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Slip and Fall At Trader Joe's While Shopping

Every now and then when you go shopping, you tend to come across sections of a store that are not very safe for customers. In many cases, people have been known to actually slip and fall in the aisles of department stores. While these falls may sometimes just be shaken off, many times, they tend to get quite serious and can lead to all sorts of complications. From broken bones to concussions, damages to the neck and even the back. The possibilities of damages from a slip and fall are numerous.

The injuries that result from a slip and fall can be very serious and as a result, can be quite costly to treat. That is not all, they can also result in having to take time off work in order to heal from these injuries and that would invariably mean missing out on paychecks. All of these costs and loses can cause cumulative stress and make it even harder to completely heal from slip and fall injuries.

Every grocery store, apart from tending to their customers’ needs and stocking up on products that customers need, has an obligation to make the shopping environment safe for their customers. This is especially in regards to supermarkets such as Trader Joe's.

Over the years, Trader Joe's have come to be a name that is sung all across the country when it comes to supermarkets. They have over 450 stores spread across the states and are still expanding; it is clear that as a household supermarket name, they are exceptional.

With stores like Trader Joe's, however, because of how large they are and the fact that they have so many departments, it is easy to find hazards lurking at almost every corner; some of these hazards would include:

  • Spills that don’t get cleaned up in time or properly
  • Leaks from products on the shelves or in packs, refrigerators, and freezers
  • Food debris that falls in the produce section
  • Promo adverts and displays that block aisles

These hazards should be a cause for concern because more often than not, they lead to cases of slip and fall injury in the store.

If you or someone you know should slip and fall at Trader Joe's grocery store, the first thing that you need to do is seek medical attention. You need to first be sure of the extent of damage you have received. The next thing to do would be to avoid signing anything from any of the staff and management of Trader Joe's, this would include their lawyer and their insurance company.

You would also immediately need to get an attorney to help you file a claim against the store. This is where The Injury Firm comes in.

The Injury Firm is a personal injury law firm that specializes in handling personal injury cases and one of our core specialties, is slip and fall injury cases. We know and understand how stores like Trader Joe's operate in situations like these and we have highly qualified and well-experienced attorneys who are ready and on hand to take up your case and help you get the compensation that you deserve from Trader Joe's.

Our expert personal injury lawyers are very familiar with slip and fall injury cases with Trader Joe's and that familiarity and experience are what you need for your case. As your personal injury lawyer, it is up to us to fight for you and prove that Trader Joe's needs to provide you the compensation you deserve.

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