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I slipped and fell in Bojangles

Bojangles restaurant building showing front and side drive thruA lot of us do enjoy a good meal of Chicken and Biscuits but what happens when an innocent quest to acquire food turns into an accident? Bojangles restaurant definitely produces top-notch chicken and biscuits but what happens if you are a victim of a slip and fall at Bojangles?

The first thing you should know is that you would definitely get a proper representation to be properly compensated if you take the right steps to contact the personal injury lawyers at The Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale that would ensure that you get proper compensation

A brief history of Bojangles

Bojangles is one of America’s fast-food chain restaurants that specialize in buttermilk biscuits and fried chicken. In 1977 Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas founded Bojangles in Charlotte North Carolina. The company operates restaurants in 12 states of the United States and boasts of over 750 locations and has its headquarters at Charlotte, North Carolina.

Possible hazards that can occur at a Bojangles Restaurant

Whenever you walk into a Bojangles restaurant, you would quickly notice the traffic as customers constantly troop in and out to purchase their popular chicken and biscuits. It is very likely that at some point in time, there would be lapses somewhere that could pose hazards and lead to accidents.

Such hazards may include:

  • Wet floors
  • Uneven sidewalks and walkways
  • Products placed in wrong positions
  • Broken stairs
  • Spilled liquids
  • Broken Handrails

It is a given fact that when there are possible situations that can cause hazards in restaurants such as a spilled oily liquid, the staff are supposed to be alert to quickly ensure that no one gets hurt or experiences an accident but sadly, this isn’t always the case. Due to negligence on the part of the restaurant staff, you can be a victim of a slip and fall accident. Now should this happen, all you need to do is contact The Injury Firm at Fort Lauderdale and they would ensure that you are properly compensated.

Possible injuries that can occur from slip and fall accidents at Bojangles

Depending on the severity of the slip and fall or the conditions under which the accident occurs, different injuries can occur including:

  • Broken bones.
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Dislocations
  • Cuts and bruises etc.

Besides these physical injuries, slip and fall accidents can have bigger consequences in cases where you are unable to go to work and have medical bills to pay. It is therefore essential that you get a proper personal injury lawyer to represent you and ensure you get proper compensation.

Steps to follow after a slip and fall accident

Getting your due compensation after being a victim of a slip and fall accident involves a lot of things. Your evidence has to be strong and foolproof and you need the best personal injury lawyers representing you. This is why you should contact the personal injury lawyers at The Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale to file a lawsuit, represent you and also advise you on how to go about getting the proper compensation that you deserve.

There are different steps you can take to help your case if you are a victim of slip and fall accidents in Bojangles:

Take pictures

Take pictures of the accident scene and try to document the cause of the accident so the management of the restaurant does not cover it up. It is also important to take pictures of your clothing on the day of the accident as this helps to nullify the argument that you may have been injured because you were putting on loose clothing or the wrong footwear at the time of the accident.

Report the accident

As soon as the accident occurs, if you are physically capable you need to report the accident to the manager of the restaurant. This informs him of the accident and proves that there was an accident. If you can, write down the details of the accident in an accident report and keep a copy for yourself. This copy would be useful in court if the manager sees this report and validates it on the day of the accident. Also, note down the cause of the accident and the location it happened so as to help paint a clearer picture of what you went through on the day of the slip and fall accident.

Gather as many witnesses as possible

It is very likely that one or two people saw you slip and fall. All you need to do is find out who witnessed the accident and get their contact information to contact them later. It is very likely that they witnessed something that can further prove the negligence of the restaurant and promote your case so you can get your compensation.

Seek Medical Attention

Getting checked out by a doctor should be a top priority as you need to ascertain the extent of the damage that was inflicted by the slip and fall accident. You may have internal bleeding and this may deteriorate and can be fatal if not treated as soon as possible. Your life is most important so it is important that you seek medical care immediately. You are required to keep all medical forms and receipts as this will help the lawsuit and ensure that you are properly compensated.

Contact a personal injury lawyer

The personal injury lawyers at The Injury Firm at Fort Lauderdale are highly trained professionals that are ready to build the most convincing case for you and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact The Injury Firm and they would even visit you if you are hospitalized or unable to leave home. They would help you gather proper evidence and file the lawsuit. Their personal injury lawyers would ensure that you are properly compensated by the company through either settlement or litigation. The Injury Firm has a track record of helping thousands of people get their due compensation as they possess all the resources required to carry out a proper investigation and ensure that you get adequate and proper compensation.

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