Slips, Trips, and Falls Accidents and What We Can Do


In life, there are certain dangers that we can protect ourselves against. For example, we set up the plumbing in our house in a way that reduces the potential for water damage. Furthermore, we put oven mitts on before pulling something from the oven to reduce the chances of burning our hands. In truth, there are dozens of examples of how we protect ourselves. However, there are certain accidents for which we cannot prepare and this includes slips, trips, and falls.

Ultimately, these accidents can take place anywhere including at work, the mall, food court, supermarket, parking lot, theme park, hotel, or anywhere else. In a store, a can of pineapple juice may have fallen from the shelf and split only for you to turn the corner and fall head over heels. In a parking lot, inadequate lighting could see you trip over a cone; the dangers are endless.

Therefore, we, at the Law Office of Ross Abramowitz, aim to help those injured in such accidents. Using extensive training and experience, we will assess cases in the Fort Lauderdale area and the whole of Florida and find a solution to achieve the best outcome. If a property owner is to blame for a trip or fall, we will help victims to receive the correct compensation through professional and experienced representation.

Types of Objects – In terms of the accidents themselves, there are normally one of two objects to blame:

Transient Objects – Firstly, we have transient objects and these are items such as grapes, candy, and liquid. Of course, these will cause slips and potential damage. In terms of the responsibility, this falls completely on the owner; for example, it could be a grocery store. In this case, one must prove that the store knew of the spillage or should have known of the spillage.

Non-Transient Objects – On the flip side, we have non-transient objects including damaged wheelchair ramps, cracked tiles, protruding objects, etc. In the first case, a store could put a wet floor sign over the danger as a warning for all who pass. However, the store has an affirmative duty in this scenario which means that they must inspect, maintain, and repair whenever necessary.

What We Cover – As we have seen already, there are many examples of how slips, trips, and falls can occur. With this in mind, what do we cover and with what can we provide assistance? Although the best way to find out is to contact us immediately, the main examples are slippery/wet floors, vacuum cords, over-polished floors, dropped produce, smooth concrete, smooth tiles, theme park wet painted concrete, loose handrails, uneven pathways, tree roots, any debris on the floor of stores, dangerous parking bumpers, buckling or loose carpet, exposed electrical wiring, potholes, steep ramps, oil in parking lots, and more.

Potential Damage – Sadly, these types of accidents are still taken lightly today even though they present a real danger to health. Recently, it was realized that the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries is in fact falls; this is for all adults across the US. Even after this, falls have been known to cause herniated discs, whiplash, back injuries, broken limbs, broken hips, broken wrists and ankles, and even carpal tunnel syndrome from the impact of the fall.

Not only do these health problems exist in themselves, they also lead to lost wages where time has to be taken from work as well as extortionate medical bills to get said issues resolved. With more severe cases, they can even lead to permanent disability. In a perfect world, our job wouldn’t exist and injuries from falls, slips, and trips would be eradicated. However, they are sadly still common from negligence amongst other reasons. With this in mind, we are dedicated to achieving the best possible result for all cases so that you can walk away with compensation from the negligent party.

Work Injuries – As well as the common supermarket which we have already discussed, injuries are also common in the workplace. If you ever experience an injury at work, you should adhere to the following process;

  • Firstly, report the accident to a manager and let them know what pain is being experienced; this applies whether it is you or someone else that has been injured.
  • Next, a decision should be made whether to call an ambulance or not.
  • After this, the manager in charge should create a written incident report and you should receive a copy of this report.
  • Finally, photographs should be taken and you should then call the Law Office of Ross Abramowitz.

In any workplace, the ‘Respondent Superior’ rule often comes into effect which means that an employer will be liable for the negligence of a particular employee. For example, let’s say that an employee within a cafe drops a whole tray of coffee and you experience 3rd-degree burns on your legs. In this scenario, the cafe will be liable.

What Do We Do? – If you have been injured where there is a party at fault, we will use our skills and experience to make the claim on your behalf. As a team, we will build a case that is strong to achieve a positive result. At first, we will sit down with you to listen to what happened before explaining the relevant laws and what we can do to help. After compiling the documentation including medial bills, we will discuss your rights as well as the limitations to such a case.

In truth, each and every case varies and the circumstances are often unique. If you slipped on spilled fruit juice but the spillage had only just occurred, for example, the time between spillage and accident would have to be assessed. Did the store have sufficient time to notice and react to the danger? In these circumstances, the security footage and other evidence will be assessed.

Summary – If you have been injured by a trip, slip, or fall, feel free to contact the Law Office of Ross Abramowitz today. When there is negligence in play, we will work hard to achieve a result that is right for you. As you can tell, we are committed to the cause and will not charge anything if we believe that the case is strong enough to succeed!