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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyers and Property Damage Lawyers

Car Accident Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyers

Car on tow truck bed after car accidentGetting involved in a Fort Lauderdale car crash is nobody’s idea of a good day; unfortunately, it’s something that happens every day. In Fort Lauderdale, we’re no strangers to car accidents on the busy streets of our beautiful city. When involved in a Fort Lauderdale car accident that isn’t our fault, it brings a traumatic time for not only the victims but family members too. In serious cases, we’re forced into dealing with injuries, missing work, and other stresses. Just because you’ve had a Fort Lauderdale car crash, it doesn’t stop bills from coming through the door every month.

On the Internet, you may have read stories about victims claiming themselves and getting compensation. Sadly, this is a rare story and most people who go it alone are unable to get the compensation they deserve. With this in mind, you need the help of a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer.

Potential Compensation Package

When working with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer, the goal is to obtain compensation equal to the loss resulting from the car accident. After a car crash, you might be taken to the hospital to deal with injuries. From here, you might then need extended medical care such as physiotherapy. If the car accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t be left to deal with the costs alone. Therefore, your car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale will include it in the claim.

Other forms of compensation include lost wages and reduced earning potential. If you’re unable to work, meeting increased costs is even more difficult. Again, the claim compiled by your car accident lawyer will include compensation for lost wages (as well as any reduced earning potential as a result of the accident).

In more severe cases, it’s possible to recover pain and suffering, disfigurement, disability, emotional distress, reduction in quality of life, and even punitive damages. To prevent having to claim for a second time in the future, all potential claims will consider future medical expenses and costs as well as those that have already arisen.

Contacting a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Injury Lawyer After an Accident

After experiencing a Fort Lauderdale car crash, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. Primarily, this is important so that a medical professional can assess your injuries and suggest a course of treatment. However, it also has a secondary use in leaving a paper trail proving the extent of all injuries. Without medical attention, the insurance company (and even a judge) may question the seriousness of injuries.

Often, people will ask us when they should contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer after a car accident. For us, the answer is "as soon as possible". At The Injury Firm, we like to come onto the scene quickly. Why? Because early investigation allows for a stronger claim and case. We can gather evidence, visit (and potentially photograph) the car accident scene, speak to eyewitnesses, etc. The longer you wait to speak to a Fort Lauderdale personal injury car accident lawyer, the harder it becomes to build a case.

Why Work with a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer?

What are the benefits of working with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury car lawyer after a car accident? We believe car lawyers have value for the following reasons:

Experience - Firstly, a car lawyer has the benefit of experience in this field. After dealing with many car accident cases like your own, they know how to deal with your car accident case, and they have an understanding of the ways to increase the likelihood of compensation.

Protection - Unfortunately, protection is something often forgotten even though it plays one of the biggest roles. At all times, car accident lawyers will protect your legal rights, and this is especially true when it comes to insurance companies. Though we expect insurance companies to protect victims, they often do what’s best for the insurance company. In other words, they send adjusters to speak with car accident victims to reduce potential compensation.

Resources - Next, you shouldn’t have to make a claim or litigate while recovering from your car accident personal injuries. When you work with The Injury Firm, have confidence that our resources ensure the best shot at success for your car accident case. Not only do we have the resources to gather evidence and contact expert witnesses, but we can also push for a case in front of a judge when required. Don’t worry, you won’t pay a thing until the conclusion of your case. And, if we don’t win, you pay nothing.

All in all, you get reliable representation with access to car accident legal experts. A Fort Lauderdale car accident injury lawyer will deal with car insurance companies, organize all documentation, and speak to witnesses with the potential to help a car accident claim.



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No-Fault Insurance in Florida

In Florida, one thing that causes difficulty for drivers is the no-fault insurance laws. Essentially, this means that funds are available for all drivers regardless of who causes the car accident. Even if somebody else caused the accident, you can contact your own car insurance company and receive financial help. However, the problem with this is that there are limits to what we can obtain.

With Personal Injury Protection, victims receive $10,000 for personal recovery, 60% of lost wages, and 80% of medical bills. After a serious car accident, victims are often left significantly out of pocket, and this is where a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer comes in.

Cost of Hiring a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer

For many, the cost of a car accident lawyer is one of the biggest questions. With less work and more bills than normal, you don’t want yet another expense added to the list. Don’t worry, The Injury Firm offers a free case evaluation, and you won’t pay anything until the case comes to a conclusion and only if we win. If we lose, you won’t pay anything. If we win, all our fees are taken as a small percentage of the compensation. Either way, you don’t have to find the money yourself.

For us, this is the best system for everybody because you get the legal help you need knowing that we’re going to work hard for the compensation. If you succeed, we do too. This is the basis of our service, but we’ll explain all fees and how everything works once you reach out for help.

Contact Our Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyers Today

Until they have a car crash, the fact that PIP doesn’t cover everything is often a fact unknown to most Floridians. In most cases, PIP covers medical bills up to a certain extent, and then some lost wages. After experiencing a Fort Lauderdale car accident that wasn’t our fault, this isn’t always enough. What’s more, it doesn’t take into consideration pain and suffering, emotional distress, and non-economic damages.

With the $10,000 limit, this might cover a couple of x-rays, emergency care, and any early treatment. As soon as the funds run out, victims are often left to fend for themselves. At The Injury Firm, we don’t think this is right. If somebody else caused the car accident through their negligence or reckless actions, you may be eligible to file a liability claim. With this, the idea is to claim for ALL costs.

You’ll be eligible for this claim if you’ve experienced significant injuries, disfigurement or scarring, or permanent injuries. If you aren’t sure whether you qualify, there’s no harm in reaching out to the passionate and determined team at The Injury Firm anyway. Our friendly Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers will guide you through the process and protect your legal rights at all times.

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