Storms come and go, but their effects stay with us for much longer. They cause serious damage to property and sometimes, they cause deaths. Dealing with the emotions around losing your home or property to a storm is already bad enough, but what happens when your insurance company who is supposed to have your back has denied insurance claim?

Denied or underpaid insurance claims are pretty common especially in the event of a natural disaster when a lot of people are affected. Maybe there was a tropical storm or hurricane, the damages can be very widespread. It is at times like these that people troop to their insurers in droves in search of a lifeline. Insurance providers, for one reason or the other, cannot satisfy all the claims presented to them, so they try to prey on unsuspecting individuals by denying or underpaying them.

When your insurance claim is denied, you will need a qualified and reputable attorney by your side to help you fight your case. Individuals who decide to approach the insurance companies themselves usually don’t get the results they desire. A lawyer is your best option.

At The Injury Firm, you can count on us to have your back when your insurance claims for tropical storm or hurricane damage is denied or underpaid.


Of course, your insurer won’t just give you an outright NO! they will come up with a reason which could either be fabricated or valid. Here are some of those reasons.

  • They may say that the damages that your property suffered as a result of the tropical storm or hurricane were not covered by your insurance policy.
  • You may also be blamed for not fulfilling your own end of the bargain, either by not paying your premiums or by not cooperating with the insurance company.
  • Your insurer can also claim that the losses you suffered happened outside the period covered by your insurance policy.


  1. Go over your claim to see why it was denied. Check your policy to see if your claim was indeed covered by your insurance policy. If it wasn’t, there really is nothing you can do about that. Sometimes it might be an error on your part, your claim might be saying something different from what you intended, be sure.
  2. If you have gone through your claim and your insurance policy and you discover that you are being unfairly treated. You should then proceed to gather as much evidence against your insurer. Every email, correspondence, receipt or document should be kept. Take pictures of your property showing the damage. Show evidence that you indeed tried to protect your property from further damage like the responsible homeowner that you are.
  3. Having gathered every evidence you could find; it is now time to file an appeal. Now, there is no guarantee that your insurer will respond favorably to your complaint and grant you your wishes. To increase the chances of your claim being honored, get a lawyer.

The Injury Firm is armed with years of experience in handling cases of denied or underpaid insurance claims. No matter the cause of the damage; tropical storm or hurricane, we’ve got you covered.  Call today for a free case evaluation: 954-951-0000