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Fort Lauderdale Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog Attack Fort Lauderdale

vicious dog showing teethMost Florida pet owners love and care for their dogs. But, with so many animals in Fort Lauderdale, there are a few aggressive animals. If dogs haven’t been trained properly or the owners have failed to secure them correctly, they can attack. This can lead to traumatic consequences. If you have been attacked by a dog, our team of experienced personal injury attorneys can help.

Types of Injuries from a Dog Attack in Fort Lauderdale

Unfortunately, an aggressive dog can do a lot of damage. They are equipped with powerful jaws and sharp teeth. They can penetrate through the skin, causing blood loss. The force of the impact will knock you off balance. This has the potential to fracture your bones. Many of these injuries will require you to spend some time in the hospital.

There are some more serious injuries associated with dog attacks. For example, you might fall to the ground as the dog jumps on you. This can result in head trauma and bleeding to the brain. This can sometimes lead to lifelong disabilities like difficulty speaking. Alternatively, you could hit your spine as you fall. This can leave you paralysed.

The injuries don’t always end when the dog attack concludes. Sometimes, the dog can be carrying a transmissible disease, like rabies. If this gets into your bloodstream, you can develop an infection. This will require a series of antibiotic treatments at the hospital. It can also cause health complications in the future or even death.

Finally, dog attacks are some of the most traumatic types of attacks. PTSD is common, especially in young children. Many people won’t be able to interact with a dog again, no matter how well trained it is.

Liability Laws

If you, or someone you love, have been involved in a Fort Lauderdale dog attack, you will be able to claim compensation. This is made possible because of the liability laws that Florida imposes.

First, it is illegal for any dog to be roaming “at large”. This means a dog that isn’t secured properly. It needs to be in a fenced area, leashed, or controlled in some other way. Furthermore, they have put strict laws in place to make sure that people control dogs that are deemed to be aggressive.

It should be noted that, according to Florida law, it doesn’t matter whether the attack occurred on private property. As long as you were legally allowed to be there, the owner needs to take responsibility for what their animals do. Dog owners are also responsible for what happens when the dog is on public property. Furthermore, the dog owner will still be held liable even if they didn’t know how vicious the dog was.

While this gives you a lot of leeway when pursuing a claim, there are still a few instances when the owner won’t be held liable. First, you can’t have been trespassing on the property where the dog attack occurred. Secondly, you can’t provoke the animal to bite you.

Claiming Compensation for a Fort Lauderdale Dog Attack

If you have received a dog bite injury in Fort Lauderdale, there are a lot of costs you can get compensated for. First, you will be able to claim any medical expenses that you require to treat the bite. You can also claim for the time that you had to take off work to deal with these dog bite injuries. A Fort Lauderdale dog bite lawyer can also help you with any future medical bills. This can be useful for those who have been left permanently disabled.

Furthermore, you can claim for any pain and suffering that you received from the dog attack. This can include any mental anguish that you suffered as a result of the dob attack. This can include any PTSD that you experienced.

It’s important to get a good Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer. They will be able to look at the circumstances in which the dog bite occurred and how it affected your life. A personal injury attorney is a good way of making sure that you are getting the maximum amount of compensation.

What to do After a Dog Bite in Fort Lauderdale?

If you have been involved in a dog bite attack in Fort Lauderdale, there are a few things that you need to do. First, it’s important to make sure that you contact the Fort Lauderdale authorities. If the dog is running loose, you’ll need to call Fort Lauderdale animal control. This is the best way to make sure that the dog doesn’t attack anyone else.

Next, you’ll need to document evidence of the scene. In this case, you should take pictures of the injuries that you received. If possible, do this before you get them treated. It’s also a good idea to get the contact details of any people who witnessed the dog bite attack. Witnesses will be able to verify that the dog attack occurred the way you claimed.

You should visit a doctor as soon after the dog attack as possible. Doctors will be able to examine your injuries and diagnose how serious they are. It also ensures that your personal injury lawyer will be able to directly link your injuries to the dog attack. Plus, the quicker you get treatment the better your chances of making a full recovery. Make sure to keep any paperwork and bills that you receive.

Finally, you will need to make sure that you contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer. They will be able to start preparing your case.  This will ensure that you can get compensated for the injuries that you received. Ideally, you should seek out someone who is an experienced dog bite attorney. 





How Long do You Have to File a Claim?

You must see a lawyer promptly after the Fort Lauderdale dog bite attack. There is only a limited time in which to file a claim. In the case of a dog attack, you will only have four years. After this period is over, there is little that a personal injury attorney can do for you.

Contact the Injury Firm

A Fort Lauderdale dog attack can be a terrifying experience. You’ll be left with serious injuries and mental trauma. The good news is that our team of Fort Lauderdale experienced dog bite attorneys can help you get your life back. From interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and trying to find the owner of the dog, there are many ways our team can help. We’ll make sure that you get the maximum possible amount of compensation. So, give us a call today to book a free consultation and find out what the team at The Injury Firm can do for you.

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