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Accident Lawyers Fort Lauderdale

Life can be unpredictable. There are multiple ways that you can be injured during an accident. During these times, it’s important that you find the support that you need. This includes finding a skilled doctor to make sure that you are able to make a full recovery. However, you’ll also need to make contact with skilled car accident personal injury lawyers.

Let’s look at some of the most common circumstances where a Lauderdale car accident lawyer will be able to help.

Car Accidents

Sadly, a fort Lauderdale car accident is one of the most common ways for you to get injured. During 2018, there were over 226,00 reported fort Lauderdale car crash in the state of Florida. In most cases, the damage will be fairly minor. For example, you will just get some minor fort Lauderdale car crashes, which a mechanic will easily be able to fix.

Sadly, not all crashes are this simple. There are some times when you might sustain serious car accident injuries. The sudden deceleration has the potential to cause whiplash or spinal damage. In this case, you can face expensive medical bills as you try to recover. A car accident attorney will make it easier for you to get compensated for these suffered catastrophic injuries, so you have enough money to pay for your medical expenses.

Slips And Falls

Another common way to get injured is by slipping and falling. This can happen anywhere, but they are most common in a restaurant or the workplace. Most of these injuries will be minor. But there is a chance that they might lead to more serious injuries. For example, if you land incorrectly, you might damage your spine or cause a brain injury. Depending on how seriously you fall, you might take a long time to recover. This can be especially devastating if auto accidents occur because of someone else’s negligence.

During this time, it’s essential that you have an experienced car accident attorney. They will be able to help you file personal injury claims. This will prove that you weren’t responsible for minor auto accidents. This often means proving that the establishment was negligent. If you can do this, you’ll be able to get compensation to help you recover from Florida car accidents.

Pool And Boat Accidents

Pools and boats can present a unique set of hazards that you will need to consider. For example, there is a chance that you might corner too quickly, causing the boat to flip over. Another common issue is water from the pool, creating a slippery environment, which makes it easier for people to slip and fall.

Due to its warm temperatures, South Florida is at a higher risk of these types of catastrophic injuries, as people spend more time on the water. This highlights the importance of making sure that you are being careful around the water. If you do get injured on a boat or around a pool, you will need to have someone who can help you assess your situation. Then they can discuss your options for compensation.

Dog Bites

According to the U.S. Census, around 49 percent of households own a pet. While the clear majority care deeply about their pets, there are some cases where you might come across a dangerous dog(opens in a new tab). These animals can bite you or your pet. This can be a very serious situation.

Depending on the size of the dog, they can do a lot of damage to you. For example, you’ll need to deal with the bite itself. But there’s also the potential that the salvia might infect the wound, causing even more medical problems. To help you through this time, you’ll need a car accident settlement. They’ll be able to help you prepare a personal injury law, so you can get the compensation that you deserve.

Truck Accidents

People might also want to consider the services of fort Lauderdale's experienced car accident attorneys when dealing with a truck accident(opens in a new tab). Because of the size and speed of these vehicles, it’s essential that the owners are always paying attention.

If they aren’t, the situation can be very potentially dangerous. This can lead to very serious injuries. In some cases, you might be hospitalized or have lifelong injuries. In this case, you will often be entitled to compensation, to pay for your medical bills and loss of earnings.

Traffic Accidents

You might also need an experienced accident attorney when involved with a pedestrian auto minor car accident lawsuit. Sadly, these are becoming more common in the Florida area because of distracted driving. If you get hit, there’s no guarantee that the driver will stop and help you. This can make the experience even more traumatic.

Thankfully, when you hire the team from The Injury Firm, we’ll be able to help you make a personal injury claim. Through this process, you’ll be able to get compensation for a range of factors. For example, you will be able to claim medical expenses and lost wages. You will also be able to put for pain and suffering, this can help cover the trauma of being left alone after a hit and run.

Defective Products

Not every product that you purchase will work as it’s intended to. In most cases, you will be able to throw it away and choose a new one. But there might be times when the defect will be more serious. In this case, the product can end up doing serious damage to your health. Though the type of injuries will depend on the flaw, it’s not uncommon to have people report burns, soft tissue injuries, or even broken bones.

These types of accident claims can often be difficult to make, as you will need to prove that the injury was caused by a flaw in the product, rather than by your actions. Thankfully, your fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys will be able to help you gather the evidence that you’ll require. This can include interviewing witnesses for you or talking to experts on your behalf. This will make it easier for you to build a strong case.  

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating way to travel. But it can also expose you to a higher level of risk. Unlike a car, there is nothing to shield you from the forces involved in an auto accident victim. This means that serious injuries, like broken bones, are common with motorcycle accidents.

Because of the long recovery time, you’ll need a lot of money to fully recover. In this area, your personal injury attorneys will be able to discuss your options. In some cases, you will be able to make a claim through your own insurance company. If someone else was responsible for your motor vehicle accidents, you can investigate the various compensation options that you can explore.

Spinal Cord Injuries

As we mentioned, many auto accident victims including car accident victims might have the potential to cause a spinal injury. These can be very serious. In some cases, you might become permanently disabled. This can mean that you will be unable to walk again. More serious traumatic brain injuries can cause you to become a paraplegic as you struggle to move any part of your body. So, Carry personal injury protection.

Due to the severity of the injury, there are various costs that you will be expected to meet. For example, you might need to purchase a wheelchair, make adjustments to your home, or even hire someone to care for you. Because of this, you’ll need a big compensation payment. This will give you the money required to do these things. Your experienced car accident lawyer will be able to prepare a strong case and get the payout that you deserve.

Brain Injuries

Finally, you might receive a brain injury. These can be highly traumatic to you and your family. Depending on the injury, your memory might be affected. These types of car accident injuries can also make it harder for you to perform basic tasks.

Like a spinal cord injury, a brain injury can often indicate a significant change to your way of life. For example, you might need to adapt your house to make it more accessible. You might also need to consider hiring a full-time caregiver.

At these times, it’s essential that you find someone who will be able to fight for your rights. This will help you get the resources required to deal with brain injury. Often, this means hiring someone who can help you prepare personal injury protection to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Contact The Injury Firm Today

As we’ve seen, there are a lot of times when you might need to rely on the skills of an auto accident attorney. During these difficult times, many people refer to the experienced legal team from The Injury Firm. Our personal injury law firm will be able to guide you through your obligations, making it easier for you to file a claim. If needed, we’ll go to court to fight for your right to have fair compensation after a Florida car crash.

This tenacity and determination to provide excellent service are what sets us apart. So, if you or someone you know has been injured, you might want to give our friendly legal team a call for a free consultation and learn how we can help you: 954-951-0000.

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