Fort Lauderdale Premises Liability Attorney


When Gatherings Go Wrong

Contacting a premises liability attorney gives great piece of mind to someone who is suffering pain and financial strain due to injuries sustained at the home or business of someone else. Loose or old windows or screens or unsecured objects overhead that could suddenly fall can be common when people are gathered for holidays and celebrations. The injuries sustained by accidents though, can be a detriment to your wellbeing and your pocketbook. Contacting a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale who has experience getting claims cases prepared for people that have suffered unfortunate events in someone else’s home can often ease the burden of worry about incurred medical costs.

When a person is invited to a celebration or gathering at the home of a friend or in a public place, they can assume that their safety has been considered and assured by the owner of that property, and that they will not sustain an injury. However, there are several conditions that can lead to a premises liability claim. Property disrepair is the responsibility of the owner of the property or property manager. This includes items such as reasonably trimmed landscaping, storage of tools and materials, proper and operational ventilation systems, a deterrence of criminal activity in the area of the property, and even swimming pool chemicalization and slippery surfaces. The premises liability attorneys at The Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are available to help when there has been an unexpected injury or illness because of negligence of property owners.

Successful Premises Liability Claims

Documentation of events leading up to a claim are crucial to its eventual success. The process can take several months, but your photos and witness statements can help your claim to be valid and arguable. Using a mediator such as an attorney from The Injury Firm can help to ease the tension between you and the property owner your claim is against. Trying to negotiate liability on your own is not advisable, as you want to maintain the positive relationships you had before the accident.

It is extremely important to go through what policies the owner of the property or property manager has put into place when you prepare a premises liability lawsuit and whether they are following up on them.

When your case is presented it is unlikely that a jury will find favor with a property owner who just claims to have been unaware of the issue. Experienced attorneys in Fort Lauderdale can guide you through the process of placing a reliable argument to gain financial relief after an injury.