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Senior Citizens and Auto Accidents - Broward County Car Crash Attorneys

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senior woman driving a car photoAlthough becoming old is a fact of life, it is still tough. No one really wants to admit he is not as sharp as he was, and having difficulty with everyday tasks might be very frustrating. Driving is certainly one of the jobs that some people simply do not want to admit at as they age, they are failing.

One variable that experts have identified as a cause of car accidents is the exact age of the motorist. Studies have demonstrated that there is a higher incidence of automobile accidents among motorists in particular age groups. The elderly have specific physiological manifestations that grow with old age that will hinder their driving ability - such as failing eyesight and reaction time.

Poor vision is not just a complication of old age, but a complication of many diseases that cause vision to cloud, including diabetes. Reduced reaction time is another variable that introduces a problem for elderly drivers. The reflexes of an elderly person are slower than that of younger folks. Slowed reaction time helps it be almost impossible to make the split-second choices that are necessary for preventing an auto accident.

This might lead to an elderly person falling asleep at the wheel, causing a critical car accident. Regrettably, when an elderly individual has serious limitations on the other side of the wheel, there's no other option. Taking away the license of a driver whose life was that of independence is tough, but it will help save the lives of several elderly drivers and ensures the security of others on the road.

If you have suffered personal injuries in an auto accident involving an elderly motorist and live in Broward County, perhaps you are eligible for financial compensation. You should seek legal counsel from the experienced Broward County auto accident attorneys at THE INJURY FIRM in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, serving Weston, Parkland, Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County.954-954-0000

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