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Slip and Fall at Dave & Buster’s

dave and busters outdoor signWith over 83 locations around North America, Dave & Buster’s is one of the more recognizable names in the restaurant business. With its unique combination of a full-service restaurant and video arcade games, Dave & Buster’s is a place that families love to go when eating out.

But as with any restaurant, especially a large franchise such as Dave & Buster’s which has over 8,000 employees, a slip and fall accident may occur due to negligence. This is when you need a personal injury lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected and that you get what you deserve in case negligence has occurred.

How a Slip and Fall Accident Happens at Dave & Buster’s

All establishments, including restaurants such as Dave & Buster’s, must abide by local and state laws when it comes to protecting its customers. When customers are on the property, every business is responsible for making their establishment safe in terms of avoiding situations that may cause a slip and fall accident to occur.

  • Cleaning up spills quickly
  • Putting out warning signs of areas that are being cleaned
  • Informing customers of any issues that might put them in danger

While no business is responsible for every slip and fall incident, they are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their property. This means when a spill occurs, they act as soon as they are informed of the incident. If an area is being cleaned, they must put up signs to warn customers of possible wet floors to avoid accidents.

And if there is an issue on the property that might cause an accident, such as physical damage to the floor or walls that might cause you to lose balance, for example, that area must have warning signs and be protected in some manner. The failure to do so means that establishments such as Dave & Buster’s may be responsible for an accident that happens to you.

Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

It is true that the vast majority of accidents, slips, falls, and the like do not cause any injury. In fact, it is often the surprise and unexpected nature of the accident that stands out until the realization that no actual injury has happened. But even though a small fraction of slip and fall accidents result in injury, they can be serious enough to warrant medical attention. The most common are the following;

  • Ankle sprains and fractures
  • Wrist sprains and fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts, abrasions, and bruising

If you suffer any physical injury due to an accident that occurs at Dave & Buster’s or another establishment, you may be due compensation. It will depend on a number of factors, but it is important to understand the circumstances in which the accident occurred and to treat the injury accordingly.

What to Do in Case of Negligence

Most slip and fall accidents do not cause an injury. And it is true that many are not the fault of the restaurant or business. But having said that, there are injuries that are not fully understood at the time in which they happen. This means that what seems to be a minor bruise may turn into a major problem unless treated quickly.

Plus, what may seem to be nobody’s fault may actually be the responsibility of the establishment such as Dave & Buster’s. This is why a personal injury lawyer should be consulted if you have been the victim of a slip and fall incident.

Get Checked Out: The first thing you should do is get any injury received from an accident at the restaurant checked out by your physician. A painful bruise may just be a bruise, but there is the chance that it may be a sign of something more serious. It is better to be safe than sorry when suffering an injury, even a minor one after having an accident.

Do Not Sign Anything: In other words, if Dave & Buster’s or whatever establishment tries to get you to sign an agreement of any type, do not do so. It is in the company’s interest and especially their insurance company to have you make an agreement right away. This may deny you the ability to receive the money necessary to treat your injuries and act as due compensation for what has happened.

Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer: Once you have been checked by your physician, getting a free consultation with a personal injury attorney is the next step. Describe the incident in detail and you will receive options as to what might be done on your behalf. Remember that not every accident is the fault of the establishment, but it is true that negligence often plays a strong role in the many injury-causing accidents that happen each year.

Should You Go to Court?

It will depend on the circumstances of how the injury was caused. Your personal injury lawyer will inform you of all the options available. Remember that hiring a personal injury attorney in the case of a slip and fall accident not only benefits you, it also highlights a business that may be guilty of negligence. This means that you are not only getting due compensation but that the business itself may have to change its policies to prevent such accidents from happening in the future.

You will also have the best chance to get the full compensation that is due for the injuries you have suffered, the time you may have missed from work, and other financial impacts that suffering an injury that is the fault of the business may have on your life.

If you have suffered from a slip and fall accident at Dave & Buster’s or any other type of injury at a business or establishment, you should seek the guidance of a personal injury lawyer. They have the knowledge, expertise, and skill to provide proper guidance. From informing you of the options available to protect your rights under the law, a personal injury attorney is here to help you.

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