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Seeking Compensation After Getting Injured as a Chili’s Employee

Over the years, Chili’s has garnered a positive reputation as being somewhere fun to work. With great food and a fantastic environment, it’s good to know there are companies looking after the American workforce.

Sadly, there are only so many things a company can do to prevent accidents and injuries. No matter how many precautions your workplace takes, there are still dangers in a kitchen that simply aren’t present in other jobs. Today, we want to provide some more information about common accidents, workers’ compensation coverage, and how you can get the help you need (hint: check out our amazing service at The Injury Firm!).

About Chili’s Restaurant

Launched in 1975, Chili’s Grill and Bar is considered a ‘casual dining’ restaurant and it’s currently owned by Brinker International; this public company also owns the Maggiano’s Little Italy brand. With their headquarters in Dallas, Texas, they now boast 1,600 locations and have even expanded into South America, Central America, Asia, the Middle East, and Russia and Germany in Europe.

Potential Employee Injuries in Chili’s Restaurant

In Chili’s, or in any restaurant, the personal injury risks are somewhat higher for employees. As a slip and fall lawyer, there are some injuries we see more frequently than others. For example, kitchen staff can slip on spilled liquid or foodstuffs. When this happens, there’s a danger of banging one’s head, straining and spraining muscles, damaging a shoulder after a dodgy landing, and even causing serious damage to the spinal cord.

Elsewhere, the kitchen is full of hot equipment, so burns are a real risk. With one small mistake or even malfunctioning equipment, hot oil can spit out of the fryers or you could experience second-degree burns on the grill. While the body heals and recovers, you’ll require medical attention and you won’t be able to work - this double financial penalty can cause serious implications for your financial position.

We could go on - cutting a hand on sharp implements, spraining a wrist by carrying heavy trays to and from the kitchen, and harming the back moving heavy kegs.

How to Protect Your Employee Rights - Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve been injured or if you’re reading this as a precaution, there are certain steps we recommend following. By doing this, you put yourself in a good position not only for recovery but compensation too.

Step 1 - First and foremost, tell your immediate superior if you need medical attention. Whether it’s a bang to the head, a burn, or a cut, the injury may be more serious than you first realize. By telling a supervisor or manager, you’re officially acknowledging the accident and getting the assistance you need.

Step 2 - Next, recover. This is important, and it’s something people often take for granted. If you don’t feel ready to return to work, don’t. Meanwhile, make sure you’re attending all the medical appointments that have been suggested.

Step 3 - At this point, you can get the ball rolling on your workers’ compensation claim so have a conversation with your manager. As soon as possible after the accident, get an accident report filed because everything will be fresh in your memory.

If the injury was severe enough for a 911 call, they will complete their own accident report so be sure to ask for the report number. Just because a 911 call wasn’t necessary, this doesn’t mean you can’t visit the workers’ comp doctor; normally, this will come free of charge. If you choose to visit your own doctor for a fee, keep all paperwork otherwise reimbursement will be difficult.

Step 4 - From here, you can contact a personal injury lawyer. You’ve done all you can, but it’s time to hand the case over to professionals. For example, our team at The Injury Firm spend every day around similar cases so we know how the process works.

Be Careful

If you’re going to claim compensation for anything, one of the biggest pieces of advice we could provide is to be careful. Soon after your accident, you’re going to be contacted by a workers’ compensation adjuster. It’s natural to assume they’re on your side and that they just want the facts of the accident. Sadly, this adjuster is actually looking for opportunities to defend against your claim. If they have their own way, you won’t get paid a cent.

With this in mind, we urge you not to sign any documents without first speaking to The Injury Firm. As mentioned previously, slip and fall lawyers know what you should and shouldn’t be doing after a personal injury and this advice is invaluable.

Our experienced, passionate, and determined team will protect your rights and work towards earning the compensation you deserve after getting injured at Chili’s and being forced to miss work.

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