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Old Navy Slip and Fall Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

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Slip and Fall injuries are the most common causes of injuries in the workplace and number 1 in accident statistics. This creates an enormous deficit in the economy but also in the pocket of the injured person. It is particularly unfortunate when one considers that many of the slip and fall injuries could have been prevented. Even though an accident report can help to avoid accidents and injuries on similar sites in the future, there is much that can be done to avoid personal injuries:

  • Keep your eyes on where you are going
  • Regular inspections of the workrooms
  • Reports of employees
  • Labeling if there is a source of danger

However, accidents do happen, and, in this case, you want to know how you can claim compensation for your loss of income while you recover from a slip and fall injury.

What is a Slip and Fall lawyer

Most people who ever had to make an insurance claim will know that things are not always clear cut. The perception of the injured person can be different from the view of the insurer. To get what you are entitled to can be a long and frustrating journey. In such cases, the Old Navy Slip and Fall Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can step in to work on your behalf. Slip and fall injuries are a premises liability claim, which falls under the umbrella of a personal injury claim. With other words, if you have a slip and fall accident, the owner of the premises, where the accident happened is liable for the incident. You, on the other hand, might be entitled to monetary compensation. The Slip and Fall Lawyer will argue on your behalf so that you receive your full entitlement. He is your go-to person who specializes in this kind of accidents.

What do you need to do immediately after a slip and fall accident?

Making a claim for the injury you have sustained follows a well laid out process. It is not enough to state; I broke my arm, was concussed and suffered a financial loss of an x-amount of dollars. The insurer will need details, ask for proof you might not even think of. Therefore, you must write down, what happened; how it happened. Make an accident report and keep all invoices that occur in connection to the accident.

When you then hire the Old Navy Slip and Fall Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, you will need this information, so that the lawyer can build the case and to prove liability.

The defendant will try one or the other method to stave off any liability:

They may claim that they were not negligent, or they may argue that the fault of the injury is with the person that fell.

Even though everyone can have a slip and fall accident, statistically it is the young and elderly who suffer most. Taking legal action does not happen automatically through the hospital. It is up to the injured person or their legal guardian to hire an attorney. 

Action to take in a glance

  • Seek treatment immediately
  • Report the accident
  • Document everything, take a photo if possible
  • Collect as much as possible evidence
  • Decline to give statements
  • Call your Old Navy Slip and Fall Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale

Some of the most common avenues for an accident

  • Slipping on a wet floor
  • Falling over merchandise or store equipment left in a walkway
  • Snow and ice on a storefront sidewalk or in a parking lot,
  • Slipping on a loose rug, an exposed nail in the floor
  • Tripping over cables in the walkway
  • Tripping and falling down steps

Most common injuries occurring after a slip and fall accident

  • Sprained ankles or wrists
  • Broken bones
  • Shoulder dislocations or muscle strains
  • Knee damage
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spine and nerve damage
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Broken Bones


Accidents do happen, but not everybody has a law degree! Whenever you have a slip and fall accident and subsequently suffer injuries, you might be entitled to a momentary compensation. This compensation will cover your medical expenses as well as any loss of income.

If that happens to you, you must hire a personal injury lawyer, who specializes in those claims. The chances are that the person or organization liable for the accident will not pay up straight away. Going through the courts on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating. An Old Navy Slip and Fall Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can offer the help you might be looking for!  Call us today: 954-951-0000!

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