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Florida Boston Market Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

boston market sign against blue skyAccording to a recent study, the occurrence of accidents from slip and fall has steadily been on the rise with a lot of those accidents happening in restaurants. One such restaurant is the Boston Market situated in Florida and other parts of the country. In order to be able to get full compensation in the event that you are involved in a Boston Market slip and fall accident, you need the services of trusted and dependable injury lawyers. The personal injury slip and fall lawyers at The Injury Firm are experienced at handling these accident cases and will stop at nothing to ensure that justice is served.

Boston Market Corporation is a chain of fast-casual restaurants. They have been around for about 35 years, they employ about 14,000 workers and run over 450 locations. Like most other restaurants, slip and fall accidents may happen at Florida Boston Market, mostly due to the negligence of the staff members. These slip and fall accidents often at times can be quite serious and result in the victim getting seriously injured and unable to work for a period of time. That’s why getting your compensation is important, so you can take care of your medical bills and other financial obligations in the event that you are involved in a slip and fall accident in Boston Market Florida.

Causes of Slip and Fall accidents in Florida Boston Market

It is common practice for restaurants to have floors that are easy-to-clean, and hard. These floors, however, can be quite slippery when wet. For the most part, slip and fall accidents at Florida Boston Market and other restaurants are the result of negligent behavior by the staff of the restaurant. The common causes include: wet floors, uneven floors, spilled liquids and fluids, inadequate lighting and many more.

These accidents really are the cause of little things that could have otherwise have been dealt with if the workers at the restaurant paid enough attention or if the restaurant had an effective maintenance culture. If you suffer a serious injury from a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of the restaurant’s workers, getting your compensation in full is the only respite worth pursuing. Do well to report the accident to the store manager and contact a personal injury lawyer with a track record of successful cases. Even when the fall may not seem so serious at first, it can deteriorate into something much worse, later on, so always report the fall and seek legal counsel. Sometimes, the restaurant may try to avoid having to pay any compensations by having you admit guilt, don’t fall for it. Avoid giving any written statements or signing any claim forms before contacting a personal injury lawyer. The Injury Firm has got you covered; we can provide you with the legal backing you need to get compensated in full. Contact us today and get a free consultation.

Common Injuries Associated with Slip and Fall accidents at Boston Market.

Getting seriously injured from a slip and fall accident can be a nightmarish experience for anyone, especially when a head injury occurs. Some life-altering injuries can indeed occur from slip and fall accidents, that’s why you can’t afford to treat your case with levity if you are involved in a slip and fall accident. Some of the more common injuries that result from slip and fall accidents are sprained joints, bruises, cuts, broken bones and ribs, head and brain injuries, dislocations, etc.

Lets also not forget how much of an impact a slip and fall accident can have on the victim’s finances. Having to pay for medical care and being unable to work is a position no one wants to be in. The emotional, physical and financial effects of a slip and fall accident aren’t fun, so, the quicker you get legal help, the quicker you get compensated for the damages caused. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, call us now: 954-951-0000.

What to do after a slip and fall accident at Florida Boston Market

There are some steps you need to take immediately after a slip and fall accident, so as to help you build a solid case against the restaurant. Here are some of those steps.

Get Medical Help

No matter how insignificant you think your injuries are, always visit a doctor. Like I said earlier, some injuries don’t fully manifest until much later. You don’t want to be caught unaware. So, first and foremost, go see a doctor and ensure that you are okay, this is most important.

If your condition doesn’t seem to require immediate medical attention, you can proceed to the other steps listed below and then go see a doctor when you leave the restaurant.

Report the Accident

This is key, don’t leave the restaurant without reporting the accident to the manager or the person in charge. Don’t give them some surface-level details about the accident. Don’t give any written or recorded statements. Be sure to leave the restaurant with the accident report. It's important.

Gather as much evidence as possible

Using your mobile phone or the phone or any of the witnesses, take as many pictures as possible of the scene of the accident. These pictures should be taken immediately after the accident so that the restaurant doesn’t get a chance to clean up the scene of the accident. Also, take photos of your clothes and any security cameras that may have recorded the accident.

If there were any witnesses, who saw you slip and fall, be sure to collect their contact information. They can be useful allies in building your case against the restaurant.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

This should be done as quickly as possible so you can start building up a solid case before the restaurant starts making moves to put all the blame on you. A personal injury lawyer will be your shield when the restaurant comes for you and tries to discredit your claim. The Injury Firm has got your back, no one should have to go through a slip and fall accident and not get compensated. We can help you out, contact us today.

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