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Car Accident Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

No matter how cautious they are, drivers aren’t always able to sidestep an automobile accident. Most collisions are capable of causing serious injuries – ones that lead to significant work absences and lengthy stays in hospitals. That doesn’t even take into consideration the psychological trauma and pain that comes with such ordeals.

Although the actual accident might only last for a handful of seconds, the physical, emotional, and financial impact of automobile accidents may never end. It isn’t something to deal with by yourself. Whether it involves small roads in local vicinities (Bel Air Ave., Tara Mar Dr., Prospect Road, etc.) or major highways (SR 870, I-95, US 1, etc.), automobile accidents are capable of happening just about anywhere in the city of Fort Lauderdale. Many automobile collisions result in minor damages to the vehicle itself, while others seriously hurt people.

Victims who sustained serious car accident injuries in the city of Fort Lauderdale may not know how to recoup funds to cover loss of income, medical bills, and other relevant damages. This process may get more stressful than it already is when insurance agencies representing negligent parties try to make a case that a victim is the individual at fault.

Our legal firm represents visitors and residents who sustained injuries in automobile accidents throughout the city of Fort Lauderdale. We will fight to ensure that you are fairly compensated and get what you’re entitled to. Get in touch with us now to book a consultation at no charge. Our attorneys will offer a comprehensive assessment of your car accident case. Call 954-951-0000.

Car Accident Injury Lawyers

Car accidents in Fort Lauderdale can result in devastating effects – not just for those involved in an accident, but for their family members, too. Medical bills can accumulate, especially when time off from work is involved.

Being represented by a car accident attorney with experience in the city of Fort Lauderdale is worthwhile in order to receive the financial compensation you are entitled to. When you don’t have to worry about money, you can concentrate on the emotional and physical recovery required because of the accident. Contact our law firm today if you’ve sustained injuries from an automobile accident recently. You can get in touch with us online in order to talk about your options via a live chat or by email.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive from a Car Accident Case?

An insurance agency’s objective is to pay the least amount of money possible in order to resolve automobile accident claims.

More often than not, insurers will place pressure on victims so that they accept settlements – ones that are significantly less than amounts that victims are actually entitled to.

Refrain from talking to another party’s insurance agency until you are legally represented. Our firm will conduct negotiations with insurers in order to help recoup the compensation amount you qualify for. Our law firm is capable of filing lawsuits when insurance agencies do not offer adequate settlements.

The Injury Firm allows you to feel confident, as you’ll have assertive legal representation. We will work diligently to help get you a compensation amount you are entitled to. Car accident cases that are successful will cover all types of losses, including physical personal injury and vehicle damage costs.

Although each case is different, the compensation you could potentially receive involve the following recovery areas:

Ongoing treatment and medical bill costs – ideally, you should be able to recoup the medical bills that you have paid for already (for instance, the initial visit to the emergency room, as well as any subsequent visits to the doctor), not to mention costs for ongoing rehabilitative and medical care required afterward.

Lost wages from work absences in the past and future – odds are strong that you will miss a little bit of time from work after sustaining an automobile accident. With that said, depending on the severity of the accident, you might not be able to return to work for a very long time, whether that entails months or years. Income loss does not have to be a burden that you carry, though. For many people, lost wages might be limited to the time right after an accident. For other people, the collision might have resulted in extensive damages that prevent them from working again. Such individuals may have to find another job with a less active role and a reduced wage.

Suffering and pain – this broad concept may mean something different for each victim. After sustaining a crash in Fort Lauderdale, many victims go through a slew of emotions, ones that can significantly affect their lives and capacity to engage with other people. This is completely normal, and you are encouraged to get professional help if you need it. For example, PTSD is something that a lot of people endure after sustaining an automobile accident. It is something that is going to take quite a while to get over. This is applicable even if a diagnosis of certain psychological conditions has never been given to the victim. Regardless, you can probably obtain compensation for any suffering and pain you experience.

Property and car damage – was your automobile totaled as part of the incident? Were there things in the car that were damaged during the collision? Was the car a rental? Did you need to find other ways to get around after the accident? The costs involved with these incidents aren’t something that should be paid out of pocket.

Florida happens to be one of 12 different states that use a pure comparative fault system when it comes to awarding damages. As such, victims can recoup damages even if they are partially responsible. As per this system, damages that victims are awarded will get minimized proportionally by the victim’s compensation share. For instance, someone who is given $10,000 yet is 25% responsible for the accident would get $7500 in total.

Available Compensation after a Car Accident Is Sustained

Many drivers who are registered in Fort Lauderdale have PIP (personal injury protection) insurance policies. As such, they are obligated to have claims filed with their insurance companies, who will pay for claims no matter who is at fault. It isn’t uncommon to hear that these types of policies may have insufficient amounts required to cover the costs of the victim’s lost wages and medical bills, though. More often than not, injured accident victims might have the ability to pursue extra compensation from a driver-at-fault’s coverage.

When a settlement is being negotiated by your lawyer with the insurance company of a negligent driver, discussions between them might revolve around other damages involved. You may qualify for other forms of compensation pertaining to earning capacity loss, upcoming rehabilitative treatments, vehicle damages, and suffering/pain.

Other aspects will be taken into consideration by insurance agencies in order to determine a suitable settlement amount. These factors may include how much suffering/pain you endured, work history, medical care in the future based on a doctor’s prognosis, and age.

When Should a Claim Be Filed After Sustaining a Car Accident?

The length of time a victim has when filing their claim for personal injuries is called a statute of limitations. As per Florida Statute 95.11(3), victims have 48 months to have a lawsuit filed for car accidents that were sustained because of another person’s negligence. If a suit isn’t filed within the applicable statute of limitations, the court will likely refuse to listen to the case.

Although 48 months may seem like a very long time, it is imperative that you don’t postpone legal action. An attorney will need time to perform an investigation in order to gather critical evidence. Delays in getting in touch with car accident lawyers can complicate the completion of an effective independent investigation.

Anyone that has been hurt or who had someone die in a car accident is encouraged to get in touch with our law firm sooner than later. Postponements in legal action pursuits after a vehicle accident transpires makes it hard to hold negligent parties accountable.

Be mindful that a statute of limitations will be even shorter if someone you love died in the accident. The state of Florida permits only 24 months for family members to file a claim for wrongful death.







What to Do After You Experience an Automobile Accident

Get medical attention – this is applicable if you don’t think you were even hurt that badly. It is prudent to be professionally evaluated. Some injuries come with delayed symptoms. Getting such injuries tended to properly right after the accident will ensure proper treatment of whatever the issue is. Further, insurance agencies representing negligent parties could use treatment delays against you – they could make a case that the injuries a victim is claiming aren’t as bad as they are making them out to be.

Contact law enforcement – law enforcement should be contacted to document and investigate the incident. Requests by an opposing driver to not call law enforcement should not be honored. The police can offer valuable assistance after negligent drivers flee a crash scene (an incident better known as “hit and run”). For the most part, the police will aid you in obtaining necessary information, as well as create official records of the accident.

Gather information – besides the contact info and name of a negligent driver, a victim should endeavor to get contact info from witnesses who were at the scene. Statements from third parties may be quite important when debating who is responsible for the accident.

Take photos of the scene – the scene of the accident will be hastily cleaned up, and as such, victims are encouraged to take photos of the crash scene well before evidence goes away. You should try to shoot photos of all vehicle damages and injuries. Strive to take as many pictures as you can from various distances and angles. If you have injuries that stop you from doing this on your own, ask someone else to do it for you.

Refrain from talking to automobile insurance companies – an insurer representing the opposing driver will probably try to contact a victim right after an accident. More often than not, insurance company representatives will come across as friendly and interested in how you are doing. With that said, know that these conversations are manipulative - they are an attempt to entice victims into making recorded statements – ones that could unknowingly damage their odds of being awarded compensation.

Speak to a vehicle accident attorney – when you’re able to, get in touch with a well-versed car accident attorney to talk about your case. Our law firm is available 24/7 and will be happy to answer any questions you have about car accident claims.

Common Car Wreck Causes

A contentious area of automobile crash claims involves determining who is at fault. Usually, there is an argument about which of the two parties involved is responsible for a collision. Automobile accidents may involve more than two parties who bear at least some of the responsibility.

Our law firm understands the inner workings of these kinds of investigations. We will work day and night to establish how a collision came about, find proof of negligence, and ensure that a driver is held responsible.

Here are the most typical reasons collisions happen in the city of Fort Lauderdale:

Speeding cars – drivers breaking the speed limit are usually unable to break in time when trying to avoid a collision. Speedsters will likely lose control when pushing the peddle to the metal. Speeding accidents may lead to casualties or extreme, life-changing injuries for at least one party involved.

Traffic violations – wrong turns, lack of traffic signals or signs, and signal failures are common violations that result in collisions.

Distracted driving – people who text or talk while driving are more inclined to crash vehicles than ones who mindfully drive. Lawyers can subpoena phone records that belong to such drivers in order to establish negligence on their end. Besides smartphones, other distractions that stimulate accidents include driving and eating, dashboard control adjustments, makeup application, brushing/combing hair, and electric shaving.

DUI – laws have been passed prohibiting driving high or drunk, which has minimized the amount of wreckage that has transpired since legislation. Offenders face harsh criminal consequences in violation of such laws, as well as civil liabilities. Be mindful that drivers who avoid DUI convictions may be liable in civil claims court, as the cases are completely separate from each other.

Driving recklessly – Florida has a statute (316.192) that defines a reckless driver as an individual who operates an automobile in wanton or willful disregard for the safety of either property or people. This is regarded as negligent when crashes are involved.

Automobile defects – many accidents aren’t a driver’s fault, but instead, a vehicle’s malfunctioning part, perhaps involving tire blowouts or brake failures. Based on the specific case, either a manufacturer or maintenance company may be held liable for certain injuries as part of product liability claims.

Driver fatigue – those who drive vehicles for extensive periods or on a night shift are more inclined to drift asleep while operating the machine. A vehicle could swerve off its lane before colliding with another vehicle. Driver fatigue happens to be quite common for those who drive a truck in the commercial industry. These individuals are usually obligated to spend hours driving from one road to another.

Inclement weather – smoke, fog, and rain are several conditions capable of effecting a driver’s capacity to see fellow motorists, not to mention control a vehicle. Drivers must operate with extra caution in such circumstances.

Car Accident Case Types That The Injury Firm Excels in

Some of typical auto crash cases that our law firm specializes in include:

  • Speeding accidents
  • Distracted driving collisions
  • Yield failure accidents
  • Left-handed turn incidents
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Side-impact collisions
  • Rollover automobile accidents
  • Hit and runs
  • Uninsured motorist accident claims
  • Automobile accident fatalities
  • DUI vehicle wrecks
  • Lyft/Uber accidents
  • Head-on vehicle wrecks

If you sustained serious injuries or someone you love died because of a vehicle accident that took place in Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, or another area in South Florida, you are encouraged to seek assistance from an automobile accident attorney. Our law firm has recovered money for victims situated throughout the state.

Contact our law firm before you make a statement to an insurance company representing a negligent party. Our attorneys will go over your case, then help you determine what legal options you have. Fill out our contact form online or call us directly to book a consultation with us at no charge: 954-951-0000.

Typical Injuries Sustained from Automobile Wrecks

When it comes to car crashes, the injury severity is usually contingent on a number of factors, including how fast the car was going, and the kind of collision it was. In these types of situations, victims need medical assistance, which may hospitalize them for an indefinite amount of time.

Some injuries prevent victims from coming back to work. Many people won’t ever be able to work again because of injury severities.

Our law firm fights on behalf of victims to get them the compensation they require. In doing so, victims can cover the cost of treating various catastrophic injuries, including the following

  • Sympathetic Reflex Dystrophy/Regional Complex Pain Syndrome
  • Limb amputation
  • Burn injuries
  • Bulging and herniated discs
  • Bone fractures
  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

Our firm will work tirelessly to help you get compensation for accident injuries sustained in an automobile collision.

Hazardous Intersections and Roads in the City of Fort Lauderdale

As reported by WPLG-TV in the fall of 2017, I-95 ended up being cited as one of the most hazardous highways in America, as far as car wrecks were concerned. This interstate received 0.730 deaths a minute, on average. The television station did not reveal where on the intersection these fatalities happened on (keep in mind that I-95 reaches Maine from Miami).

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) called Fort Lauderdale one of the most hazardous highways in the year 2011. In 2017, a study conducted by WalletHub cited Fort Lauderdale as the most unsafe area to drive on out of 182 different metropolitan areas in America.

Serval notable intersections and roads in the city of Fort Lauderdale are sticklers for devastating accidents, including the following:

  • Federal Hwy. and NE. 26th St.
  • Andrews Avenue and Sunrise Boulevard
  • Florida’s Turnpike (SR 91)
  • The Marina Mile Boulevard portion of State Road 84
  • The Alligator Alley portion of the Everglades Parkway (I-75)
  • East Las Olas Boulevard and Florida A1A S. Flamingo Rd.

If you sustained an injury from a car accident in any of the roads mentioned above, you wouldn’t be the first. We can also help even if the crash happened on another road not mentioned above.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Automobile Accident Attorney

Most people have uncertainties about steps to take after going through an automobile accident in the city of Fort Lauderdale. The immediate action a victim must take is to seek medical assistance (regardless of whether they feel hurt or not). Professional legal representation is the second thing someone should seek out.

It is imperative that you be assisted by an automobile accident attorney and don’t speak with insurance agencies representing a negligent driver. That party’s insurer may attempt to get in touch with you right after the crash. Refrain from speaking with them until legal counsel is obtained.

When an attorney handles your case, your legal representative will engage in discussions with a negligent driver’s insurer. This is to your benefit, as no misstatements on your end will be recorded that could potentially hurt your injury claim.

Also, the attorney will understand your case’s true value. Insurance companies often try to lowball victims with lump-sum offer settlements as a way of discouraging you from filing lawsuits. Although those offers may seem generous at first, the amounts are actually a lot less than the compensation victims are entitled to. The offer might sound like more than enough for immediate costs, but they seldom cover significant expenses down the road.

Your lawyer will negotiate a fair and full settlement that addresses your needs not just for now, but for the future, too. If an insurance agency isn’t willing to provide you with enough compensation, then the attorney will file a case to obtain damages you’re entitled to.

Automobile Accident Claim FAQs

Why Do I Need an Accident Attorney?

After sustaining injuries from a crash, you are encouraged to speak with a car accident lawyer right away about what your options are. You’ll need assistance from an attorney who has experience handling automobile accident cases. The lawyer will perform a comprehensive, independent assessment of the crash. When this activity is performed by an experienced attorney, the actual cause of an accident will be determined. The lawyer will gather relevant evidence, as well as establish who liable parties are.

Odds are pretty strong that an insurance agency representative will contact you and discourage you from hiring a lawyer. The adjuster might provide you with a settlement in one lump-sum in an effort to get you to resolve the case before an attorney can be hired. Insurance companies are aggressive with this action to dissuade victims from bringing a settlement offer to a lawyer. When victims trust their gut and speak to an attorney, they quickly learn about how much compensation they are really eligible for.

If you decide to try things your own way and accept a settlement, it won’t be long before you discover that the lump sum is insufficient. It won’t cover expenses pertaining to injuries. These costs will need to be paid out of pocket.

Engaging with automobile insurance agencies warrants legal representation on your end. Not every insurer will try to get you to settle a case right away. Some may apply deceptive tactics in order to manipulate victims into making statements that could sabotage their compensation.

When personal injury attorneys are hired - ones who specialize in automobile accidents, they will be the ones having these discussions as your representative. The lawyer will start negotiating for potential settlements that are full and fair. Your needs – both future and immediate – will be taken care of.

How Much Do Automobile Collision Lawyers Charge?

After going through a vehicle or collision, financial concerns shouldn’t stop you from obtaining legal representation. Our law firm is paid on contingency fees. That means nothing is to be paid upfront, and we only get paid if you are financially compensated. When this happens, fees are withdrawn from the final statement you receive. In other words, nothing is paid to us out of your own pocket.

Many automobile accident victims deal with financial stress due to circumstances they find themselves in. We encourage clients on how to best deal with property damage expenses, medical bills, and similar costs.

Should I Contact Law Enforcement After Going Through a Car Crash?

As per Statute 316.065 in Florida, drivers involved in crashes that result in death or injuries to property (with damages exceeding $500) or people are obligated to report the incident to local law enforcement right away. If an accident does not transpire in their locale, then the accident must be reported either to the closest Florida Highway Patrol station/office or a county sheriff. Generally, the quickest way to get in touch with such authorities is to call 911.

Police reports should always be filed that involve motor vehicle collisions. This is for your protection, and applicable even if small fender benders and no injuries have transpired. This is because other complications could develop in the future.

An insurance agency may distance themselves from your policy if you fail to report a collision. The opposing motorist might report the accident to their insurance agency, then claim you were responsible, despite what they may have told you at the accident scene.

Police reports that are filed after an automobile accident usually prove to be quite valuable, particularly with regards to claims for personal injuries down the road. Reporting an accident to the authorities establishes your responsibility as a motorist, and chronicles details that pertain to the crash.

Law enforcement officials might perform activities that the average person wouldn’t think of, such as obtaining contact info and statements from possible witnesses. A police conclusion that a specific motorist was responsible, and any associated citations a driver was issued pertaining to the crash, may also be helpful in your personal injury claim. Be mindful, though, that law enforcement doesn’t have the final say when it comes to civil liabilities for crashes.

How Can I Determine If My Car Crash Case is Worth Pursuing?

You’ll typically have a case if you or someone you love sustained serious injuries from a car collision. A case may also be made if insurance agencies representing negligent drivers either offer insufficient compensation or refuse to pay. Basically, just about any accident involving a dispute of responsibility will be a car crash case worth pursuing.

Some people think that their case won’t have merit because of partial responsibility for the accident. This concern is common. Just because some of the responsibility in the cause of an accident is yours doesn’t mean you can’t seek damages via another party.

Florida is defined as a pure comparative fault state, as far as negligence goes. As per statute 768.81(3) in Florida, a court needs to enter a judgment against all liable parties involved in negligence actions as per the full percentage of each individual. Statute 768.81(2) in Florida establishes the following:

“contributory fault chargeable to the claimant diminishes proportionately the amount awarded as economic and noneconomic damages for an injury attributable to the claimant’s contributory fault but does not bar recovery.”

In other words, someone awarded an amount of $100,000 from an automobile accident case who is also found to be 25% responsible would see damages cut specifically by $25,000. They would be left with $75,000.

Can an Automobile Accident Law Firm Assist Me?

There aren’t any set durations involved when resolving automobile accident cases. Some could be settled in weeks; others might take years.

No case is the same. Each one involves distinct aspects that personal injury attorneys must investigate. The amount of issues disputed pertaining to a case will play a role in the length of time required for a resolution to be reached.

What Aspects Slow Down Car Accident Claims?

Many claims get slowed down when small insurance agencies get involved, particularly when claim adjusters don’t rush through investigations. Several cases are intricate in relation to the injuries a victim sustained. It is imperative to get a comprehensive rundown of the ways injuries will impact a victim’s life after those injuries have been medically improved to the best of anyone’s ability.

Automobile accident victims should mainly focus on their emotional and physical recovery. The attorney will concern themselves with managing possible settlements for your case.

You are more than welcome to contact us for more information, either online or by phone. We can be reached 24/7 if you have any legal questions, or if you would like to book a no-fee consultation.  Call 954-951-0000 Today!

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