Should that be on the floor? The top five things to ask after a slip and fall accident


Cartoon-like man slipping on a bana peel in a slip and fall accident.Commonly, in cases of a slip and fall accident, the victim is so stunned by what has just occurred that he or she ends up walking away, concerned more about moving on than staying put and assessed by the situation.

They may be embarrassed by what happened, feel responsible in some way, or just want to bury the whole episode in memory. It happened, now it’s time to move on and forget about it

However, in the event of a slip and fall accident in Fort Lauderdale, the best thing to do is take a moment to look at the scene – were you responsible or was the store owner or property manager?

Here are the top five questions you should ask to find out who will bear the fault and, subsequently, the liability, following a slip and fall accident:

  1. Was there a rug involved? Did your accident stem from a torn rug or a bulging piece of carpet, floor or ground area? Was the area wet without a caution sign identifying a wet floor? Most importantly: Was this area in its state long enough so that the store owner or manager should have known about it.
  2. Was there something on the floor or ground? Was an object blocking the flow of foot traffic? Did something fall on the floor or ground that caused you to slip? Was this object supposed to be there or was it left there haphazardly? In other words, was it there for a reason?
  3. Did the object overstay its welcome? If the object was placed there for good reason, should a reasonable amount of time have lapsed during which it should have been removed or covered up?
  4. Was there a better place for it? Could the object have been relocated to a safer place, or stored in a safer manner?
  5. Was there a warning? Could a barrier or signage have been created to warn people of the hazard?
    When you slip and fall, it’s always a good idea to stop for a moment, assess your own physical condition, and then take an overview of the circumstances that led to the fall. Never walk away without getting the information necessary to aid you should you seek to recover your medical costs. Life can be topsy-turvy … and calamity a banana peel away.

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