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How Long Do You Have to File an Insurance Claim in Florida After a Storm?

Despite the charm and positives that come with living in Florida, one of the most obvious disadvantages is the constant threat of extreme weather. When a storm or hurricane comes around, it can wreak havoc for homeowners, business owners, and, well, absolutely everybody. Of course, storms can damage roofs, outhouses, sheds, cars, and plenty more. This then leads to thousands of claims all reaching the same insurance companies all at once. If you’re worried about your own claim, we’re going to answer some basic questions here today.

First and foremost, we recommend getting in contact with a professional and reliable law firm as soon as possible after a storm. For example, at The Injury Firm, we have extensive experience in dealing with these cases and should be able to put your case in the best position to receive the compensation you’re owed. However, there is a specific law relating to storms and extreme weather.

Florida Law Statute 627.70132 Notice of Windstorm or Hurricane Claim

Under Florida Law Statute, you need to file your claim within 3 years of the storm making landfall (or when the weather reached and damaged your home). Since the period immediately after extreme weather can be the busiest time for insurance companies, they may take longer than normal to reply and acknowledge your claim. Despite this, you have three full years between the damage and when you can no longer claim.

Review Your Own Windstorm Policy

The reason why we recommend getting in touch with a law firm early, assuming the damage is severe and/or there are leaks in your home, is because all policies tend to be different. Throughout the process, there are certain forms that are required to be completed and these become harder to fill as time goes on. For example, it’s easier to compile loss lists and estimates shortly after the storm as opposed to two years later.

Furthermore, the damage caused by the storm could lead to different processes in the weeks and months ahead. Although the deadlines for roof damage and flooding may be similar, the way the cases are handled is not.

Contacting a Reliable Property Damage Law Firm

With professionals by your side, your hurricane or storm damage claim will be in the best hands and you won’t need to worry about time limits at all. In truth, this area of law can be confusing and you might be concerned about the differences in law between hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, wind, hail, storms, and every other form of extreme weather. Luckily, we know everything there is to know so can support you through the process (while avoiding many common mistakes!).

What many people don’t know is that it’s also possible to add to claims, and this may lead to additional time being allowed. In the past, we’ve even seen cases reopened after discovering new losses or after the individual chose to go it alone and overlooked damaged the first time. If you believe you were unfairly denied compensation, or you believe you should have been paid more money, there could be opportunities to reopen the case so long as it is handled correctly and within time.


Under Florida Statute Law, all potential claims after storm damage will expire in three years if not filed. With vast experience in this area of law, we recommend contacting The Injury Firm today for best results. Rather than handling it all alone and potentially undervaluing your losses, we’ll help you to get it right and rebuild your life after this terrible event! 

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