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Dealing with Roof Leaks

Important Questions and Information About Roof Leaks

When it comes to property damage from roof leaks caused by a storm, a hurricane or other situation, the damage can be horrendous and, in truth, heartbreaking. Regardless of whether the roof leak affects one room or the whole house, water can cause damage to the flooring, electrical outputs, furniture, and a whole lot more. Of course, the instant reaction is to get in contact with the property damage insurance company but sadly many people are left feeling underwhelmed by their given quote or disappointed by an outright rejection.

If you’ve experienced either recently, please contact our property damage legal experts here at The Injury Firm and we’ll do what we can to remedy the situation.

Leaky Roofs - Unfortunately, roof leaks aren't as simple as a little water coming into the house because it also questions the integrity of the whole property. What’s more, it even provides a risk to health because damp wood and insulation creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. Once mold finds a way into your home, it’ll quickly move into the HVAC system, carpets, and even into your wardrobes and clothing.

Not only is mold visibly not nice to look at, we breathe in the spores and this causes havoc for our respiratory system. Although short bursts won’t cause too much damage, extended exposure can cause serious illness and even a threat to our lives.

If the water gets into the electrical sockets and wiring, it can even cause a fire and we don’t even need to explain the dangers of this. Nowadays, our homes are filled, top to bottom, with electrical wiring so water can easily cause surges or overheating.

With a roof leak and the resulting damage to your home, we realize that it’s more than just the money and fixing the leak. For some, they have to move to temporary accommodation while the house is being repaired. For most, they just want to resume their normal way of living and our main aim is to help get you there (no matter how far away it may seem).

Insurance - For the most part, this starts with your insurance and you must remember that insurance companies are…well, companies. With this in mind, they need to make a profit and will offer you a lower amount than you deserve to achieve it. Often, they won’t consider everything we discussed above so you may feel cheated and unvalued.

If this is the case, get in touch with the property damage attorneys at The Injury Firm and we’ll open an investigation on your behalf. As well as talking with insurance experts, we can bring a case to court so you get the amount you’re owed considering you’ve been paying your premiums on-time and in full every month.

Why Choose Us? - Unlike some services, we never represent the side of the insurance company which means we’re on your side until the end. Furthermore, our experience has allowed us to learn the process front to back. From the start, we know how to act, what documentation to prepare, and how to build a strong case that’ll see you rewarded with the compensation package you deserve. What’s more, we have the manpower to threaten (and go through with) a court case.

Rather than accepting a lower offer or paying for proceedings yourself, please call the property damage attorneys at The Injury Firm today. Not only do we offer a free legal consultation, you won’t have to pay a cent because the insurance company pays fees and the costs of property damage attorneys!  954-951-0000

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