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Cruise Ship Tender Boat Accidents

Going on a cruise should be a chance to relax with your friends and family. However, for some people, this can turn into a nightmare. This is especially true if you were injured in a tender boat accident. Tender boats are smaller vessels which the crew uses to get important equipment to and from the boat quickly. They might also be used in emergency situations. For example, if a guest has a serious accident on the boat, they might use the tender to get that passenger to the shore, where they can get treatment. If you have a tender boat accident, you might have a strong claim against the cruise ship company. This will ensure that you can get compensation for your injuries. Let’s look at how this process works.

What Are Some Common Types Of Tender Boat Accidents?

There are multiple ways that you might get injured from a tender boat. For example, you might be using a tender to get to land and slip, falling into the water. Depending on how you land, you might be trapped between the tender boat and the cruise ship, causing serious damage to your leg. Another common situation is where these vessels aren’t stored correctly. In this situation, they can come loose during rough weather, falling on top of guests. This can do a lot of damage, depending on how the boat lands. For example, you might suffer a broken arm or a broken leg. Though the type of injuries varies, often the size and weight of the tender boat, mean that you are exposed to a high-risk when you get struck by one. Because of these serious injuries, you will be entitled to a large amount of compensation when you sue the cruise ship company. However, there are several things that your personal injury lawyer needs to show to make sure that you have a strong case. Let’s look at some of these essential elements.

Proving Who Is Responsible

When preparing your case, one of the most difficult things that your lawyers will need to establish is who is at fault. This can often be very difficult to prove. First, they will need to prove that you weren’t liable for any issues that occurred with the tender. For example, if you loosened the rigging and the ship came free, you might be held liable. In this circumstance, the cruise company would argue that your actions contributed to the accident. Once your lawyer has shown that you aren’t liable, they will need to figure out the appropriate company to take action against. For many cruise ships, this can be highly complex.

While cruise ships might have sold you the ticket and caused you to get into the situation, they might not own the tender. These are often owned and operated by smaller, local companies. This ensures that the cruise ship doesn’t need to pay for that expensive equipment. However, it creates a huge legal problem that your lawyer will need to solve. They will need to show that the cruise ship is responsible for the accident. One way that they can do this is to show that the cruise company acted negligently. For example, the cruise company might not have secured the tender properly. If it then falls on you, causing you to become injured, the cruise line will be held liable.  Until your lawyer can prove this, you won’t be able to seek compensation from the cruise company. In addition, cruise companies often put a lot of fine print on the tickets and make you sign waivers when you board the boat. This is designed to limit their liability. For this reason, suing a cruise line can often be a highly difficult task. Thankfully, our Fort Lauderdale personal injury firm has experienced maritime lawyers who can guide you through this difficult process.

What Kind Of Damages Can You Receive?

After a cruise ship tender boat injury, you will often require a lot of medical care before your injuries can heal. In some cases, this might require multiple surgeries and taking a lot of medication. These medical bills can often get very expensive. Thankfully, you will be able to get compensated for these bills as part of your claim. To do this, your lawyer will need to prove that they were caused by the accident. In some cases, this is very simple. For example, if you broke your leg when it got crushed by the tender. If the accident hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t have had those injuries. However, in some cases, it can be more difficult. For example, if you had a bad back before the accident, and needed to get back surgery afterward. In this case, your lawyer might rely on expert testimony from your doctor to show that the cruise ship tender boat injury caused you to require the surgery.

In addition, your lawyer might be able to get you compensation for a range of other things. For example, if the cruise ship’s conduct aggravated your suffering. You can also get paid for loss of earnings if you were unable to go to work. As you discuss your case, your experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury firm lawyer will go through all the ways that you can get compensated. Then they will determine a final sum to request from the cruise company.


Cruising can be a great chance to enjoy your holiday with your friends and family. However, in some cases, it might be the reason why you receive a serious injury. If you are involved in a cruise ship tender boat injury, it can have a serious impact on your life. Thankfully, you are entitled to seek compensation, ensuring that you will be able to pay for important expenses, like medical bills. We discussed some of the difficulties you might face when suing a cruise line. Thankfully, you can overcome these with an experienced lawyer from our Fort Lauderdale personal injury firm. So, contact The Injury Firm today, and learn how we can help you win your case. 

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