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Bobtail Truck Accident Attorney

bobtailing truck is one without a trailerUnfortunately, statistics suggest that no fewer than 12 million cars are involved in accidents on the roads of the United States every year. Though all vehicles have certain dangers, a bobtail truck tends to have more accidents than most due to its weight and size. However, there’s a difference between a truck with a trailer and a truck in ‘bobtailing’ mode.

What’s Bobtailing?

Whenever a big-rig doesn’t have a trailer, it’s considered to be in bobtailing mode. For example, this includes vehicles that have just dropped a trailer off or on the way to pick one up. At this point, we should note that this is not the same as ‘deadheading’. If you see this phrase used with regards to trucks, it’s actually where there’s an empty trailer attached to the vehicle.

The Dangers of Bobtailing

At The Injury Firm, we’ve helped people involved in a trucking accident whether this involves a semi-truck, tractor-trailer, or another large vehicle. When a truck doesn’t have a trailer, you might immediately think that it’s safer on the road. However, this isn’t always the case.

Even though a trailer-less truck is much lighter, they’re incredibly difficult to slow down and maneuver with accuracy. Speak to any truck driver and they will tell you that a truck with a trailer is much easier to control because weight is more evenly distributed.

Engineers all over the world have perfected the braking system of trucks so that it can slow down a heavy vehicle (in other words, a truck and trailer). Under the trailer, the rear axle holds lots of the braking power and it relies on weight to work effectively. Without this weight, there’s a reduction in braking power.

While the front wheels of a big-rig are designed for steering, the back wheels do the braking. Without a trailer, most of the weight is on the front and it becomes difficult to slow down the vehicle. As a truck accident attorney, we’ve seen what happens when a truck tries to brake suddenly; it can skid, slide, and collide with other vehicles. As soon as the driver is forced into an emergency maneuver, the vehicle struggles because it doesn’t have weight on the brakes.

When a semi-truck lacks a trailer, steering becomes heavy and braking is difficult. This is especially problematic when the road is icy or wet. Even in strong winds, these vehicles are tricky to control. Often, it’s not even an issue of experience because bobtailing is a problem for even the most experienced truck drivers.

Types of Bobtail Truck Accidents

As we’ve seen, truck drivers can lose control when bobtailing. Despite the strict rules governing this industry, and the many hours of training and education performed by drivers, accidents are still a problem. Since cargo companies couldn’t operate any other way, it’s not illegal for a semi-truck or big-rig to travel without a trailer. Of course, trucks need to travel to and from deliveries at some point.

One common accident occurs when a truck driver fails to slow the vehicle in time in an emergency. When forced to brake quickly or steer to avoid a hazard, the risk of an accident is much higher with these vehicles compared to any other. Sometimes, it’s other road users not understanding the difficulties for the bobtailing driver. If people don’t realize the difficulty of braking and steering, they may assume that a truck without a trailer is nimble and easy to control; this can cause accidents in itself.

Steps to Take After a Bobtail Truck Accident

If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident, the first step is the same as any other accident - you need to get medical attention. Not only will this provide physical care, but it also generates official documentation of your injuries. When working with a truck accident attorney, you’ll need to prove that your injuries are a direct result of the accident. If you don’t get medical attention, the defense team will try to prove two things:

  • Your injuries aren’t serious
  • The injuries existed before the accident

By seeing a medical professional, you prevent these two arguments right at the start. Next, get in touch with the fantastic truck accident personal injury team at The Injury Firm. If you’re not sure whether you can claim compensation, a conversation with our truck accident experts will put your mind at ease. Don’t worry, we offer a free case evaluation for all prospective clients. If we agree to take on your case, you won’t pay anything until the resolution of the claim/case. And, if we don’t win, you pay nothing!

Trucking Accidents - Your Rights

As you would expect, there are no free passes in law for truck drivers just because bobtailing is a difficult practice. Truck drivers need to be cautious when traveling without a trailer, even more than normal. They should understand the vehicle and its abilities when navigating traffic and other road environments.

What’s more, there’s also a responsibility on trucking companies to have appropriate recruitment and training systems in place. This way, all drivers have the right qualifications and training to be on the road. Companies should also ensure that no driver is overworked or rushed while performing their job.

As a road user, there’s potential to sue a truck driver after an accident. However, trucking accidents are slightly different because you may also sue the company (depending on the circumstances). Even if a truck isn’t bobtailing, you can still claim against both parties. In our opinion, it’s best to talk with professional truck accident attorneys because they will have seen situations like yours many times before. Even if you and the truck driver share responsibility, there could still be a compensation opportunity.

The Injury Firm will help you to navigate the difficult environment, including the topic of bobtailing insurance. Commercial vehicle insurance is covered extensively in Florida Statute 316.302. Despite this, many drivers understand the risks that come with trucks and carry their own bobtail liability insurance. With an experienced truck accident attorney by your side, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Choosing The Injury Firm

Why work with a truck accident attorney? Obtaining compensation after a road accident is difficult, and there are certain implications when this accident involves a big-rig or semi-truck. An attorney specializing in this field will protect your legal rights, gather evidence, converse with insurance companies, and build a claim that states the importance of compensation in your case.

With regards to compensation, each case is unique. Your case may contain:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Emotional distress
  • Other expenses

Any claim made on your behalf will include current and potential future expenses, and this will negate the need for a future case. The Injury Firm has experienced personal injury truck accident attorneys who will work tirelessly to produce the desired outcome. Also, we have the resources to take the case to a judge if no acceptable settlement is offered.

After an accident of this type, it’s important to get legal protection to deal with insurance adjusters and other parties attempting to reduce compensation. Contact The Injury Firm today to get the ball rolling and speak with our brilliant team!

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