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What You Should Know about Slip and Fall Accidents

Before you hire a Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer, you should know everything you can about slip and fall accidents so that you know what your rights are. A Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer is the first call that you should make, as they can let you know what your next steps should be to get the best results for your claim. You have a lot of options of lawyers in the Fort Lauderdale area, so you want to be sure that you have a slip and fall lawyer that can fight for your best interest.

Here are some important things to know about slip and fall accidents:

  • A majority of the slip and fall accidents that people fall victim to in Fort Lauderdale occur at shopping centers, supermarkets, grocery stores, department stores, night clubs, malls, gas stations, and convenience stores.
  • Typically these slips and falls in the Fort Lauderdale area are caused by liquids on the floor. At supermarkets, these slips can occur because of their products spilled out. Gas stations can be hazardous due to the gas on the ground that hasn’t been degreased. You could slip and fall at a bar because of drinks that have been spilled but not cleaned up right away. Nightclubs pose a hazard because of improperly marked steps, lack of handrails, and poor lighting.
  • Slips and falls in grocery stores can be caused by fruits that fell off of a cart or the shelves.
  • These types of accidents can occur in places that you may recognize as wet but may be more slippery than you expected. An attorney can bring in a professional to see if this was due to the company’s negligence.
  • Slipping and falling is a very embarrassing experience for the victim. It’s very common for people to think these types of accidents are their fault. They often leave the site of the accident for this very reason. Then, they have to go back later after they found out that they are more seriously hurt than they thought they were, but it could be too late to get proper compensation.
  • You cannot rely on store cameras. One reason why is because the store will purposely delete the footage to destroy evidence. Sometimes it’s because there are no cameras where the accident took place. Slip and fall lawyers can help you get footage if there is still footage to obtain.
  • Sometimes store employees will leave people on the floor without helping them. This could be because they are taking an “ignorance is bliss” approach, hoping that by ignoring you that the problem will go away.
  • People often hurt their backs due to the way they fell. Some of these injuries include herniated disks, sciatic nerve issues, bulging disks, and annual tears.
  • Other fall injuries can include torn rotator cuffs, torn biceps, and other arm injuries.
  • Just falling on another person’s property doesn’t entitle you to compensation. An experienced slip and fall lawyer can let you know whether or not someone else is liable for your injury as well as what your next steps are going to be.

The slip and fall lawyers at The Injury Firm can walk you through this process from the beginning to the end to get you the best results possible.

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