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What You Should Do After a Supermarket Injury Accident

After your slip and fall accident, you probably have a lot of things going through your mind. One of those many things likely includes what you should do next. Any experienced Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer will advise you to follow these steps after your injury. Personal injury lawyers handle many of these cases, so they have plenty of advice to share with you about your accident.

The story is generally the same for everyone. You go running errands at your favorite supermarket, whether it is Publix, Whole Foods, or Walmart. Your favorite supermarket tends to be the one that is closest to where you live. Whatever reason you are at the supermarket, for your usual shopping day or you need to pick up an item quickly, your typical trip turns into something not-so-typical. You slip on some liquid on the floor. Or you tripped over a mat that was broken. Maybe you even tripped due to the parking lot being in disrepair. What do you do now? These are the steps that you should follow should an accident happen.

  1. Ask for the Manager

If you are too injured to stand up after your injury, be sure that you have someone get the manager right away. When the manager does come out to see you, you should be sure to remember everything that the manager does, as this can be important to your case. This can also preserve the scene as the manager will see exactly what caused the accident.

  1. Have an Accident or Incident Report Made

You need to ask if the manager is going to make a report about the incident. You can’t make the manager do it, but you can at least ask to get them to. They will make a thorough report, writing down everything that you say, so keep that in mind when you are talking to the manager. Never use words like “I’m sorry” or take responsibility for the accident, as this will hurt your case against them. Be sure to get a copy of the report, though they may not give you a copy.

  1. Request Medical Assistance

If you end up injured, have the staff call 911. Even if you don’t think you are injured too badly, call anyways. If you are offered medical help and you refuse, this can be used against you in the future since the manager will write this in their report. Plus, if you end up at the ER this will help strengthen your evidence.

  1. Witnesses

When you go against a big company like a supermarket chain, they will have the resources to fight against your claim. Having witnesses that can testify on your behalf can be very helpful to you should you go to court. Independent witnesses, meaning that witnesses who don’t know you, are the best type of witnesses to have.

  1. Make Use of Your Smartphone

Use your phone to take images of where you got hurt as well as the injuries you sustained. Take a video of the area. These are all excellent things to have as part of your evidence for your claim.

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