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Slip and Fall Personal Injury at Ace Hardware

ace hardware store exteriorWhen you have fallen and had an injury at a store, you could potentially be entitled to compensation for your injury. This compensation includes covering your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. These cases are “Slip and Fall” claims, where you have sustained an injury due to an accidental fall. If you have been a victim of a slip and fall accident, contacting a lawyer that specializes in personal injury right away can help you determine if you have an actual claim for your case.

Ace Hardware is a popular hardware store chain in the United States, that specializes in construction and other building materials, as well as their home and garden departments. These stores are operated under what is known as a “retailer cooperative”, which means there are groups of stores that are independently owned and operated. How this works is that they will pool together their resources in order to be able to stock and promote their stores. What this also means is that every store can be different depending on the location, though there are some similarities depending on the area.

A problem with this type of store, in particular, is that there are a lot of things that can fall on the floor, creating hazards for employees and customers. Things that can fall on the floor include nails, lug nuts, or other tools that can pose potential hazards for anyone at the store. Then, there could be things that spill on the floor creating hazards such as solvents and solutions. These things can include paint, grease, or any other similar items. All of these things may cause a slip and fall accident. What is even more problematic is that the floors are concrete or some other very hard surface. This can lead to even more serious personal injuries.

What happens if you suffered a slip and fall injury in an Ace Hardware store? Anytime you are injured in any store, you should be sure that the store documents the incident right away. Be sure that you and any other witnesses that can take pictures of the hazard that caused the accident, as well as the injury and how the employee handled the situation. It is crucial that you seek out medical attention for the injury right away. If you refuse medical treatment, this can be used against you as proof that you weren’t injured as badly as you said you were. By seeking medical treatment right away, you are getting the care you need as well as documenting your injuries for your claim. Keep all of these documentations of your accident together so that you can easily access them for your personal injury lawyer. Getting proper documentation can be especially important when filing claims with big businesses.

After you have documented everything and received medical treatment, your next step should be to contact a personal injury lawyer. You can get a free consultation that will help you to determine if you even have a slip and fall personal injury claim. If you do, it’s best to get a team of experienced law professionals on your side as soon as possible to start your claim. Your chances of success in getting the money that you are entitled to are significantly increased the sooner you file your claim. Finding someone with a lot of experience with these types of cases is essential, particularly if you end up at trial for your claim. You want someone who has the knowledge and experience to take on Ace Hardware to get you the compensation that you are owed.

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