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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury and Property Damage Lawyers

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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence, we don’t think it’s fair that you pay the associated costs. In Fort Lauderdale, car accidents are becoming more common and this is now a key area of our service. However, we can help in many different ways (as you’ll see on this page!).

If you’re in need of a professional, reliable, and determined top Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer, feel free to contact The Injury Firm today. Over the years, we’ve built valuable experience in this area of law and know what it takes to obtain compensation. Whether in a settlement or in court, we will fight for your rights and take the burden from your shoulders. Even if you’re fighting a negligent party on behalf of a lost loved one, allow us to assist in your journey during this stressful time.

  1. Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Can we help your personal injury case? These days, there are many different types of personal injury claims and our service stretches across a number of fields. If you’re looking for assistance, the most important question to ask is how your injury occurred.

  • Was another party reckless in their behavior?
  • Were they negligent?
  • Was it simply carelessness that led to your injuries?

If any of these are true, it’s likely that we can help. The best way to find an answer to your question is to contact us directly; we will review your case and give an assessment regardless. Common personal injury cases include;

Even if you don’t spot your incident on the list, you can still reach out to our legal professionals for advice. Ultimately, one of the most important features of a case is negligence and blame.

  1. Importance of Negligence

After you get in contact with us and we decide to take your case on, the first step will normally always be finding negligence. With personal injury cases, the idea is to compile evidence that the guilty party acted irresponsibly, recklessly, negligently, or without care. If we have this evidence, we’re more likely to recover the compensation you deserve for your personal injury.

Proving Negligence

In order to prove negligence, there are several questions we need to answer;

  • Did the other party actually have a duty to keep you (and others in your position) safe?
  • Did they fail in this duty?
  • Were your injuries a direct result of their failure?
  • With financial damages, were they a direct result of the failure?

In the process of choosing a personal injury lawyer, it’s important you consider their working processes. For example, some personal injury attorneys like to employ a ‘one-size-fits-all’ system, but we don’t think this will generate the best results. In our experience, all personal injury cases are unique and it’s important we provide a tailored service.

For example, during the evidence-gathering stage, the steps we take for a truck accident will be different from those for a slip/fall injury. Likewise, our process will be different again for a dog bite or e-scooter accident.

Potential Evidence

What sort of evidence will allow us to obtain compensation on your behalf? In truth, we look for anything that will help prove negligence. This includes;

  • Eyewitness reports
  • Pictures of the scene (even smartphone images from eyewitnesses and those involved)
  • Reports from first responders, police, and any businesses involved
  • CCTV and other surveillance footage
  • Medical records and bills
  • Hospital and doctor’s reports
  • Physical therapy history

If you or loved ones took photographs of the accident scene at the time, this will be incredibly valuable. If you didn’t, this doesn’t mean you won’t have a personal injury case. Instead, our brilliant personal injury legal team will get to work and try to build a strong case. We’ll make calls to eyewitnesses, advise you on dealing with insurance companies, and more.

  1. Obtaining Compensation

As we’ve already seen, the purpose of gathering evidence is to obtain the maximum compensation possible on your behalf. At all times, the facts of the case will be highlighted, and the compensation will be the focal point.

How do we calculate potential compensation? In our discussions with you, we’ll compile receipts, bills, and various other documentation that shows the losses that have occurred as a direct result of the accident/incident.

In the past, we’ve seen victims choose to go through the process without an attorney. Sadly, they either undervalue the compensation or they make a mistake that leads to their compensation being reduced. With our experience and knowledge by your side, we won’t overlook damages and we’ll consider absolutely everything. When entering negotiations, we don’t want to leave any money on the table.

Just as we saw with the evidence, the potential compensation will vary from one case to the next. However, we can potentially recuperate money for;

  • Medical expenses
  • Current and future care costs
  • Lost wages (now and in the future)
  • Home health care
  • Care in treatment facilities
  • Home renovation (if changes are required to improve accessibility)
  • Any required products (including walkers, lifts, and wheelchairs)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damage to property

Ultimately, we will attempt to claim any costs that arose as a direct result of the accident (assuming the negligent party was at fault!).

If you want your personal injury case to have the best chance of success, we highly recommend keeping all paperwork with regard to medical bills and other expenses. The more documentation you have, the easier it will be to remember all the costs; the last thing we want is to forget an expense and either miss out or have to claim again.

As you may have noticed, we include future medical expenses as well as future lost income in the case. Rather than having to claim again in the future, the personal injury case we compile will consider your future expenses and this should prevent hassle later down the line. You can focus on recovery rather than funds running low and having to prepare a second case.

To prevent forgetting certain expenses or undervaluing the amount you’re owed, get in contact with The Injury Firm today.

  1. How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been involved in any sort of accident and feel as though a top Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer is required, we urge you to get in contact as soon as possible. As we’ve already suggested, you can choose to go through the process alone. However, it can be difficult without knowledge of your rights, how the process works, and how insurance companies operate. Generally speaking, those who have the support of an attorney are able to recover more.

We like to think insurance companies protect us, but, in reality, the only thing they want to protect is their profit. With this in mind, their aim is to reduce the compensation they pay. Often, they will get in direct contact with you and attempt to get you to downplay an accident or injury. As soon as you admit that your injuries are small or manageable, this will immediately reduce the amount of compensation possible.

When you’re trying to recover from an injury or grieve the death of a loved one, you don’t want to be dealing with the crafty tactics of an insurance company. Every day, we speak to people who aren’t sure whether they can obtain compensation (or launch a lawsuit) or how much they will receive. Fortunately, we spend every day working in this area of law so we are personal injury legal specialists.

At the first point of contact, we’ll answer your questions and attempt to ease all concerns. From here, we can help file a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. While reading this, you might be worried about a long, drawn-out case in front of judges. Fortunately, the majority of cases allow us to recover compensation before getting to a judge or even filing a lawsuit.

Historically, we’ve been able to build strong enough cases that we can reach a settlement before the next step is necessary. Of course, we still have the resources to go all the way. In most cases, we can file a third-party liability insurance claim, and this can be based on a number of different policies (depending on the accident in question). This includes;

  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Auto liability insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Boating insurance

With a strong personal injury case ready for action, we find that most parties are willing to negotiate a settlement. There are two benefits to this; not only will costs be kept to a minimum, but the compensation is also processed faster than with a court case.

In a small number of cases, the insurance company will refuse a settlement, or they’ll reject the claim outright. In these circumstances, we will keep fighting on your behalf and it starts with a personal injury lawsuit. If the insurer refuses to send a better offer and we can’t reach an agreement, we’ll go in front of a judge and ask for a fair payout from the court.

Personal Injury Protection

Before we move onto why you should choose The Injury Firm and how we help with specific accidents, we first want to mention PIP (Personal Injury Protection).

Sometimes called ‘no-fault coverage’, this protection is covered by the no-fault laws. With PIP, the idea was first introduced in Florida so that injured drivers could receive immediate medical coverage of up to $10,000. Rather than spending weeks and months establishing fault, injured drivers could receive an amount much sooner (and fewer cases would require the court system).

As the name suggests, PIP can be paid without legal liability and no claims will affect insurance premiums for the claimant. As long as the expenses come as a direct result of the accident, PIP can be used: this includes hospital bills, medical expenses, and wherever health insurance may come up short.

In Florida, PIP coverage is now mandatory for everybody who has a registered vehicle. At The Injury Firm, we can ensure you’re compensated correctly and that all medical bills are paid.

  1. Four Common Examples

In this section, we’re going to take you through four different examples, so you get an idea for how it works.

Car Accidents

With more cars on the Fort Lauderdale roads than ever before, it’s fair to say that car accidents are now a common occurrence in this beautiful city. Sadly, car accidents can cause devastating injuries, but we can help. Regardless of whether the accident involved a truck, motorcycle, car, or any other vehicle, we have the experience and passion to assist you.

Whether our support comes with a fair insurance settlement or protection of your rights in court, we’ll stand by your side and ensure the guilty party is held accountable. Over the years, we’ve handled DUI cases alongside hit-and-runs, those with no insurance (or a lack of insurance), and negligence cases.

At this point, we should note that we can also help if your loved one has been seriously injured or killed. In Fort Lauderdale, we understand how the intricacies of the legal process work and we’re committed to helping those who need it. Even if you can’t make it to our office, we can normally arrange a home or hospital visit to get the ball rolling. What’s more, you won’t pay anything unless the case is successful.

Slip and Fall Accident

Whether in a store, an accountancy office, or even in the workplace, slip and fall accidents can cause serious problems. Again, our experience will come in handy in assessing liability and getting the compensation you deserve. We’ve helped those with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), leg injuries, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain damage, burns, and more.

As before, the injury could have been to yourself or it could have been to a loved one. If a family member isn’t in a position to defend themselves, we will protect their rights and ensure the correct outcome is achieved.

Premises Liability

What if you’re injured on the property of somebody else? In this case, we need to answer some important questions;

  • Did the landowner have a responsibility to keep you from harm?
  • Did you have permission to be on the land?
  • Was the landowner (or those responsible) negligent?
  • Could your injuries have been prevented with vigilance and due care?
  • Did your injuries come as a result of the landowner’s negligence?

If the landowner had a responsibility, you were rightfully on the premises, and you experienced injuries, you’re likely to be entitled to compensation. Your case could be a result of slips, trips, falls, property defects, animal bites/attacks, poor security, weathered car parks, and more.

Medical Malpractice

As our final example, we always expect doctors and medical professionals to maintain the highest standards of care. However, this isn’t always the case and it can lead to injuries and illnesses. As well as care from the professionals themselves, some cases will see injuries and even death caused by defective drugs.

In these cases, you deserve compensation and we can help recover this for additional medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. If required, we can even start the litigation process against the manufacturers of the dangerous drugs.

  1. Statute of Limitations

Often, we receive questions regarding the statute of limitations in Florida. Is it too late for you to contact us? How soon after an accident should you get in touch? In Florida, the majority of personal injury lawsuits have a four-year expiry date. With this statute, it doesn’t refer to insurance claims but rather your opportunity to litigate a case.

With regards to when you should contact us, we always have the same answer for this question: as soon as possible. Over the years, we’ve come to learn that the strongest cases can be compiled in the period immediately after the accident. The longer you leave it, the harder it may be to contact eyewitnesses or photograph the scene.

If your case is strong, you need to show that you’re willing to file a lawsuit and this should motivate the insurance company into a settlement. As the years go by and the statute of limitations passes, the insurer will know that you can’t litigate, and they won’t have any desire to offer a fair settlement.

While on this note, we should say that there are shorter deadlines for some incidents. If your injuries were caused by a government employee (while on the clock) or a government agency, the statute of limitations reduces to a few months.

If you’re unsure of how your incident is categorized and, therefore, the applicable deadline, we advise reaching out to our brilliant team. Not only can we answer your questions, we can advise on the best steps to take in the coming days and weeks.

  1. Why Choose The Injury Firm?

There are many professional Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers from which you can choose, so why should you work with us? Here are just a handful of reasons!


First things first, experience is something we’ve alluded to throughout this guide and this is because it’s essential with personal injury cases. While we’re all for giving young companies a chance, you have to remember that your compensation is at stake. When you choose a service that hasn’t been through the process thousands of times, they may make simple mistakes. For you, this means less compensation than you deserve (or even no compensation!).

For many years, we’ve handled cases in personal injury law which means we know what we should and shouldn’t do. We know how to handle insurance companies, and we have a full understanding of how the process works.


After experience, the next important feature of our service is the resources we have available. When insurance companies are dealing with small lawyers and they know that court proceedings would be a struggle, they aren’t going to offer a favorable settlement. When they have the likes of us on the other side, a company that has no problem going as far as we need to go, the insurance companies will want to settle.

As mentioned previously, we even have the resources to prevent you from paying during your recovery. Rather than having to find money when medical bills are rising and income is decreasing, we will work on your behalf without payment. You will only pay once the case has reached a conclusion. And if we don’t win your personal injury case, you owe nothing!


All over the world, we think this is something missing from businesses. Too often, we come across legal professionals who are doing their job for money or because it’s something to do. At The Injury Firm, we’re passionate about helping people in need. From the very beginning, we wanted to help those who had been injured and our mission hasn’t changed.


If you have any questions or concerns, we will always be available to take your call. If the lines are busy and you don’t get through, we’ll always do our best to get back to you quickly. We make ourselves available for our clients because we understand how confusing and stressful the process can be at times.

With this in mind, another benefit of choosing The Injury Firm is because we listen. What do you want to achieve? How has the injury affected your life? We don’t chase compensation for our own means. Everything we do is for the victims of injuries so they can regain some form of normality to their lives.

  1. Get Started Today

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, get in touch with our wonderful personal injury legal team at The Injury Firm today. We’re available 24/7 and you can dial our number at 954-951-0000. Whether a small car collision, a dog bite, or a slip and fall at a local store, we want to help get the settlement or court reward you deserve!

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