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Cruise Ship Passenger Accidents and Injuries

One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world is a cruise ship. Each year thousands of people embark on a cruise, sailing the oceans and having a unique experience. While most passengers thoroughly enjoy this experience, While most passengers thoroughly enjoy this experience, there is a chance that you will have an accident, resulting in injury. If this is the case, you have legal rights that you can use to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Why Do These Accidents Occur?

There are multiple reasons why you might have an accident on a cruise ship. For example, you might lose your footing during rough seas. Alternatively, you might slip on a wet floor or trip over an uneven staircase. You might also be at risk when you enter and exit the ship on a gangway.

A gangway is a narrow ramp that people use to get on and off the cruise ship. These can often be associated with accidents. This is because they aren’t permanently attached to the boat. This can make them a potential safety hazard if they aren’t stored, maintained, and operated properly. For example, if the crowds aren’t controlled correctly, multiple people can come onto the narrow gangway at the same time. This can greatly increase the chances that these injuries will occur. If you do get injured, your personal injury lawyer will need to figure out if the cruise company can be held liable.

Is The Cruise Company Liable?

One of the first things that your lawyer needs to determine is whether the cruise company can be held liable. There is a range of ways that your lawyer can do this. For example, they can show that they breached their duty to you. This means that they provided an environment that wasn’t safe. In addition, they have an obligation to make sure that the vessel is kept running properly. This means ensuring that all the equipment is stored properly and is in good working condition. Often, whether the cruise ship can be held liable will depend on the unique circumstances of your case. This is why this area of law is so complex, as your lawyer needs to consider all the circumstances when deciding who is liable. For example, your behavior could have an impact. If you are found to have ignored warnings or deliberately put yourself in danger, you might not be able to have a claim for negligence. For this reason, you should make sure to hire a skilled lawyer to analyze the details for you. They will then be able to provide you with the best possible legal advice. If they decide that you have a claim, there are multiple things that you can get compensated for.

What Damages Can You Claim?

If you’ve been hurt on a cruise ship, you might be entitled to damages. In this case, there are several things that you can claim for. Obviously, you can claim for any medical damages that you received. To make sure that you can prove these claims, you should keep any doctor's bills that you get. This includes any prescription medicine that you need to buy. By getting these records, you will be able to show the severity of your injuries and how much it cost you to get them treated. To strengthen your claim as much as possible, you should take pictures of your injuries and the accident site. There is also a range of other types of damages that you can get compensated for.

First, sometimes you might not be able to return to your job because of an injury. For example, you might need to give the bones time to heal. In this case, you might be able to get compensated for any lost wages. In addition, some injuries will leave you disabled or disfigured. In this case, you can add the loss of earning potential and disfigurement to your suit. Finally, you might be able to get compensated for emotional distress, pain and suffering, and psychological harm. Though these can be difficult to judge, your lawyer will be able to use various techniques to try to understand how much you are entitled to. Once they’ve decided how much you deserve, your lawyer will be able to help put your case together, making it as strong as possible. However, when doing this, there are several techniques that the cruise companies might use to avoid paying you compensation. Let’s look at some of these potential tactics.

Difficulties In Claiming Damages

The most important thing to consider when putting together your case is which personal injury lawyer you will choose. You should always make sure to choose the most experienced legal team, so you have the best chance of winning your case. This is especially important when cruise companies use techniques to limit the amount they need to pay. For example, they might make you sign waivers when you board the ship. This limits the time that you have to bring a case. To ensure that you beat this deadline, you need to talk your lawyer as quickly after the accident as possible. The cruise company might also try to control the courts where the case will be heard. This will increase the chances that the ruling will be in their favor. Thankfully, an experienced lawyer will be able to ensure that you receive a fair trial by presenting the strongest possible case.


A cruise is a great holiday idea, allowing you to get a luxury travel experience. However, there are multiple situations that might cause you to experience an accident or injury. When these moments occur, it can be difficult to know what your legal rights are and whether you will be able to get compensation. To help you answer this question, we looked at how a lawyer will determine liability and what kind of damages you might expect to receive in this case. So, if you or someone you know has been injured on a cruise ship, talk to the experienced team at The Injury Firm, so they can get you the compensation you deserve.

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