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I Fell in Dick’s Sporting Goods, What Can I Do?  

If you’re an avid outdoorsman, athlete, or enthusiast, you likely visit Dick’s Sporting Goods on a regular basis to replace old gear and see what new stock they have in, but what happens when one of these visits goes wrong? Dick’s Sporting Goods is a huge store with shiny floors, lots of merchandise, and some extra hazards that can cause serious injury if the staff inside are negligent.

If a place of business causes you injury through negligence, your career, financial and daily life can suffer, and state laws allow you to claim compensation from them if an accident should happen. It is Dick’s Sporting Goods responsibility to provide their customers with a safe environment, and if that standard is compromised you can seek compensation.

What Can Go Wrong at Dick’s Sporting Goods?

In stores as big and varied as Dick’s Sporting Goods, there are a huge number of possible hazards that can cause an injury. If this happens, it can likely be blamed on the store’s negligence of health and safety. Some hazards include:

  • Rain, snow, and ice getting tracked into the entryway
  • Vomit in the aisles that isn’t cleaned up
  • Clothes on the floor in dressing rooms
  • Sneakers tried on but not put away
  • Broken or damaged shelving left unrepaired
  • Employee equipment unattended
  • Broken flooring
  • Too dark to see in store or parking lot
  • Broken safety equipment
  • Unsupervised testing equipment

Common Injuries for a Slip and Fall in Dick’s Sporting Goods

The severity of a slip and fall injury can vary wildly, but if you had to take a trip to the doctor’s office or the hospital, you are likely in a position to sue Dick’s Sporting Goods. Below are some of the injuries that are likely serious enough to talk to a personal injury lawyer about claiming:

  • Concussion, broken teeth, fractured nose
  • Neck and back pain
  • Broken arms
  • Broken or sprained wrist
  • Sprained or broken ankle
  • Wrenched, twisted or fractured knee
  • Torn tendons and torn ligaments

Many of these injuries are serious and require costly short-term or long-term medical care, that can leave you unable to work. This kind of situation can put you in a devastating financial situation, as well as miss out on all the things you used to enjoy doing.

I Slipped and Fell at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Can I Sue Them?

If you were injured inside a Dick’s Sporting Goods, you can talk to a lawyer about a personal injury claim to recover the costs associated with the financial and emotional strain of your injuries.

An Example of a Dick’s Sporting Goods Injury Claim

You are looking through clothes racks and suddenly your feet get caught up and you fall, breaking your wrist. There were clothes all over the floor that an employee should have tidied away. This is the kind of injury you could blame on the store’s negligence.

A Real-Life Example of a Dick’s Sporting Goods Claim

In 2012, a Kentucky woman slipped and fell in the entryway of a Dick’s Sporting Goods. It was a rainy day, and a puddle of water had collected in the entrance. As she walked into the store, she stepped on the slick tile and fell, causing her serious bodily harm. She filed a personal injury lawsuit against Dick’s Sporting Goods seeking compensation for her injury and related expenses. She said that the store failed to maintain safety because they had done nothing to keep the entryway safe in the adverse weather.

What Kind of Personal Injury Claim May Not Succeed?

If Dick’s Sporting Goods is able to prove that they had no way of knowing about an accident prior to its happening, the claim may not succeed. For example, if you climbed upstairs and a stair broke causing you to fall down onto your knees, but Dick’s Sporting Goods could prove they were regularly checking their stairs, the judge may not rule in your favor.

What Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim Succeed?

You should remember that a large chain store such as Dick’s Sporting Goods have an in-house legal team ready to combat any personal injury claims, so it’s important you seek a personal injury lawyer to guide you.

If you sustain an injury at a Dick’s Sporting Goods, there are a few things you can do if you intend to claim:

  1. Make sure an employee writes a report of the accident.
  2. Get a copy of that report.
  3. Take pictures of the accident and hazard. Don’t allow any employees to clean away the hazard until you’ve got your photos.
  4. Make sure a doctor notes down all your injuries

If you’ve already left the scene, don’t worry. Contact a personal injury lawyer, as they can act quickly to recover the store’s video footage to legitimize your claim.  

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