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How to Know if You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

female motorist with head and hand after car accident with another carWhile some car accidents are small taps, others leave drivers with broken bones, lacerations, disfigurement, loss of limbs, and more. In these serious accidents, you’re entitled to compensation for the losses if another party caused the accident with negligence or recklessness.

Not all car accidents in Florida require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, but we don’t want to deter people who genuinely have a case. Situations in which a personal injury lawyer isn’t required include where there are no injuries or serious damage to the vehicle. While you might be shaken up, you probably haven’t experienced enough damages to warrant compensation.

On the other hand, you probably are entitled to compensation if the accident caused serious injuries, time away from work, or heavy damage to the vehicle. Contact The Injury Firm as soon as possible if an accident has left you with medical bills that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Likewise, we can help if you’ve been forced to take time off work.

After a search online, many victims feel motivated to try claiming alone. But here are just some of the problems with this approach:

  • It causes lots of stress as you need to learn about the legal system rather than simply recovering from injuries
  • The chance of success is very low (the stories you read online are rare)
  • It’s difficult to avoid common mistakes when insurance companies and adjusters are constantly contacting you

With this last point, it’s natural to assume that insurance companies want to help people in your position. In reality, this isn’t the case at all. Instead, they protect one thing - their profits (and Christmas party!). As businesses, all insurance companies want to give as little away as possible in compensation.

A car accident lawyer knows how to deal with insurance companies and The Injury Firm will provide the guidance you need from one day to the next. We’ll build a strong case that includes accident reconstruction, expert testimony, and lots of evidence. We’ll also provide an estimation for your economic and non-economic damages. While lost wages and medical bills are easy to calculate, estimating non-economic damages like pain and suffering with no experience is almost impossible.

If you don’t want to walk away from this whole experience with less compensation than you deserve, the best option is to choose a reliable and professional car accident lawyer. One of the biggest components of compensation is medical bills, and this can come after breaking bones or suffering from lacerations, disfigurement, spinal cord damage, or even neck injuries.

Cases are sometimes made more complex when innocent parties are blamed for the accident or when an insurer tries to get innocent parties to admit blame using adjusters. You can navigate the tricky waters and come out the other side with the compensation that you truly deserve.

If you’ve suffered damages after an accident, you need an experienced car accident lawyer to reach a settlement with the insurance company or take the guilty party to court.

How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation if the accident wasn’t your fault. However, choosing between the many car accident lawyers causes headaches for many. Today, we want to talk about choosing a personal injury lawyer!

The Role of a Car Accident Lawyer

Before anything else, let’s look at the role of a car accident lawyer. While you go through this stressful period in your life, a lawyer should bring a sense of calm and organization. They’ll understand the laws surrounding car accidents and will know whether you have a case. As you recover, the right lawyer will do the following:

  • Gather evidence
  • Collate all paperwork
  • Negotiate with insurance companies
  • Reconstruct the accident
  • Talk with eyewitnesses
  • Contact expert testimonies

If you’re not well enough to do all this alone, we highly recommend contacting a personal injury lawyer. With years of experience and training, they can navigate the common problems and come out the other side with the deserved compensation amount.

Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

Knowing that you need a lawyer and choosing one are two very different things. Often, people look on Google and see that dozens of different services exist. How are you supposed to choose from this long list?

Firstly, choose a company willing to put lots of time and effort into your case. One of the best ways to get a feel for a lawyer is to speak with them directly. Rather than email or another online messaging service, pick up the phone or head to their local office. They will explain potential legal strategies and make you feel like a priority. If you feel as though your case might get lost in a sea of others, it might be best to explore other services.

What lengths is the company willing to go to secure your compensation? The very best personal injury lawyers will meet all the bullet points above. Things like reconstructing the accident and contacting an expert testimony could be the difference between walking away empty-handed and enjoying the compensation that puts your family back on track.

After developing a shortlist of candidates, pick up the phone and have conversations with them. The ‘right’ car accident lawyer will make you feel special, listen, and work furiously for compensation. Also, you must choose an attorney with the right resources. Sometimes, the insurance companies don’t play fair, and this is when you need a lawyer willing to litigate.

With the right resources, it doesn’t matter if the case is settled or if we need to take the evidence in front of a judge. The important thing is that you get the right result, and this is more likely when an attorney has resources and options.

Other tips for choosing a personal injury lawyer include:

  • Reading online reviews
  • Speaking to people who have been in your position
  • Asking for recommendations from friends and family
  • Talking to several services to see which makes you feel comfortable

What Causes Car Accidents in Florida?

According to the FHSMV (Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles), over 400,000 accidents took place in the state in 2018. At such a huge number, you might wonder why this is the case. What causes car accidents? Let’s take a look!

Car Accidents in Florida

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that a vast proportion of all car accidents are preventable. This has been the case for many decades, and it’s still the case now. Negligent driving is the most common problem on the roads, and this can include problems like distracted driving, speeding, poor decision-making, driving while intoxicated, driving while tired, and tailgating.

We breezed over distracted driving, but this is a whole category of accident causes that can be explored. While some people are distracted by talking to others in the vehicle, others think that it’s appropriate to use their cell phones while operating a heavy killing machine. We’ve seen cases where drivers text, call other people, and even watch videos while driving.

Therefore, negligence and recklessness wreak havoc on Floridian roads. Of course, we also need to account for mistakes. Everybody is human, and everybody is prone to an error every so often. While this is still considered negligence, some people simply make a bad decision, and this leads to an accident.

We’ve focused heavily on drivers, but not all car accidents in Florida are caused by negligent drivers. For example, it could be a defect with a vehicle. For instance, The Injury Firm has seen cases of poor design and faulty manufacturing. If this is the case, you may be able to claim compensation against the manufacturer.

Elsewhere, some accidents are caused by extreme weather conditions. Florida is known for unpredictable weather, and not all drivers on the road have experience in these conditions.

What causes car accidents? Negligence, recklessness, faulty vehicles, and extreme weather conditions. If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, we highly recommend contacting The Injury Firm today.

Working with The Injury Firm

While some car accidents in Florida are only small and drivers don’t need medical attention, others are very serious. For example, you may have suffered from lacerations, broken bones, sprains and strains, spinal cord damage, neck injuries, and severe bleeding. Potential long-term implications include disfigurement, limited use of the body, permanent loss of a limb, or paralysis. Sadly, some car accidents in Florida lead to death, and this creates a very difficult time for family members.

Regardless of the situation, contact The Injury Firm for a free consultation. We’ll talk about your case, potential compensation, and the next steps. If the accident wasn’t your fault, we’ll help you to recover damages such as medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and property damage.

If you’ve lost a loved one, your case will seek wrongful death, loss of companionship, and burial expenses. Pick up the phone for help today (even if the accident cause isn’t mentioned in our guide!).

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