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Can I Have a Legal Case if There Wasn't Any Damage in a Car Accident?

You might still have a valid situation if there wasn't any harm in an automobile incident. Even in the event that you can't find any damage to your car, any crash could cause hidden damage to the frame and different areas of the automobile's safety arrangement. The same is true for personal injury.

If you then discover damage or accidents, you have to have the ability to submit a claim for reparation. To make sure that you maintain your legal rights, make sure you submit a police report regarding the accident, seek medical investigation and treatment when possible, notify your insurer, take your vehicle to a body shop, and contact a personal injury lawyer for advice. 

What Kinds of Car Accident Vehicle Damage Might Be Invisible? 

Some of the very serious vehicle collision damage a car can sustain won't be visible to you upon casual inspection. As an instance, your radiator--or even some other element that retains fluid--can become perforated. The sensitive electronics of the vehicle's onboard computer may sustain damages in even a minor injury or fender-bender.

Frequently, a car's engine mounts--the mounts that hold the motor in place--may suffer harm in a minor episode. You'll not have any concept that one or more of those mounts shattered until your motor later develops an important vibration. That vibration will then weaken and break the remainder.

Most of all, the vehicle's framework can get tweaked or bent in an accident. If this happens, your vehicle could be a complete loss.

What Kinds of Car Accident Injuries May Not Appear Instantly?

The same as your car, the human body is able to sustain a number of serious injuries which don't immediately present with symptoms, even following a minor injury. Left undetected and untreated, these accidents can result in severe injury or even become life-threatening.

Among the most frequent sorts of "silent" accidents after an automobile crash is whiplash and backbone damage.

Additionally, internal injuries often don't pose any immediate symptoms. But if internal bleeding is present, it may cause life-threatening or serious ailments.

Another possible latent injury is neurological damage, which may cause numbness or tingling in the extremities as time passes.

How Can I Protect My Rights When There Was No Visual Damage in a Car Accident?

Whether or not you find damage to your vehicle or some other visible injuries for yourself or your passengers, then it's very important that you contact the authorities to submit a report immediately following an automobile crash. Take photographs of this scene and gather as much info as possible from another driver and some other witnesses. Most importantly, get the details for the infolved driver's automobile insurance provider.

It's also advisable to seek immediate medical examination at a nearby emergency room, in case emergency medical staff don't arrive at the car crash scene.

If you opt not to get your automobile towed, take it immediately into a mechanic or car damage repair store you trust.

Now, our attorneys can help you assess your alternatives. We can answer your questions and decide what your very best plan of action is to recover compensation.  We offer free consultation.

You also need to report the injury to your personal accident coverage (PIP) insurer and, even if another driver was at fault, to their insurance provider too. But before you talk to either insurance provider, talk to one of our lawyers. Giving a statement may undermine your ability to look for monetary compensation in the kind of a settlement for a personal injury litigation.

How Can I Create a Legal Case When There Wasn't Any Damage in a Car Accident?
We can help you construct your legal situation for reimbursement, even though no harm or injuries were apparent at the time of your vehicle collision.

We'll collect a plethora of evidence to back up your claim for compensation for your damages and injuries. This may consist of medical bills, car repair quotes, employment announcements demonstrating lost salary, witness statements, and expert testimony concerning any future maintenance requirements, future lost wages, suffering and pain, and psychological trauma.

We can submit your own claim and negotiate with the insurance business to reach a fair settlement. In the event the at-fault motorist's insurance company won't negotiate in good faith, then we could pursue a lawsuit to get fair financial compensation for your injuries.

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