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Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

When booking a cruise ship vacation, it’s hard to imagine anything other than a relaxing time in the sun. No alarms, no work, and no stress. Sadly, this isn’t always the case and those who have 

When booking a cruise ship vacation, it’s hard to imagine anything other than a relaxing time in the sun. No alarms, no work, and no stress. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, and those who have suffered a cruise ship accident would tell you that not everything goes to plan.

If you’ve been injured while on a cruise ship, we urge you to contact The Injury Firm as soon as possible. Compared to other areas of law, you could have less time to contact the cruise industry (the cruise ship operators) and claim against the crew members of the company. It’s best to get legal help quickly to protect your legal rights, gather evidence, and launch a case.

Types of Cruise Ship Accidents

Whenever an accident occurs on a cruise ship, maritime law is active - these are essentially the set of conventions and rules that protect workers and cruise passengers on not only cruise ships but also other vessels. Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert on maritime law because we have extensive experienced cruise ship accident lawyers at The Injury Firm.

What types of accidents occur on these vessels?

Slip and Fall Incidents - Firstly, slip and fall accidents can happen on cruise ships just as they occur in restaurants and other business premises on land. Of course, the risk is even higher, given that you’re in a wet environment. While most cruise ship operators take measures to prevent slip and fall accidents, they can still be found negligent if they don’t provide the right duty of care to passengers.

As well as water on the cruise ship, this could include spilled food and drink in an eatery. If somebody spills a drink, staff should be on the ball and spot the hazard quickly. The longer the hazard is left, the more likely this will count as negligence in a court of law.

Passenger Accidents - As a general term, this covers all sorts of accidents, from falling in the cabin to suffering an injury in an elevator. Alternatively, it could be tripping over objects or getting injured from a feature that has been maintained poorly.

Vessel Malfunction - While cruise ships are equipped to deal with most emergencies, it might be that the operator doesn’t have the ability to overcome particular situations. Suddenly, passengers are stranded at sea or injured in some way.

Robbery and Other Crime - Sadly, the size of cruise lines also makes them a hotbed for crime. This could include assault, battery, and even robbery. What happens if you return to your room after a joyous evening to find that your valuables are missing? If the company is responsible or was negligent, you could be entitled to compensation.

Even after this, we’ve seen cases of accidental drownings, overboard incidents, and cruise ship disappearances. If you’ve been injured through any of these examples, contact a cruise ship injury lawyer today. In our opinion, it’s always better to have a team familiar with maritime law - The Injury Firm has training and experience to support you. Whether the vessel collided with a rock or there was a virus outbreak, contact our determined team for help.


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Dealing with a Cruise Ship Accident

Just like a car accident, you should always prioritize your health. Therefore, get medical attention after a cruise ship accident. As well as helping your condition, this will also start a paper trail of the accident. If you don’t seek medical attention at the time, the defendant will question the severity of your cruise ship injury later.

Fortunately, cruise ships are normally prepared for all types of cruise ship injuries due to the nature of the vessel. With thousands of passengers and no quick route to a medical facility, cruise ship operators place trained employees on board.

After getting medical treatment, report the accident officially and hand it over to your cruise ship lawyer. If the incident involves criminal activity, the company will need to report the incident to the FBI. From here, it’s all about making the case as strong as possible right at the start. For example, this includes photographing the scene, videoing the scene, speaking to witnesses, gathering their contact details, and gathering evidence - this could include ripped clothing after an attack, for example.

Since it could be some time before you reach port, take pictures of your injuries aboard cruise ships, and start contacting a cruise ship accident lawyer. The Injury Firm will take all the pressure from you and handle the case on your behalf while you concentrate on recovering from the cruise ship injuries.

While some accidents are minor, like a fall, others are major, like cruise ship disappearances or even pirate attacks. Either way, they can cause damage to your life and finances.

Compensation and Filing Cruise Ship Accident Claims

Can you seek compensation? If you were sexually assaulted or attacked by another cruise passenger, you won’t typically sue the cruise ship operator (unless it was negligent in its safety practices) in the cruise ship industry. Yet, you will if the incident arose because of the negligence of the company. From Royal Caribbean to Disney major Cruise Lines to Carnival, cruise ship companies are accountable when negligence, inattention, poor training, or similar causes were to blame for the accident.

After contacting the cruise ship accident lawyer, The Injury Firm will build a case and negotiate with the insurance company. If the insurance provider doesn’t offer a fair settlement, we’ll take the case to court and attempt to recover your compensation there. Depending on the accident, this could include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and more.

Working on a contingency basis, we’ll take our fees from the winnings rather than charging anything before or during the process. What does this mean? You can recover without the pressure of even more bills landing on the welcome mat.

Since there are so many variables with cruise ship accidents, we highly recommend reaching out to our cruise ship injury lawsuits (cruise ship accident lawyers) as soon as possible. We can advise the type of case, the type of defendant, and how to protect your legal rights. Since wrong actions can potentially reduce your compensation, you must follow the right steps from the beginning. Contact The Injury Firm now!

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