Do you know the ups and downs of a slip and fall accident?


bigstock-Cartoon-businessman-slipping-o-67333867-[Converted]Anyone who has ever viewed the world from the floor of a retail store or restaurant knows how quickly life can go into a tailspin due to a slip and fall accident with injuries. If you haven’t consulted with a personal injury accident lawyer, do you know your rights following a slip-and-fall accident? To inform yourself, take the following quiz:

1. Immediately after a slip and fall accident you should:
a. Take photos
b. Take an ambulance to the hospital
c. Consult with a personal injury litigation attorney
d. All of the above

2. Causes of slip and fall accidents include:
a. Someone sticking out their leg while you’re walking by
b. Your own klutziness
c. Slippery surfaces, debris left in aisles, a torn up or worn rug
d. A chatty friend

3. Among the things you should document after a slip and fall accident are:
a. What caused the fall?
b. Was there a warning sign, as in notice of a wet floor or other potential danger?
c. Whether the kids were acting up
d. A and B only
e. All of the above

4. One of the first steps in filing a lawsuit after a slip and fall accident is:
a. Identifying the responsible parties
b. Making sure your cell phone still works
c. Calling your mother
d. Grabbing hold of the manager and yelling at him/her.

5. To find out who is legally responsible for injuries suffered, the following must be determined:
a. The owner or employee caused a spill
b. The owner was away on vacation
c. The owner or employee left out a piece of debris, or caused a slippery or dangerous surface
d. The employee was waiting on a customer, which distracted them.
e. A and C only

1. d
2. c
3. a & b only
4. a
5. a & c only