The sun is shining, the birds are singing in the sky, it makes sense that many want to be in/on the water. Today, there’s more vessels on the oceans, lakes, and rivers than ever before which means we’re also seeing more accidents.

When are accidents most common? According to the US Coast Guard, July is the busiest month for accidents and incidents. Back in 2014, nearly 1,000 accidents took place across the country in this month with over 10% leading to deaths.

Busiest Months for Boating Accidents

When it comes to boating accidents and timing, there are two factors to assess; the number of accidents and the percentage of which led to fatalities. For example, using the same statistics from 2014, April had around 25% of July’s accidents yet had a higher fatality percentage at 20%.

Similarly, November was one of the quietest months of all with just over 100 accidents; however, it still had a fatality rate of 20%.

What can we learn from this? Generally, the summer months have the most accidents, but the worst fatality rates are found late fall/early winter.

Busiest Days for a Boating Accident

What about the days of the week? Narrowing it down further, it might not be surprising to hear that the weekends have the most accidents. With more people off work and on the water, it’s pivotal that all operators are alert and paying attention to what’s going on (just as we expect from people on the road!).

Busiest Times for Boating Accidents

Finally, you might be surprised to hear that we can dig even deeper and review dangerous times of day. Before going into too much detail, we should note that one-third of all incidents can’t be accurately timed. However, we can still glean some information from the rest.

The deadliest time of day is between 00:00 and 02:30; this small 150-minute window causes a significant number of injuries and fatalities. There are some potential reasons for this;

  • Poor vision
  • Poor conditions
  • Tired operators
  • Inebriated operators

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