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Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers

red insurance claim denied stampThere’s lots of stress that comes with a car or home accident. Therefore, it’s hard when an insurance company denies a claim. After all, we’ve paid our premiums, and these are supposed to be the people on our side. After a denial, it’s normal to feel isolated. Suddenly, we have to pay for medical bills, home repairs, and to account for lost wages (through no fault of our own either!).

If you’re in this position, you need a Florida insurance claim denial attorney. In this guide, you’re going to learn common reasons for denials, how we can help at The Injury Firm, and lots more!

Common Reasons for Denial with an Insurance Claim

Your home is damaged, you make the claim while confident that the insurance company will help, and then you see it – ‘home insurance claim denied’. While you might feel panic when this first happens, know that denial doesn’t mean the end. We’ll see ways to combat a denial later, but first, why do insurance companies reject claims in the first place?

Blaming the Victims-

Whether a home insurance claim or a car insurance claim, the insurance company may suggest that you were liable for the accident. -et’s say that extreme weather caused damage to your home. We aren’t saying that the insurance company would have the nerve to blame you for the weather, but they might say that there was damage before the extreme weather. With weakness in the roof, for example, it’s your fault for not having the problem fixed in anticipation of bad weather.

If this is the reason, you will work with a Florida insurance claim denial lawyer to prove that you actually take great care of your home. As lawyers, we need to prove that the storm is to blame rather than any pre-existing damage. If you’re a responsible homeowner, we shouldn’t encounter too many issues here.

Policy Exclusions

Next, the insurance company may claim that the damage simply isn’t covered on the policy because of an exclusion. Sadly, many homeowners are unaware that their policy excludes all flooding and earthquakes. Normally, company representatives will try to sell this as an additional extra. However, not all policies are clear…and this is where a legal professional comes in handy.  Many car insurance policies exclude windshield damage

Poor Evidence

After you see the message ‘automobile insurance claim denied’, it might be that you didn’t send enough evidence to support your claim.

Lack of Trust

In other cases, the company may stion the extent of your injuries. After a small accident, one of the biggest mistakes that victims make is failing to see a medical professional. The role of the legal team is to prove that-your injury is serious even though there was a gap between the accident and the medical attention.

Missed Payments

Over the years, we’ve also seen insurance companies claim that the policyholder didn’t make their payments. Sometimes, the individual sent the check, but the insurance company didn’t receive it. This could be the result of a postal failure, a wrong address on the envelope, or another issue.


Unfortunately, the process of claiming on insurance is long, wordy, and confusing; it feels like we need a law degree just to complete the forms. If there’s misrepresentation in the application process, we’ll prove that you were answering the questions honestly and that perhaps you just misunderstood what was required. Alternatively, it might be that you didn’t complete the form at all and that it was actually an agent who completed it on your behalf.

Missed Policy Requirements

Finally, some denials come because the company claims that the individual didn’t follow the requirements of the policy. Most commonly, this relates to the time taken to claim. For example, the policy may state that all claims need to be made within 120 days of the accident.


How Can The Injury Firm Help?

After a claim denial, don’t think that this is the end because plenty of people before you have had decisions overturned. Here’s a guide on how we like to operate at The Injury Firm:

1. Initial FREE Consultation

Firstly, we’ll look at all the pertinent documentation and make a judgment as to whether or not the insurance company was right to deny your claim. If we think something is amiss, we’ll contact the insurance company to ascertain the status of your claim. As we look through your policy documentation and evidence, we’ll gain a good understanding of your case and the steps required to proceed.

If you don’t have the necessary documents, you should find them on the online portal you use for the policy. Alternatively, contact the company directly and they should help.

2. Investigation

Your Florida insurance claim denial attorney will then do some research and learn more about your case, the policy, the accident, the evidence, and more. Why did you file a claim? What incident occurred? What evidence do you have to support the claim? During this stage, it’s all about gathering evidence and building a case strong enough to contact the insurance company and question their decision.

3. Challenge

Once ready, we’ll file a fresh claim with the insurance company and make it clear that we’re now representing you in this case. Although a trial doesn’t always follow, we can enter negotiations with the insurance company. We’ll use our experience and knowledge of this process to help you get the compensation you deserve.

The Motivation of the Insurance Company

After seeing a home insurance claim denied, it’s an emotional time. We’re having to deal with the consequences of the accident while also paying out for repairs, medical bills, and other costs. If a car accident, you may be forced away from work (and this means that you’re earning no money). All this can lead to lots of stress and it can put pressure on relationships.

Unfortunately, despite paying premiums religiously, one of the biggest problems with insurance companies is that their priority is and will always be their profit. As a business, they want to protect their numbers and have a great Christmas party at the end of the year. As you’ve seen, this leads to rejected claims and heartbroken families.

Even if the company doesn’t deny the claim entirely, they often undervalue claims and pay as little as possible to people who have been through extreme trauma. When an individual doesn’t have the support and resources of a legal team behind them, they’re influenced to take a smaller offer just to stay afloat.

Elsewhere, we’ve seen insurance companies contact biased experts to help the strength of their own case. When an expert in the field visits our home, we expect them to offer an honest opinion based on what they see. In reality, these are professionals that have an inside relationship with the insurance company and write reports in their favor. By keeping their report on the side of the insurance company, they get a nice reward and a regular gig.

We recommend contacting an attorney before claiming compensation after an accident; if you’ve been denied, all is not lost because an attorney can still assist. Why take the risk of insurance companies using one of their sneaky techniques when you can hire an attorney to protect your legal rights and ensure that you get a fair shot at compensation?

Examples of Insurance Disputes

You might wonder whether or not you can contact us, but we always encourage people to do so. Especially in automobile accidents and home insurance cases, we can help you with an insurance dispute. Our attorneys work hard to gather evidence and prove that you deserve compensation; we want to show the insurance company that their tactics to pay less insurance don’t always work.

Example cases include flood damage, hurricane damage, auto accidents, bicycle accidents, tropical storm damage, fire claims, tornado claims, water damage, and wind damage. If in doubt, contact our friendly team today to learn more.

Filing Bad Faith Claims

Why should you choose The Injury Firm? Because we’ll file a bad faith claim if we believe that the insurance company denied your claim with no valid reasons for doing so. If successful, you’ll recover not only the claim amount but also emotional distress and financial damage caused by the denial. In many cases, we can also push for punitive damages; this is where the company is punished for acting in bad faith. If they denied your claim while knowing that they’re in the wrong, a court may decide that they need further punishment. This marks a success for the industry, and it could help others in your position in the future.

The Injury Firm is proud to have helped many individuals as Florida insurance claim denial lawyers, and we’d love to continue helping victims for many years to come. We’re passionate, determined, trained, experienced, and ready to help YOU. We’re sensitive to your current situation and you’ll only pay once the case is over!

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