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Car accidents can cause serious injuries. The injury a person sustains in an accident is related directly to the speed of the collision and the part of the vehicle that was hit. Some of the common accident injuries are listed below:

Brain injury

The cause of most brain injuries is when the head of the driver hits the ceiling of the car or the steering wheel. Even when the visible signs of an injury are not there, extra medical attention is needed for some time. Consider contacting a car accident attorney immediately after sustaining a brain injury. Contacting an attorney immediately after an accident will facilitate documenting the accident. If it is difficult to determine which driver was at fault, the car accident attorney might recommend a negotiation.


Car accidents may cause amputation of hands or legs. If a car crashes into a pedestrian, then it is imperative that they seek a compensation claim. Amputation lawsuits are difficult to analyze and require the services of a skilled auto accident lawyer who has prior experience.


Most cars come equipped with at least one air bag. When an accident occurs the air bag inflates immediately after an explosion has taken place inside the bag. As a result, many people sustain burn marks when the air bag inflates. Auto accident lawyers would recommend filing a case if the burn marks were due to faulty seats or low-quality material used in the air bags.

Spinal cord injury

The damages that the person suffers as a result of the accident can be life altering. One of the most serious injuries after brain injury is a spinal cord injury. Due to the vital function of the spinal cord in the body, the compensation plan has to be made accurately to include all the difficulties that victim faces due to the accident.

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