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Slip and Fall Injuries: What You Need to Know if You Fall in a Hobby Lobby

When you went out to buy your arts and crafts supplies at Hobby Lobby, you probably didn’t expect to wind up on the floor, blinking up at the ceiling with some confusion about how you ended up there. Unfortunately, slips and falls do happen, and they can result in serious injuries that not just hinder how you get around, but leave you with medical bills that may be crippling to your financial situation.

Businesses that are open to the public have a duty to provide them with a safe environment, but stores are run by humans, and humans make errors. If someone drops the ball it can lead to someone getting seriously hurt – someone who was just innocently walking in to shop. If this happens to you, you don’t have to put up with the financial strain; state laws allow you to claim compensation against the business at fault.

If you or a loved one has experienced a fall because of a business’s negligence, a personal injury claim will help you recover the financial costs of the accident. This article will guide you through what to do if you or a loved one has had an accident within a Hobby Lobby store.

What Can Go Wrong inside a Hobby Lobby?

Though there are a few hazards specific to an arts and crafts store, most of the possible dangers within a Hobby Lobby are the same as in many other stores; and these dangers should be minimized if the store is following industry standards of health and safety. However, if these standards are neglected, here are some of the potential hazards you may run into:

  • Ice in the parking lot
  • Water in the entryway
  • Shelving or a display collapses in front of or near a customer and causes a trip hazard, or a trip hazard isn’t cleared away promptly
  • Faulty lighting makes it difficult for customers to see what’s on the ground ahead of them
  • The wrong cleaning product was used, too much polish, or other cleaning product that is unsafe to walk on
  • Items left unattended on the floor
  • Safety equipment that is unsafe for use

Common Slip and Fall Injuries in a Hobby Lobby

The severity of injury from a slip and fall accident in a Hobby Lobby can be minor or severe. If your injuries are severe enough to go to the hospital or take time off work, you may be able to sue them for their negligent behavior. Below are some of the injuries that can occur in a slip and fall incident:

  • Head gashes, cracked skull
  • Bloody nose
  • Herniated discs
  • Smashed or twisted elbow
  • Broken hands and arms
  • Gashes and cuts to your legs and feet
  • Broken bones in your legs
  • Torn tendons in your ankle, knee, and other areas
  • Torn ligaments in your knee or hip

Can I Sue Hobby Lobby if I Slipped and Fell?

If you slipped and fell inside a Hobby Lobby and sustained serious injuries, you can and should sue them for the negligent behavior. Your life has been put on hold and you likely have costly medical bills that they should take care of.

What is an Example of a Hobby Lobby Claim?

Imagine you are walking down the aisle at Hobby Lobby when suddenly you slip and fall into a puddle of something – you don’t know what it is, and there wasn’t any signage to tell you there was a spill. When you sit up, you see there is cleaning equipment abandoned nearby. This is the kind of situation you could blame on the store’s management – they should be following protocol, and someone has negligently left out a hazard.

What Kind of Claim Won’t Succeed?

If Hobby Lobby can prove they could not have prevented your accident, your claim may not be successful. For example, if a sudden hailstorm hits and you sprint into the store and slip on the way in, they likely couldn’t have prevented your accident.

What to Do to Help Your Claim Be Successful

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury within a Hobby Lobby store, there are a few things you can do to help your claim succeed. Firstly, make sure someone within the store makes a written report of your accident and gives you a copy. If it’s not too late, take pictures of the scene to show what happened, and make sure these pictures (or video) explicitly show the hazard that caused the accident and don’t let any employees clean it away or alter it before you get these images.

If it’s too late and you’ve already left the scene, make sure you get a personal injury attorney to help you as soon as possible. They will be able to act quickly and recover the store’s surveillance footage and help your case that way. 

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