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What You Need to Know if You Slip and Fall at McDonald's

All falls are upsetting and embarrassing, however depending on your age a fall can result in serious medical problems such as strains or broken bones. There are a variety of factors at places like McDonalds restaurants that could cause you to fall. For example, a spilled drink might make the floor slippery. Alternatively, an excited child may bump into you. This article will discuss your legal rights if you suffer an injury following a fall at McDonalds.

Employees have a duty of care to make sure that the restaurant is clean and safe. If you point out a potential safety hazard, like a spill or dropped food, the staff must clean it up to keep the area safe. If you fall because the workers failed to maintain a safe environment, you may be entitled to compensation for medical costs. For example, a woman in a McDonalds restaurant fell and received a spinal injury. She sued the restaurant and it was determined that the fall happened because of a spillage, which McDonalds should have cleaned up. Because of this, the court ruled that McDonalds was liable to pay her medical costs and give her some compensation for her lower quality of life. In this case, she won a total of $5.6 million dollars. Another famous case against McDonalds occurred when a grandmother opened the lid of her coffee cup in a stationary car, causing the hot liquid to spill over her, giving her severe burns. She sued McDonalds, because of the temperature of the coffee. Because McDonalds didn’t provide adequate reminders of the temperature of the coffee and after 700 complaints of burns they were aware of the risks and the court found that they were liable. The grandmother won a total of $2.86 million dollars. Now that we know a little more about legal responsibility, let’s look at how to make a claim like this.

If you have been injured because of a fall in a restaurant like McDonalds, then you may be entitled to compensation. This type of claim is called a personal injury claim. In this form of claim your lawyer will be arguing that your fall occurred because the establishment failed to maintain a safe environment. To have the best chance of winning your case and getting compensation, you should employ a law firm that specialises in personal injury claims. This is because this area of law can be complex, having a lawyer who is an expert in this type of claim will be needed to guide you through the various legal issues that arise. Additionally, many of these law firms offer “No win, no fee” services to make them more affordable.

This article has examined your legal rights if you should suffer an injury because of a restaurant like McDonalds. We looked at some famous cases where people were compensated for their injuries. Then, we examined why hiring a law firm specialising in personal injury claims. Hopefully, you now know your legal rights if you suffer an injury.

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