dealing with these personal injury circumstances.

Compensation for Bed Bug Victims

While bed bugs aren’t going to cause significant damage to us humans, they can still cause inconvenience. When you visit a hotel, motel, or any form of resort, you expect clean rooms (you don’t expect to walk away with bed bug bites). Therefore, if the company was aware of the infestation and failed to act (or continued to rent out the room), they are responsible. As a result, the following may be recoverable;

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Costs associated with buying replacement luggage, clothing, etc
  • Any future medical costs that may arise (to correct scarring, etc)

Other Bed Bug Scenarios

So far, we’ve concentrated fairly heavily on bed bugs in hotels…but what about other potential scenarios? Well, you might find bed bugs in merchandise you buy online. Perhaps the company’s facilities are infested and you received the parasites as an unwanted addition to your package. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems with bed bugs is that they can reproduce quickly which means that a slight inconvenience can quickly become a nightmare in your home.

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If you’ve had an encounter with bed bugs that wasn’t your fault, we urge you to get in contact with our experienced personal injury law firm today. Especially when you’ve had to pay out for medical expenses, or if you were forced to pay out for a different hotel while on a trip, our experience will help you to recover costs and hold the right party responsible!

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