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What You Need to Know If You Suffer a Slip and Fall Accident at Costco

Costco has earned its reputation as a giant warehouse club that offers great discounts and savings to its valued members.

A favorite place for many to shop, unfortunately large stores like Costco can also be places where slip, trip, and fall accidents are potentially bound to happen.  That said, it’s important to learn what steps to take immediately and how slip and fall accidents at a Costco store should be handled properly. Hiring a personal injury attorney can be crucial in building a solid legal case to secure the right compensation you are entitled to following the incident.

Accidents that Could Potentially Lead to Personal Injuries at a Costco Store

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anybody and anywhere, including at a Costco store for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the possible scenarios which could lead into slip and fall accidents at Costco.

  • Tripping over fallen items or unpacked merchandises lying on the aisles.
  • Slipping on water or other industrial liquids where mitigation and prompt action can be extra challenging given how huge and spacious a Costco store is.
  • Slippery floors brought about by large numbers of customers going in and out of the store when it’s raining or snowing outside.
  • A store staff forgetting to place a warning sign to recently washed or mopped floor that still needs to dry.

What You Must Do After a Slip and Fall Accident While Shopping at Costco

The steps you take immediately after an unfortunate slip and fall accident is crucial towards getting the compensation you deserve.

Following an accident you should immediately inform the right Costco store personnel. Ask for a written report from the personnel prior to leaving the store. Should the accident become serious enough to require a paramedic’s attention, ensure that you get your own copy of the accident report as soon as possible.

Seek medical treatment and make sure the injuries and treatment you receive are all properly documented. The medical records are important details you will need should you decide to take legal action to get the payment you deserve. Apart from gathering important pieces of evidences related to the injury, start maintaining a record of your lost earnings or salaries because of the injuries you have sustained from the accident.

Filing a Slip and Fall Personal Injury Accident Claim

If you suffer from a slip and fall accident at Costco, it’s important that you file an accident claim. Falling within any store premises, or Costco for this matter, entitles you to appropriate compensations for your medical bills, time off from work to recuperate from the injuries, and even for the pain and the suffering you have to endure following the accident. The report you file should contain the necessary details including:

  • The circumstances that contributed to the accident
  • The important events prior to the accident, the location, exact time and date, and the way you fell or slipped
  • Photographs of your injuries
  • Include statements from witnesses during the accident and other relevant details

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Be of Help

Slip and fall accidents can not only lead into serious injuries, but they can also result in financial damages. Filing an accident claim is crucial to seek the compensation you are entitled to, especially when the store is at fault.

Where filing a claim can be exhausting when you do it by yourself, working with a personal attorney injury can help make things easier for you. You can benefit from their skills and experience in handling the matter appropriately to increase your chances for getting a successful claim. They can help you handle the complex paperwork, avoid any runarounds from Costco management, and get the fair settlement you deserve.

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