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Tripping and Falling at a Car Dealership

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You’re in the market for a new vehicle, it’s an exciting time, but you end up with an injury at the car dealership. Although unlikely, and not something you consider when looking for a car, this is something that happens, and the consequences are detrimental.

The Effects of a Trip and Fall Incident

First and foremost, an accident such as this can lead to injuries and medical care. After waking up in a great mood and looking forward to driving in a new car, we’re sitting in the hospital waiting for medical attention. Depending on the injuries, heavy medical bills can follow. At the same time, we’re unable to work and this means we’re missing out on important income.

Of course, electric companies and landlords need paying regardless. Yet, we’ve got medical bills coming out of our ears without getting paid from work. As you can imagine, this has the potential to rip a family apart. In terms of our health, serious injuries will also need physical therapy and continued care. Therefore, to say that tripping and falling at a car dealership is an inconvenience would be an understatement.

The Growth of Trip and Fall Accidents in Car Dealerships

At The Injury Firm, we’re seeing an increase in the number of accidents taking place in car dealerships and it’s a worrying trend. For us, there’s three main reasons for this;

  • With more vehicles on the road and more of us holding onto our cars for longer, dealerships need to service more on a daily basis, and this has led to increased traffic.
  • Some may say that changing weather patterns have made dealerships more dangerous than before; in fact, some have even suggested a lack of attention on safety.
  • There could be so-called ‘preplanned’ or ‘staged’ accidents that occur during economic stress.

No matter how they arise, slip and fall accidents are expensive and frustrating. They take our time, they take our money, and they can even take our confidence after recovery.

Common Incidents in Car Dealerships

Compared to department stores and the like, the hazards at a car dealership are slightly different. As a personal injury lawyer, one of the biggest hazards we see are elevated surfaces. Whether a ramp, steps, stairs, a curled-up carpet, or cracked concrete in the parking lot, they have the potential to trip anybody who visits the site and cause damage.

As a whole, foot traffic in car dealerships is huge. While some visitors are young and agile, others are older and can rely on walking aids. With every visitor unique in their physique and footwear, car dealerships need to think about how to manage hazards and look after the premises.

  • Are the entrances safe?
  • Is customer traffic flow marked clearly?
  • Are the staff trained to monitor and deal with spillages and other hazards?
  • Are mats and carpets secured tightly to prevent tripping?
  • Does the flooring meet the appropriate codes?

If there’s a negative answer to any of these questions, incidents will occur, and this is another reason why more accidents are taking place in car dealerships in recent times.

Making a Personal Injury Accident Claim

If you’ve been injured in a car dealership, we recommend getting in touch with The Injury Firm as soon as possible. With a team of professionals, we know how the process works and we have the experience to put your case in a strong position to succeed. Once you get in contact, we’ll adhere to the following process;

  1. Establish Liability - Firstly, we’ll assess the situation, the evidence, and work out whether the car dealership had a duty of care to keep you safe. If the dealership knew about the hazard or SHOULD have known, then the blame falls on their shoulders.
  1. Gather Evidence - As you concentrate on getting better, you shouldn’t have to worry about gathering evidence, so we’ll do this on your behalf. Depending on the time that has passed between the event and your phone call, we might be able to get pictures of the hazard, talk to eyewitnesses, and more.
  1. Support You - When people wonder whether or not they should contact a professional, the thing that sways it in favor of contacting is because they need support. These days, car dealerships have strong legal teams and insurance adjusters who contact victims in order to get a statement and lessen the amount they have to pay. With The Injury Firm, you can avoid the common mistakes and we’ll protect your rights at every stage of the process.
  1. Connect Injuries to Liability - It’s one thing establishing liability and discovering a hazard, but it’s another to connect these to your injuries. If your injuries were from an event before the car dealership, you won’t be entitled to compensation. Instead, the damage should be a direct result of the hazard and the car dealership’s negligence.
  1. Make a Claim - Once we’re happy and we’ve compiled evidence, we can make a trip and fall claim. From here, the dealership will have time to respond. While each case is unique, they will either try to make a settlement or they will reject the claim outright. If the latter, we’ll move ahead to the next step.
  1. File a Case - If we think you’re owed compensation for your accident, we’ll file a case. Some personal injury lawyer services don’t have the presence or the resources to do this, but we do. We’ll ensure the case is as strong as possible and then take it before a judge. Assuming they agree, you will be entitled to;
  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Lost income (past and future)
  • Pain and suffering

Considering car dealerships tend to have more dangers and hazards than most other business premises, it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer. Without help, it may be easy for the business to swing the case in their favor and you’ll be left without the compensation you not only need but deserve.

$3 Million Compensation for CarMax Error

For those who are apprehensive about taking on a major company and car dealership, know that last year was a big one for personal injury lawyers. In April 2018, a woman from Orlando was awarded just short of $3 million in compensation after she was hit by her own car at a CarMax.

Initially, they took the car to the CarMax because they wanted to trade it in and needed an appraisal for the manual transmission. After purchasing the car, the woman and her husband had installed a remote starter. Therefore, when taking the vehicle in, the pair informed the CarMax employees of this feature.

Although the salesman knew this vital piece of information, it wasn’t passed on to the appraiser. Once the appraisal was over, the appraiser parked the car and left it in first gear. The keys were returned to the couple, the remote starter activated, and the car jumped forward and hit the woman. After suffering a fractured pelvis and having surgery, CarMax actually tried to settle a number of times. However, the legal team didn’t believe the dealership was offering a fair amount.

Not only did CarMax offer an amount below what was acceptable, they even hired an expert to prove that the starter system was installed poorly by the owners. There was no evidence and the lawyers themselves prepared an expert witness to testify that the device had been installed perfectly and therefore didn’t contribute to the accident. After conceding, the judge awarded the couple $2.9 million.

Contact The Injury Firm Today

As we’ve said time and time again with trip and fall incidents, the size of the company isn’t a factor. If you’ve been injured as a result of the negligence of a car dealership, you may be entitled to compensation. With a simple phone call, we’ll start to compile a case while you recover from your injuries. When losing out on income and paying for medical treatment, you shouldn’t be left with these financial penalties when the injuries weren’t your fault in the first place. We’re on the side of right, and we will protect your rights in a case against a car dealership.

To get started, reach out today and we’ll set up a free consultation. At this stage, we can discuss your case, what happened, and our options moving forward. At The Injury Firm, we have trained professionals who are passionate about what they do. Since we deal with this area of law on a daily basis, we know exactly what we need to do (as well as what we shouldn’t do) to help your case.

If you have any questions or concerns, just dial our number because a helpful member of our team is waiting on the other side. Don’t let a car dealership get away with their negligence, get the compensation you deserve!

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