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Escalator Injury Accident

Escalators are a very convenient form of travel. But they aren’t without their risks. A piece of clothing getting caught in the gears can be all it takes to cause an escalator malfunction. When this occurs, there is a serious chance that you could be injured in the accident. Let’s look at what you can do if you’ve been hurt because of an escalator malfunction.

What Type Of Escalator Injuries Can Occur?

Let’s start by looking at some of the ways that you can be injured by an escalator malfunction. First, some people might get stuck in the machine. This can be a very painful experience. In some cases, you might find yourself facing broken bones.

However, the most serious injuries occur when the escalator stops suddenly. This can cause people to lose their footing, falling down the sloped surface to the bottom. If it’s a crowded escalator, this can result in a huge pile-up at the bottom of the escalator. In some cases, this has led to broken bones and head trauma.

The types of personal injuries that you will receive often depend on the type of accident that occurred. For example, if you fall over because the escalator stops suddenly, you might only be facing mild bruising or a sprain. However, if someone falls on you and you roll down to the bottom of the escalator, you could be facing very serious injuries. In some cases, people have become disabled or died as a result of an escalator malfunction.

Why Do Escalator Malfunctions Occur?

There are several reasons why the escalator malfunction has occurred. For example, the device might not have been cared for properly. Like any other machine, parts will get damaged or worn out over time. If these issues aren’t addressed quickly, it can cause the escalator to stop working. In some cases, the emergency brake can stop working, failing to hold the escalator in place, causing it to move backward. When this happens, you can face a serious personal injury.

It’s also possible that the site wasn’t secured properly after maintenance had been performed. To check the machine, inspectors will need to look underneath the escalator. This is accessed through hatches in the floor. If not closed or fenced off properly, unsuspecting shoppers might fall into the hole. This can result in broken bones or head injuries.

It’s also possible that the escalator might have been incorrectly installed. For example, the floor of the escalator might not line up properly. As a result, people might be more likely to get their clothes caught in the machine or trip over as they are trying to enter or exit the escalator. It’s also possible that the handrail wasn’t designed properly, making it harder for people to get their balance to stop a fall.

Staying Safe On An Escalator

There are a few simple ways that you can make sure that you stay safe when on an escalator. This will help you avoid any injuries. First, make sure that your shoelaces are tied up properly. These small pieces of string can often work their way through the gears of the escalator. When this happens, you might find that you are caught in the escalator. You should also make sure to keep an eye on your children. You shouldn’t allow them to play on the rails or the steps. This will ensure that they don’t get caught or lose their balance. You should also make sure that you are both facing forward when on the escalator.

Lastly, if something does go wrong, you should know where the emergency shutdown button is. This will turn the escalator off. Hopefully, this should let you stop more injuries and give you time for help to arrive. In most cases, these buttons will be located at the top and bottom of the escalator. You might also spot a shutoff button in the middle of the escalator. In some cases, they might be covered by protective plastic, to make sure that they don’t accidentally get triggered. However, you should be able to lift this coating up to hit the button.

How To Make A Legal Claim

If you’ve had a personal injury as a result of an escalator malfunction, you will often be entitled to receive compensation. The first thing that you need to do is get in contact with a great lawyer. They’ll be able to help you prepare a strong legal case. This can often mean gathering a lot of evidence, such as maintenance records or surveillance footage of the injury. They can also help you find witnesses, who can back up your claims.

To win your case, though, you’ll need to prove that there was premises liability. This means that the owner of the building owed a duty of care to the people inside. A great example of this is the owner of a mall. They need to make sure that everyone who visits or works in the mall is kept safe. Part of this is maintaining the escalators properly. If they didn’t take care of their equipment properly, and an accident occurred, they will be held liable. Often, this means that they will need to pay for your damages. This can mean things like repaying your medical bills and compensating you for any pain and suffering which occurred as a result of the accident.

Contact The Injury Firm    

As we’ve seen, escalators can quickly turn into very dangerous places, with the potential to cause serious injuries. This is more common if the machinery wasn’t installed properly or hasn’t been maintained regularly. If you have had a personal injury as the result of an escalator malfunction, The Injury Firm can help. Our skilled team of personal injury lawyers will be able to help you prove premises liability, giving you the best chance of winning your case and getting the compensation that you deserve. So, make sure to give our experienced team a call today and learn how we can help you overcome an escalator accident.  For a FREE CONSULTATION, call 954-951-0000 Today!

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