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Electric Scooter Personal Injury Lawyer in Boston

electric scooter parked on sidewalk downtown

When two vehicles collide, both drivers have a wall of metal between themselves and the other vehicle. With most of the electric scooter accidents we see, there’s an increased risk of serious personal injury since there’s a lack of protection. Whether it’s a pedestrian, the rider themselves, or somebody innocently sitting outside a cafe, the body has to absorb the shock rather than the vehicle. Sadly, this is leading to an increase in injuries right across the US.

In Boston, for example, motorized scooters were once reserved for the summer months, but this no longer seems to be the case. Just recently, both Lime and Bird received approval to rent 200 e-scooters in Brookline. Lasting throughout spring and summer, this will increase the number of scooters on the road and boost the potential for injury too.

While they can be great for getting around town and moving to/from work with no emissions, they also have the potential to cause incidents. If you’ve been involved in an e-scooter accident, you need professional help to recuperate funds for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and more on your behalf.

In this fairly new field, we believe that experience is everything and this is why we’ve been training, learning, and preparing as much as we can. Now, at The Injury Firm, we’ve handled several electric scooter cases and feel confident we can meet your meets. If you choose us as your personal injury lawyer, the first step will be identifying the vehicle.

Electric Scooters and Similar Vehicles

In Massachusetts law, there are actually four different vehicles with either two or three wheels and this can make things confusing when chasing compensation. However, it’s important to identify the vehicle because of the laws guarding each vary. For example, some are required to be ridden on the road while others are slow and unobtrusive enough for the sidewalk.

  • Moped - Limited to 30mph and with no more than 50cc, mopeds are allowed on the road, but they must never go on expressways or limited-access state highways. Riders must be 16, they can be parked on the sidewalk, and the moped itself needs to be registered and inspected. Unless a limited use vehicle, insurance won’t be necessary.
  • Low-Speed Vehicles - Similar to golf carts, these four-wheeled vehicles are limited to 25mph and are normally found in retirement and planned communities. According to law, they can only go on 30mph roads which means they’re restricted to local streets. Although they require stop lamps, mirrors, reflectors, a parking brake, and some other functions, they don’t need to meet the federal safety standard required for most vehicles.
  • Motorized Scooters - Considered limited use vehicles, they will normally be limited to 20mph and they use either electricity or gas to function. In most cases, a driver’s license will be required, and riders will need to follow all state traffic laws when on the road. Interestingly, scooters shouldn’t be ridden on the roads before or after sunrise since they don’t have the required features for safe riding in these times. Scooter riders should NEVER carry a passenger.
  • Limited Use Vehicles - Finally, this final group cannot exceed 40mph and can be either a passenger vehicle or a motorcycle. Often shortened to LUVs, the vehicles need to be insured, registered, titled, and insured. Driver’s licenses are required, and they shouldn’t be taken on limited-access roads or expressways.

With the wave of scooters hitting Boston, the reports of unlicensed drivers have increased exponentially, and this has all sorts of legal consequences. Without a license, you don’t have insurance and any injuries you cause will be entirely your liability. Even if another road user was negligent, this could still negatively impact you if their insurance doesn’t fully compensate.

Common Accidents and Injuries

Sadly, there are many types of accidents including;

  • Pedestrians tripping or falling over parked scooters on the sidewalk
  • Riders losing control and hitting the pavement
  • Faulty scooters malfunctioning and throwing riders off
  • Collisions with vehicles
  • Riding while under the influence

As well as state-wide scooter services, more people are buying their own and this is exacerbating the increase in electric scooter accidents. In the injuries we’ve seen so far, it seems a high number are being thrown from their vehicle. When a scooter hits a bump or crack in the road, it’s easy to lose control and inexperienced scooter riders may lack the know-how to correct errors.

In terms of injuries, they can range from a few cuts and bruises to permanent brain injuries. In Boston, we have DOT-approved helmets but there’s still a risk to the brain depending on the accident and impact. When the impact is heavy, this increases the risk of fractures and breaks in the arms and legs too.

Causes and Finding Liability

The Journal Trauma recently published a study assessing the factors that caused the most incidents with these types of smaller vehicles. After reviewing around 5,600 accidents, they came to the conclusion that severe injuries had some common themes;

  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Unpaved roads
  • Lack of helmet
  • Riding on roads with more than four lanes
  • Speeding
  • Lack of lighting

If we focus on the helmets for a moment, the study showed that fewer than one in five wore a DOT-approved helmet. Additionally, 90% of moped and scooter riders didn’t have the correct insurance.

If you’ve been injured as a result of these causes and you find yourself paying for medical bills that you otherwise wouldn’t have had, you may be entitled to compensation. First things first, you need to find liability, and this is where we come in as a personal injury lawyer.

Receive Support Today

With our expertise and resources, we’ll do everything we can as your personal injury lawyer to not only identify the guilty party but also build a strong case so you’re able to recuperate your costs. At The Injury Firm, we gather evidence, talk to eyewitnesses, communicate with insurance companies, and compile the strongest case possible. Whether we settle or go to court, we’ll support you while you concentrate on recovery!

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