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Louisville Car Accident Attorneys 

car accident two cars louisville kentuckyNo matter where you live in the United States, the sad fact is road accidents are common. In Kentucky, the story is no different. Whether you’re driving to work, taking children out for the day, or going to see a friend, we rely on the sensible driving and smart decisions of everybody else on the road. When people aren’t sensible or make poor decisions, this is where accidents happen.

Kentucky Driving Statistics

Unfortunately, Kentucky is actually one of the most dangerous states for car accidents. Sitting above the national average, there were 724 fatalities in 2018 alone. Although a decrease from the year before, it’s still a worrying statistic that lawmakers will be looking to improve.

In terms of overall accidents, 2018 saw just over 33,900 injuries on Kentucky roads. Again, this was a drop from 2017 but still high. Per 100 million miles, the national average for deaths is 1.24. In Kentucky, we have 1.50 deaths per 100 million miles.

How long has this been the case? Looking back, Kentucky has been above the national average for accidents and fatalities since around 2009. One of the things that keep lawmakers up at night is the fact that most car accidents on Louisville and Kentucky roads are actually preventable.

Car Accident Causes

Why so many car accidents on our roads? What are the causes of these car accidents in Kentucky? We just mentioned that most are preventable, and this is true.

Distracted Driving - The biggest cause in most states across the US is still distracted driving. In Louisville, it’s illegal to drive while using a mobile phone. Yet, some road users still think that they’re above the law and decide to use a mobile phone anyway.

Elsewhere, distraction also includes turning around to speak to passengers in the back of a vehicle, eating, grooming while using the mirror, loud music, and watching movies or TV on a tablet. You might be surprised by the last one, but the number of accidents involving this cause is growing.

If you’ve been injured as a result of a car accident with a distracted driver, contact a Louisville car accident attorney at The Injury Firm. We’ll assess the circumstances of your case, gather evidence, speak to eyewitnesses, determine fault, and negotiate a settlement or take the case to court.

Reckless Driving - Distracted driving isn’t the only cause of car accidents, and some people drive recklessly on our roads. Whether this is poor lane changes, speeding, or not following road signs, driving in this way puts all other road users at risk. In addition to other drivers, this also includes cyclists, pedestrians, and others.

Additionally, reckless driving could also include tailgating and other forms of aggressive driving. We’ve all seen people who drive aggressively and seem to be in a rush to reach their destination.

Drunk/Drug Driving - Yes, some people still feel as though it’s acceptable to drive after consuming drugs or alcohol. Naturally, this is against the law in Louisville. When drunk, we’re severely impaired in terms of our decision-making, vision, concentration, and more. In many cases, innocent parties come off worse in a car accident with a drunk driver than the drunk driver.

Driving is somewhat unique in that every driver on the road trusts every other to keep them safe. All it takes is for one person to act recklessly and, suddenly, all other road users are in danger. In a dream world, those making poor decisions only put themselves at risk. The tragic truth of driving is that many victims of car accidents are innocent parties.

Once again, if this describes your own situation, contact The Injury Firm as your personal injury car accident attorney today. As your lawyer, we’ll seek compensation on your behalf while protecting your legal rights.

Common Injuries After Car Accidents

Ultimately, the injuries experienced in a car accident all depend on the seriousness of the car accident itself. Minor car accidents might cause whiplash, strained muscles, and neck damage. On the other hand, more serious cases might involve the following:

  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations and severe bruising
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis due to spinal cord damage
  • Damage to internal organs
  • TBI (traumatic brain injury)

As we saw in the statistics above, hundreds of people sadly lose their lives on Louisville and Kentucky roads every year too. The important thing to note is that compensation is normally possible in cases where the victim wasn’t to blame for the accident. If another driver was reckless or negligent, a personal injury attorney will help you to claim compensation and file against the guilty party.

If a loved one has passed away as a result of a car accident, you’re still entitled to compensation. However, the features of the case itself will change. For example, you’ll claim slightly different damages.

Driving Laws in Kentucky

After getting involved in a car accident in Kentucky, it’s important to know how the law works. Often, people come to us and assume that the other driver needs to be at fault entirely. In fact, this isn’t the case, and this is because Kentucky is a no-fault state. Like Florida and many others, it means that victims always go to their own insurer for compensation first.

Regardless of who caused the accident, you always contact your own car insurance provider to start. Even if you caused the car accident, compensation may be possible from your provider. The reason that more serious car accidents need a Louisville car accident attorney is that victims can seek extra compensation by filing against the guilty party.

Another area of Kentucky road law that everybody should know is the comparative fault system. Essentially, this law says that compensation is obtainable for the percentage of a car accident for which you are NOT to blame. For example, let’s say that you were 20% responsible and the other driver 80%. In this case, you would receive 80% of the damages because this is the percentage of damages caused by the other driver.

The difficulty of Louisville car accidents is that both drivers have the comparative fault law on their side. What does this mean? Well, you can almost guarantee that the other driver will try to apportion some of the blame onto you. For this reason, you need an experienced personal injury car accident attorney to protect your legal rights and present the best possible case.

Dealing with a Car Accident in Louisville Kentucky

Before we look at the potential legal process of obtaining compensation, we first want to provide advice for people who have been involved in a car accident. Even when following the rules of the road and driving correctly, this doesn’t guarantee that we’ll avoid an accident. Therefore, it’s critical to know what to do in this event.

Step 1 - First and foremost, think about your own health and your own condition. If you’re able, pull the car to the side of the road and check on all passengers. If somebody is injured, call the emergency services rather than trying to move them. When the police arrive, they’ll complete a report, and this documentation is useful later in your car accident legal case.

Step 2 - If you’re seriously injured, allow the emergency team to treat you. Depending on the severity of your injuries, speak to the other driver to get their contact details. At this point, don’t talk about the car accident and never admit fault. If you admit fault now, this could affect your ability to claim compensation later.

Step 3 - These days, everybody has advanced mobile phones in their pockets, and this is the technology you need to gather evidence immediately. For instance, take pictures with the camera while taking the details of potential witnesses. If you’re well enough, you could even record a statement on the spot.

At this stage, you can’t have too much evidence. Therefore, we recommend taking an abundance of pictures whether this is to show the road debris, skid marks, damage to your car, the license plate of the other driver, or injuries.

Step 4 - For those with injuries, follow the advice of the emergency workers. If you fail to follow advice, the defense will later question the severity of your injuries. Also, keep all paperwork including police reports, medical bills and reports, and more.

When you’re ready, contact The Injury Firm as soon as possible. The sooner we’re contacted, the more chance we have to build an indestructible case against the other driver. We’ll protect your legal rights while speaking to eyewitnesses, visiting the scene of the accident, and communicating with the relevant insurance companies.

Compensation After a Louisville Kentucky Accident

As lawyers in this field, we’re constantly taking calls from people asking whether or not they have a legal case. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as hearing about your car accident and then plucking a potential compensation figure from the air. Instead, we need to think about what your compensation package would include.

When pushing for compensation, we’ll consider the following:

Lost Wages - How much have you lost in wages after being forced to stop working? During recovery, you’re likely to need time away from work, and you shouldn’t deal with the financial repercussions if you weren’t at fault for the accident.

Medical Bills - What have you spent on medical bills? What are you likely to spend on medical bills in the coming weeks, months, and years? To prevent having to claim again in the future, your personal injury legal case will consider both existing and future medical bills. This includes medication, care, surgery, visits to the hospital, appointments with the doctor, and more.

Loss of Earning Potential and Future Earnings - When car accident victims experience severe injuries, they sometimes struggle to work at the same level for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, others no longer have the ability to climb their career ladder as they were planning to before the accident. This part of the compensation amount considers the difference between current earnings and prospective earning potential before the accident.

Pain and Suffering - Lastly, we can’t forget the emotional impact of being involved in a car accident. Considered a non-economic factor, it has no fiscal value but it’s one that has affected you, nonetheless.

The amount you receive in compensation all depends on the severity of the car accident, the percentage for which you were and weren’t responsible, and several other factors. Only with a professional and dedicated Louisville car accident attorney will you have the best chance of success.

Wrongful Death and Uninsured Drivers

Kentucky is a no-fault state, and every driver is required to have PIP (Personal Injury Protection) as a result. One issue with PIP is that it doesn’t apply in cases where the victim dies. Instead, the family or loved ones of the individual will need to file a legal case against the wrongdoing or negligence of the guilty driver.

Thanks to the wrongful death statute, relatives of lost loved ones can file a lawsuit against the other driver if recklessness or negligence was to blame. Damages in these cases will likely include medical bills, loss of companionship, funeral expenses, and lost income.

If you were involved in a collision with an uninsured driver, the good news is that your Kentucky car insurance policy may have an uninsured motorist provision. Either way, it’s best to contact The Injury Firm as Louisville car accident attorneys on your side. We’ll investigate the accident, explore your options, and provide the guidance you need at a time where you need it most.

Contact The Injury Firm

After a car accident, it makes sense to team up with a reliable service that has the resources to obtain the compensation you deserve. Although this won’t come as a huge surprise, we believe that this service is The Injury Firm.

Even if you were partly at fault for the accident, you could still be entitled to compensation. With a lawyer by your side, you have the best chance of recovering the damages caused by the other driver. We’ll protect your legal rights, speak with eyewitnesses, negotiate a settlement, and even take the case to court (if necessary). It all starts with a phone call and a free consultation today!

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