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Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Lawyer

Helping Auto Accident Victims in Broward County and Throughout the State of Florida

Of all the personal injury lawyers offering to help after an auto accident, we believe the Fort Lauderdale auto accident lawyers at The Injury Firm offer the very best legal service for numerous reasons. At The Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale, our auto accident lawyers' extensive experience has enabled us to learn the best and worst things to do in your position after an auto accident. Since we have already helped thousands of people achieve their desired result, we can help you too regardless of whether you’re the driver or passenger in an auto accident in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach,  Broward County or throughout the state of Florida. Our auto accident lawyers can also help with hit-and-runs, head-on collisions, bicycle accidents, pedestrian incidents, drunk driving, motorcycle crashes, and more.

With auto accidents, one of the biggest dangers is if the guilty party doesn’t have insurance or is under-insured but our auto accident lawyers can help in either scenario. Every year at The Injury Firm, our auto accident lawyers fight numerous auto accident cases with the focus on automobile insurance, automobile manufacturing defects, defective design, and more. Not only can our auto accident lawyers do the basics well, but we also have access to advanced technology such as auto accident reconstruction, computer graphics animation, and video.

While some companies are limited by their own budgets, our endless technological resources mean you will be in the best position to receive compensation and other remedies. In truth, advanced technology is just one route our auto accident lawyers can take with your case; we will create a unique plan of action for your case depending on the facts and what will allow us to achieve the result you need. Every step of the way, our personal injury auto accident lawyers will be by your side providing advice and legal assistance. We offer a free consultation.  If we decide to take your case, you pay nothing - we receive our compensation from your settlement.  And, if we don't win your case, you pay nothing and owe nothing - that is how good our auto accident lawyers are.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

In Florida, auto accidents are still a huge problem causing many personal injuries and fatalities each and every year. Sadly, the problem isn't getting any better with numbers still as high as ever. Back in 2012, an increase of 7% was the largest annual increase in auto accidents since records began in 1975 and numbers are still incredibly high.

When it comes to the resulting auto accident personal injuries themselves, they can be wide and varied with the most common being small fractures, damaged spine/lumbar, and broken bones. Typically, a personal injury will occur to the neck or back and this is called the ‘cervical, lumbar, and thoracic spine’ within the medical world. As you can imagine, these auto accident personal injuries can be very serious since it is an important part of the body. In the more severe cases, surgery may be required to correct car/auto accident injuries.

Additionally, dangerous auto accidents including high-speed collisions, motorcycle incidents, hit-and-runs, pedestrian collisions, and drunk driving accidents can cause life-changing personal injuries including those to the brain and spinal cord. In the worst incidents, some people may be paralyzed or even killed. Although we don’t enjoy seeing the number of auto accidents occurring on the Florida roads, we do believe in justice and achieving the right result for the victims and their families.

Our Auto Accident Legal Process

Whenever we receive a call about an auto accident, we realize that time is essential so we quickly look to work out who was responsible, legal liability, and financial responsibility. At The Injury Firm, our auto accident lawyers like to investigate the facts early before then applying this to the applicable legislation. When there is an illegal activity involved, such as intoxicated driving, we will also work with law enforcement. If necessary, our auto accident experts will then head off to the reconstruction area to start building the strongest case possible so you have a chance to be successful in the courtroom.

When people have an auto accident, something they don’t know is that all sorts of bill collectors and insurance companies will send letters but you don’t have to worry about this as we will handle it all on your behalf. Furthermore, insurance ‘adjusters’ will typically contact the victim to talk through the auto accident but we highly recommend avoiding this conversation until you have spoken to an auto accident lawyer directly. Often, they are only interested in finding faults with your story or downplaying the auto accident to help the negligent party so always speak to us first.

Positive Reputation of The Injury Firm

Within this niche of law, reputation is everything and our extensive experience has afforded us a positive reputation with colleagues, other companies, and in courtrooms in Broward County and throughout Florida. Over the years, we have built a solid team of experts and insurance companies who now know we will not settle for anything less than you deserve. Within the legal community, our professionalism stands above the rest and this will help you move forward with your case.

Earlier, we listed some examples of auto accidents but, in truth, the cases on which our auto accident lawyers have helped extend to the following types of auto accidents;

Speak to an Auto Accident Lawyer For Free

With so many law firms in Florida and even within Fort Lauderdale or Broward County, you might be wondering why you should choose us. First and foremost, we often take cases that other law firms simply reject without even considering the full story. From minor injuries to death, we have experience in achieving the right result for the victims and their families. Not only can compensation be obtained from individuals, but it can also come from corporations, partnerships, employers, and independent contractors.

As we saw previously, it doesn’t even have to be an automobile crash as we have experience with poor road signage, construction sites, and other negligent hazards on the Florida roads. Sometimes, liability isn't always an obvious equation so our auto accident lawyers will work hard to investigate third parties and contracts to find the at-fault party. If done incorrectly, you could very quickly lose your case but we work hard from the outset to set your case up with strong foundations. And if we lose your auto accident case, you owe us nothing!  We are that good. Call us today for a FREE consultation!

What Steps Should You Take After an Auto Accident?

If you’re ever involved in an auto accident, the first step should always be to contact the emergency services before then following up with your doctor. Although you are likely to be shaken, we recommend taking pictures of the auto accident scene as well as videos showing the extent of damage to both cars and any other significant part of the auto accident whether it is a road sign, hazard, or another vehicle. Nowadays, everybody seems to have a smartphone so utilize this and document damage to property, skid marks on the road, and other debris.

If possible, do all of this before anything gets moved. Once something on the scene is moved, there is suddenly no proof and you might have to find witnesses or some other way of proving what happened. For other drivers, they might try to cover up their mistakes. Furthermore, we also recommend far-away shots as well as close-ups because nearby landmarks and pictures of the whole auto accident scene can be incredibly helpful.

After pictures, you have this safely in your pocket and can now look towards obtaining the names and information of all those involved. If there are witnesses nearby willing to help, take down their information. If they are cooperative, you could even ask them to write a statement and have it signed on the spot because this saves a job later and it prevents you from losing contact.

When on the auto accident site, this is the only opportunity you have to yield quite so much evidence. Sure, our investigation will dig deep but this is the only time you will have it all there in front of you to utilize it as much as possible; don’t be afraid of doing too much. The more evidence you gather at the auto accident scene, the stronger auto accident case we can compile for you. Suddenly, it becomes easier to understand and explain your personal injury auto accident case in the courtroom.

After the evidence has been obtained, get in contact with your insurance company and report the incident. Often, people will choose to go the case alone but this is a mistake since insurance companies have their own lawyers. At first, you might be offered support by your own insurance company but this will never be as good as an auto accident personal injury lawyer because they are simply a representative of the company.

Auto Accident Facts

When trying to prove negligence, the key facts include speed, distance, and time. For this reason, the accounts of eyewitnesses can be crucial to winning an auto accident case. Furthermore, we should note that Florida is considered to be a ‘comparative negligence’ state which means that both parties can be seen as negligent. If the defense party claims this, your compensation will be reduced or even removed if they win, so evidence is always important.

If this isn't an option to the defense party, they could try to play down the impact of the auto collision or suggest your injuries existed before the auto accident. Therefore, we will gather medical evidence during our investigation as your medical record will show no previous injuries. Under Florida law, your injuries need to be proven to be a direct result of the auto accident so this is something we will handle on your behalf.

Sadly, these are tactics used by insurance companies because they simply don’t want to pay out any money. Rather than seeing you as the victim of an auto accident, they look at their bank balance and don’t want to lose any money regardless of what happened.

Obtaining Compensation After Your Auto Accident

When it comes to compensation, you will normally have the option to recover all costs that arose from the auto accident itself. Known as ‘damages’, this will include any medical care up to this point and expected in the future, hospital bills, tests, emergency room care, and any therapy you might need looking ahead. If you’ve been forced to stay at home, lost wages can normally be recovered as well as any scarring or permanent damage. Finally, pain and suffering is common so we could claim for the emotional damage caused.

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If you have any questions or just need some advice today, please feel free to pick up the phone and contact us here at The Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale. Regardless of the extent of your injury, from a routine auto accident to a life-ending incident, we have the auto accident lawyers experience and skills to help. What’s more, we can get started with a free consultation. 

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