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Boston Car Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been involved in a car crash, it can be shocking and scary. You might have sustained significant injuries or vehicle damage. However, it can be difficult to know what you should do after an accident. Many people might struggle to understand what their legal rights are and how they can make sure they get everything they are entitled to. Let’s try to answer some of the most common questions about being involved in a car crash.

After the Car Crash

There are a few important things that you should do after the car crash. First, it is your legal obligation to stay at the scene of the car accident. When at the scene, you should get as much information about the other driver as possible. This includes things like: their name, the license plate number, and their address. This will make it easy for your legal team to track that person down if they have any questions about the accident. You should also make sure to talk to any people who witnessed the accident. Get their names and contact details. If needed, your lawyer can use them to back up your version of events in court. In addition, take detailed pictures of the crash scene and any damage that your car sustained. These images can be used to verify your version of events later.

You should also make sure to seek treatment for any injuries that you might have received after the crash. There are multiple potential medical problems that a car crash can cause. For example, you might get broken bones or back injuries. You might also get soft tissue damage. This can include whiplash, where a sudden, jolting impact moves your neck out of alignment. After an accident, it’s important to be careful. As the adrenaline starts to wear off, you might start to feel the effects of injuries. For this reason, you should try to book a doctor’s appointment as soon after the crash as possible. This will ensure that you get any injuries treated correctly. In addition, your insurance might not cover injuries if you don’t seek medical treatment within 14 days of the crash.

Types of Car Accident Claims

There are multiple claims that your lawyer might decide to make, depending on the reason for your accident. The most common claim is negligence. This requires you to prove that the accident occurred because the other driver acted in a reckless manner. This covers a wide array of cases. For example, it can apply to: drunk driving, aggressive driving, distracted driving, speeding, hit-and-run, and rear-end collisions. Alternatively, car accident lawyers might decide to file a defective product case. This requires you to prove that the accident occurred because of a product malfunction. For example, your brakes might have stopped working. Another type of accident claim is poor road design. In this claim, you need to prove that the condition of the road caused the accident. For example, the road might have been missing the correct sign.

Contacting Your Car Accident Lawyer

You should contact your lawyer as promptly after the crash as possible. There are multiple reasons why you should do this. First, you will be able to remember details about the accident clearly. This will ensure that your lawyer gets a reliable account of what happened. Also, your personal injury attorney can start preparing your case. This will ensure that you get your money as quickly as possible, allowing you to start rebuilding your life. Generally, you will have four years from the day of the accident to file charges. If you don’t file within that time period, you might not be able to get any compensation at all. Under Florida Law, there is a no-fault insurance scheme. This means that when you are injured, you need to seek compensation from your own insurance company first. This rule applies regardless of who was responsible for the crash. There are multiple things that Boston car accident lawyers will consider when filing their case.

Preparing Your Car Accident Case

When trying to prepare your case properly, there are a few things that your lawyer will try and do. First, they will verify your version of events. There are multiple ways they can do this. For example, they can contact some of the witnesses that you provided. They might also get access to police or ambulance records. If you were injured, they can use doctors’ records to show the injury you had and the treatment that you received. Once they’ve gathered all the necessary evidence, they will file the case.

They’ll also discuss your legal obligations. When you are involved in a car crash, your insurance firm might try to contact you. During the call, they will ask multiple questions and might discuss topics like: your current health, the state of your car, and the day of the crash. These questions can be designed to trick you into saying something that can compromise your claim. For this reason, you should refer their inquiries to your lawyer, who will be able to provide any clarification.

Amount of Compensation You Will Receive

After a car accident, you will often receive multiple bills. For example, you will need to get your car repaired. You might also need to deal with any injuries that you received. For this reason, you want to make sure that your Boston car accident lawyers get the maximum amount of compensation. But what is the average settlement for a car accident? When deciding how much money you will receive, there are multiple factors that they will consider.

One of the biggest factors that determines how much money you will receive because of your car accident is the amount of medical expenses that you received. You are entitled to any expenses that you incurred while recovering from your injuries. In some cases, you might not have fully recovered when you filed for compensation. In this case, there are multiple things that your lawyer can do. They might wait until you’ve fully recovered before they file. This will ensure that they get an accurate estimation of the amount of money that you are owed. However, this isn’t always the case. It might be years before you are fully recovered, or you might be left with a lifelong disability. In this case, your lawyer will have to make an estimate of the amount of money you will need.

There are multiple other costs that your personal injury attorney will consider when filing for compensation. Often, this will depend on your personal circumstances. For example, if you couldn’t work while you recovered from your injuries, you might be entitled to lost wages. Alternatively, the car crash might have left you with permeant scarring. In this case, you might be entitled to get compensation for being left disfigured. You can also get compensated for any mental anguish or pain and suffering you received after the crash. Often, these kinds of costs can be very difficult for lawyers to calculate. They might use things like diary entries, conversations with family members and doctors’ records to figure out the amount of pain and suffering you endured after the accident. These sources might also be able to testify in a trail.

Assessing Car Accident Damages

Once your lawyer has filed your case, your insurance company will assess it. During this period, they are looking at all the evidence that you provided to see how much they are willing to pay you. They might also use their own investigators to get more information. Generally, the amount of damages that you will receive depends on two factors. First, they will look at the amount of compensation that you want. Then, they will look at how responsible you were for causing the crash. In both these circumstances, you can use the services of car accident lawyers to improve your case.

Generally, you will be able to receive compensation without going to court. This has benefits for both parties. You will get your money sooner and the insurance company will avoid any negative publicity from the trial. However, in some circumstances, the insurance company won’t offer a reasonable amount of compensation. In this case, your lawyer might decide to take them to court. This can result in a higher payout. However, there is also a risk that you won’t receive any money at all.

Sadly, car accidents are a common occurrence in Florida. In many cases, people can get serious injuries or be left with life-long disabilities after these accidents. If this occurs, you could be left facing medical bills that you are unable to pay. For this reason, you should make sure to contact one of our Boston accident lawyers as quickly after the accident as possible. As we discussed, we will be able to make sure that you get a fair amount of compensation. So, if you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, contact our friendly Boston team members today and find out more about your legal rights: 833-332-1333 or call our main office in Fort Lauderdale: 954-951-0000

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