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Auto Accident Personal Injury Litigation Attorney Fort Lauderdale

As a personal injury attorney in South Florida that helps those injured in automobile accidents, there is obviously one aspect to the case that my customers often don't understand. In Florida, car accident lawyers should have an abundance of knowledge related to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) while laws pertaining to auto insurance plans vary from state to state.

PIP coverage provides up to $10,000 of coverage to those injured in car accidents. For anyone living in Florida, it is not extremely easy to hear the radio or watch television without hearing an advertisement ensuring $10,000 if you're injured in a car accident. Unfortunately, many Floridians don't understand that the whole narrative isn't being told and take this type of ad at its word.

Senior couple shocked at their auto accident medical billsWhat Florida auto motorists neglect to recognize is that these attorney ads seldom educate the prospective clients that the $10,000 PIP benefits commonly only apply to medical expenses, lost wages, and other limited reimbursable expenses. Thus, in case you are injured, you're not entitled to $10,000 in your pocket.

If you are injured in an auto crash, seek counsel from a South Florida attorney whose ultimate goal is to optimize the absolute settlement for the client. Nonetheless, those injured in car accidents infrequently understand PIP law and the way it influences their personal injury settlement. In reality, most lawyers do not even bother to understand current PIP law because of its continuous change. And when it comes to a physical injury settlement, insurance companies consider the $10,000 PIP "setoff."

In essence, if a car accident claim is valued with a Florida lawyer to be worth $15,000, then it must be made clear to the customer that the whole bodily harm resolution will not be $15,000. Following the $10,000 "set-off" if employed, the absolute bodily injury settlement that the client sees at the end of a case is a mere $5,000. In reality, the resolution might be considered as a $15,000 settlement assuming that the incurred customer medical treatments invoice up to $10,000.

The key is education. A client injured in a vehicle wreck has to be adequately instructed in this matter, so as to prevent disbelief and venom directed back from the client. Ultimately, regardless as to the entire physical injury settlement reached in Florida, it's imperative the client understands that $10,000 must be added to the accurate value of the claim.

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